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 Dead Girl - Gaza Strip


Is it too late to warn you that some of the images on the video are highly disturbing to any rational mind with an actual heart and soul attached?

At least I know I still have MY soul, as I’m now leaking all over myself and the keyboard too.


That’s how I know there’s something wrong with the Sandy Hook family media interviews too. I’ve paid the rent by standing in the middle of living rooms when parents get that kind of news. And days and weeks on down the line too. The men just seem to basically take on a stunned and muted demeanor, and just generally look sad, pissed-off, and demoralized. They tend to go into a shell. They do not smile, laugh, joke, or cut-up.

The women just leak all over the place for days, then intermittently for weeks afterwards. There are boxes of tissue scattered everywhere, so one will always be within handy reach, no matter where they happen to be when they spontaneously burst out in tears. And they usually have at least one in their hand… all the time.

These people all look, act, and sound the part, until it comes down to the smiling and laughing and the eyes which, depite all the right voice inflections and facial features, just never quite seem to rise to the level of full-blown tears.

Based on the sum total of years of first-hand professional experience: that can’t happen. When it does, you know there’s something fundamentally wrong with the picture…

At least that is my opinion — take it for whatever it’s worth.


The video’s a real eye-opener, exposing where the allegiance of the western developed nations now lies: with the UN, “our Arab partners”, and the global crime cartel.

If you’ll think about it, as these traitors and criminals drag us off to war against our will, best interests, and better judgment, then give us daily updates for the duration, you are never — ever — shown the worst of the effect, such as innocent women and little children, blasted into bloody little chunks of flesh and bone that rain all over the local landscape and hideously bounce around on the ground. A nightmare world.

In this manner — carefully controlled exposure — the American public is kept in the dark and pacified as the lunatic genocide is perpetuated — in YOUR name. And with YOUR hard-earned tax dollars. YOU are paying for that. And rational souls all over the world you’ll never live to meet despise you for it, and would really like to chop your head off.

Our own rogue government of self-serving psychopaths has painted a big bullseye on your back with this state-sponsored terrorism around the globe and particularly in the Middle East. 

We are now losing more good soldiers to suicide than we are in these illegal genocide campaigns which are based on nothing but lies. This is a fact born-out by official government statistics.