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“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world shall know peace”  — Jimi Hendrix


The other day a guy was remarking on a forum, “Man, we are so badly outgunned and outnumbered, the only thing that can save us now is love.”

I really didn’t care to take that home with me, but it managed to cling to me anyway, despite my own best efforts…

Truth is though he might be onto something, as sappy and impractical as it sounds on its face. We are massively outgunned and outnumbered. And did anyone stop to consider that not only do we have our own rogue federal government to contend with, we also have all her allies and all the power of the global elite to deal with as well, such as Nato forces, foreign mercs, domestic mercs such as Blackwater… do you want me to make you a list?

And against that you’re pitting what?

What’s that you’re throwing up against the total combined military might of the US Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines? Not to mention the National Guard and every last state, county and municipal law enforcement officer in this country? Do I need to make you a list? Draw you a diagram?

Because actually I still left quite a few players out, some of them rather noteworthy.

And you’re going up against that with what?

Let me tell you how all this pans out in the real world: if you could make an equation out of it, and you could make a similar equation out of a shooting gallery, “citizens” would go in the first equation where “ducks” go in the second.

So the equation would read:

American citizens = ducks in a shooting gallery.

So, there it is. That’s just my appraisal, take it for whatever its worth. At the end of all that you’re free to come to your own conclusions as usual. I’m not trying to tell you what to believe. I’m trying to tell you what I believe. Big difference…

At the end of all that you may have realized what it is you’re really up against here, and that you’re coming out looking rather on the defenseless end of the stick. So, it might be time for a little critical “out of the box” thinking. Am I saying “resistance is futile”? Hell no! Resistance is never futile. Resistance can be many things but never futile. We are  resisting, and we shall continue to resist, until there’s no more resistance left within us.

What we do know is that a full-scale armed revolt would turn this nation into a slaughterhouse. Who in their right mind wants that? I know I don’t, and don’t know anyone who does who ain’t on the NWO payroll. And I don’t want to know any one who does.  Because only a psychopath or a sociopath would.

So… if  we are to survive and live free, we need to come up with some practical, peaceful approach for getting our country back on track if at all possible. because we only want to go gun barrel to gun barrel against these guys as an absolute last resort. And then only if and when it’s thrust upon us.

Because once that die is cast, there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle, and we’re going to take a tremendous ass-whipping, whether we like it or not or who comes out on top.

So ya’ll better be pulling something out of your toes, whether it’s some love or whatever… You’re looking kind of lean on firepower, so you might ought to take another look at the love.

Somehow intuitively this always keeps coming back to love for me. And fear. And I sense intuitively that love and fear are the problem and the solution here. I think the average American citizen has allowed these guys to rob them of their love and replace it with fear. And I think when the citizen acquiesced to that he sealed his own fate. He was doomed.

I think love is the only thing that can conquer this. As ridiculous as that may sound to some. Because I believe it is a very real, vital and viable force, and that there is nothing it can’t accomplish, when mustered properly and applied properly.



So let’s look at the quote again:

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world shall know peace”

I say you were just handed down the key. The key to the solution… the solution to your problem.

I say, that if we hadn’t allowed them to strip this society of love and replace it with fear we wouldn’t be where we’re at today. These guys couldn’t take this country from a loving society. They can only take it from a fearful society: a self-absorbed, me-first society, an apathetic and alienated society, steeped in continual fear and loathing. Now these  people you can take a country from. Why do you think they’ve been working overtime nights and weekends cultivating them?

The reason why most people don’t understand how generally diminishing, debilitating, and disempowering being emptied of love and replenished with fear is in actuality, is simply because they don’t understand what real love is to begin with, mistaking anything and everything that “feels” like love for the real deal: pure, undiluted, unconditional, love.

Put simply, loving is giving. When you are giving you are loving. If it doesn’t involve giving — with you on the giving end — you are not loving, no matter how good it may feel.

I’m loving you now. Because I’m giving up my time and effort on your behalf. I’ve been at this all night. It pays me nothing. Its a tedious grind. And I did it for you. On your behalf… because I love you.

This is how we do it. This is how we love. Let me take you by the hand…  These guys couldn’t take this country from a loving society. They can only take it from a society weaned off love and onto fear. By stripping you of your love they render you impotent… by filling you with fear they control you like cattle.  By filling you full of fear and a pseudo-pyschopathic mindset where everything revolves around you and everyone else around you is either inferior, a material object, or a “percieved threat”, they chase out the love, and they hold it at bay. And in doing so they rob you of your ultimate power, and the source of your greatest strength: strength in numbers — unity. This unity is built on self-sacrifice, which in turn is spawned from love

Fear is the opposite of love, love’s mortal enemy. If you love you have no fear, if you fear you have no love. That’s why Winston Churchill said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  It takes courage to love. A fearful person — or coward — cannot go there. Until they can acquire the authentic courage required to love, they will always run and hide in fear when confronted by the power of pure love. They will allow the fear to cheat them out of all they could have and the source of their own greatest power. By acquiescing to fear, love is denied, cast out, held at bay, shunted to ground. The power is bled off and simply dissipates. Fear is the gangster: the love-killer, the life-taker, the cradle-robber… the desolator of lonely lives and lost loves…. and mighty nations…

Let go your fear and love. Let go your fear and live free… free to love…



 Relationship Rules

1)  Be nice

2)  Be together because you want to, not because you need to

3)  Allow your partner the space to be themselves

4)  Look to your own faults

5)  Be honourable

6)  Put each other first

7)  Recognise the signs

8)  Be a hero – or a heroine

9)  Accept the differences, embrace what you have in common

10)  Don’t belittle your partner

11)  You want to do what?

12)  Let not the sun go down upon your wrath

13)  Be the first to say sorry

14)  Houston, we have a problem

15)  Don’t put them on a pedestal and expect them to stay there

16)  Know when to listen and when to act

17)  Never stop trying to be attractive

18)  If you can say something nice, do

19)  Don’t try to be their parent

20)  If little things annoy you, say so – with humour

21)  Go that extra step in trying to please them

22)  Make sure your partner is always pleased to see you

23)  Don’t dump responsibility on your partner

24)  Let them know if you don’t like their friends

25)  Jealousy is your stuff, not theirs

26)  Your partner is more important than your kids

27)  Make time for romance

28)  Have a passion for your life together

29)  Share the workload

30)  Trust the other one to do the job

31)  Don’t be a nag

32)  Most everyday arguments are about something else

33)  Respect privacy

34)  Treat your partner better than your best friend

35)  Don’t be offended if they want some space

36)  Men like flowers too

37)  Keep your finances separate

38)  Contentment is a high aim

39)  Be generous to each other financially

40)  You make a choice every day

41)  Don’t be a martyr

42)  You don’t both have to have the same rules

43)  Put yourself in their shoes

44)  In-laws are part of the package

45)  Keep talking



Rules for Everyone

1)  Guilt is a selfish emotion

2)  Love equals time

3)  The more you put out, the more you get back

4)  Other people are where it’s at


From The Rules of Love  by Richard Templar