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* Roughly 16,272 murders were committed in the United States during 2008. Of these, about 10,886 or 67% were committed with firearms.

* A 1993 nationwide survey of 4,977 households found that over the previous five years, at least 0.5% of households had members who had used a gun for defense during a situation in which they thought someone “almost certainly would have been killed” if they “had not used a gun for protection.” Applied to the U.S. population, this amounts to 162,000 such incidents per year. This figure excludes all “military service, police work, or work as a security guard.”

* Based on survey data from the U.S. Department of Justice, roughly 5,340,000 violent crimes were committed in the United States during 2008. These include simple/aggravated assaults, robberies, sexual assaults, rapes, and murders. Of these, about 436,000 or 8% were committed by offenders visibly armed with a gun.

* Based on survey data from a 2000 study published in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology, U.S. civilians use guns to defend themselves and others from crime at least 989,883 times per year.

* A 1993 nationwide survey of 4,977 households found that over the previous five years, at least 3.5% of households had members who had used a gun “for self-protection or for the protection of property at home, work, or elsewhere.” Applied to the U.S. population, this amounts to 1,029,615 such incidents per year. This figure excludes all “military service, police work, or work as a security guard.”

* A 1994 survey conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that Americans use guns to frighten away intruders who are breaking into their homes about 498,000 times per year.


Loganville Home Invasion - Aerial View of Home


Mother Shoots Home Intruder After He Cornered Her in Attic with Her Twins

A would-be burglar was looking to cash in, but instead found himself in a world of pain when a Georgia mother who refused to be victimized shot him multiple times in the face and neck.

The Loganville woman, who was not identified, was in the home with her 9-year-old twins on Friday afternoon when someone began ringing the doorbell. Thinking it was just a door-to-door salesperson, she didn’t answer.

But after the ringing persisted, the person began prying the door open with a crowbar. She quickly retreated to an attic crawlspace with the children, but not before she also picked up her handgun.

The burglar, whom police identified as Paul Ali Slater, did a room-by-room search of the home, and when he reached the attic, she was ready.


Paul Ali Slater - Loganville Home Invasion

Paul Ali Slater


Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman told WSBTV: ”The perpetrator opens that door. Of course, at that time he’s staring at her, her two children and a .38 revolver.’

She reportedly fired all six rounds, missing only once. The other shots hit Slater about the face and neck.

Sheriff Chapman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: ”The guy’s face down, crying. The woman told him to stay down or she’d shoot again.’

Slater did eventually get up and managed to return to his vehicle that was parked outside the home, but his injuries left him unable to drive, and it wasn’t long before he crashed into a wooded area. He was found by sheriff’s deputies, bleeding heavily in a driveway on the block.


Loganville Home Invasion - Suspect Vehicle


Sheriff Chapman told the paper that he was pleading with his deputies, saying: “I’m dying. Help me.” He was carted off to Gwinnett Medical Center for treatment of the gunshot wounds, and he is expected to survive.

WSBTV reported that Slater has a long criminal history and was released from prison in August.

The woman’s husband, Donnie Herman, is just glad his wife and kids are safe. He told WSBTV: “My wife is a hero. She protected her kids. She did what she was supposed to do as a responsible, prepared gun owner.” (Sources: The Daily Reporter,, 01/06/2013)


Sarah McKinley - Inside Home


Young Mother Defends Self and Baby, Kills Intruder

A teenage mother shot and killed an intruder after a 911 operator said she was allowed to defend her infant son and herself with force.

Sarah McKinley, 18, killed Justin Martin with a single gunshot wound on New Year’s Eve when he forced his way into her Blanchard, Okla. home and came at her with a long hunting knife, ABC News reported.


Justin Shane Martin

Justin Shane Martin


The deadly encounter occurred about a week after the young mom’s husband died of cancer, according to TV station KOCO. Martin darkened McKinley’s door on the day of her husband’s funeral, several days before the shooting. He claimed he was a neighbor who wanted to say hello, but she didn’t open the door.

Martin returned with an accomplice on Dec. 31, and they tried to force their way into the modest house. When McKinley heard the men trying to break in, she called 911.

She also holed up in her bedroom with a 12-gauge shotgun and a pistol, while she put a bottle in her three-month-old son’s mouth.

“I’ve got two guns in my hand — Is it okay to shoot him if he comes in this door?” McKinley asked the 911 operator.

“I can’t tell you that you can do that, but you do what you have to do to protect your baby,” the dispatcher told McKinley when she asked a second time. The call went on for 21 minutes as the men powered their way into McKinley’s house.

Eventually, Martin kicked in the door and charged at her with a knife, but McKinley fired before he could injure her.


Sarah McKinley with a Shotgun


Police found Martin slumped over a couch that McKinley had used to barricade the door and pronounced him dead on the scene, TV station News 9 reported.

Martin’s alleged accomplice, Dustin Stewart, fled when he heard the gunshot and later surrendered to police, according to The Oklahoman.


Dustin Stewart

Dustin Stewart


First Assistant District Attorney James Walters told CNN that McKinley will not be charged because she acted in self-defense.

(Research published at Police One reexamined the Tueller 21-Foot Rule (an knife-wielding attacker can cover 21 feet in the time it takes for an officer to draw and fire his first defensive round). One finding concluded: “a 21-foot reactionary gap is not sufficient.” Once the attacker was through the door and charging her, she had one chance to stop him.)

“A person has the right to protect themselves, their family and their property,” Walters said.


Sarah Shepard McKinley


Blanchard PD Detective Dan Huff noted: “The Oklahoma laws are clear on the home and the rights to your home are absolute.”

The accomplice was charged with felony murder, because somebody died while during the commission of a felony–he’s also charged with first-degree burglary–which carries a maximum sentence of death.

In an interview, Sarah said: “You have to make a choice, you or him. I chose my son over him.” (Sources: Huffington Post, 01/04/2012, Howard Nemerov, PJ Tatler, 01/05/2012)


Oklahoma 12 Year-old Shoots Home Invader


Oklahoma 12-Year-Old Shoots Home Invader

A young Calera girl was home alone one day when she heard someone ring the doorbell. Afraid to answer the door, she then heard the man go around to the back door and proceed to kick it in. Frightened, she called her mother at work, who told her to retrieve the family pistol and hide.

Later, the intruder approached the upstairs closet where the youngster, who was both armed and frightened, was hiding. Seeing the doorknob turning and fearing for her life, the child fired one shot from the pistol, which both hit the home invader and put him to flight.

Police, who had been alerted to the situation by the mother and responded quickly to the scene, arrived in time to apprehend the wounded man down the street from the scene. He faces felony charges after his release from hospital. (Sources: Editor, USCCA, KXII News 12, 01/11/2013)


Debi Keeney and Her Sister Donna Carlyle________________________________________

Highland woman says she shot intruder to save her sister’s life

Debi Keeney says she was only trying to save her sister’s life when she shot a man who had forced his way into her apartment. She says her sister, Donna Carlyle, 47, was gasping as the man demanded money and put Carlyle in a choke hold after breaking in early this morning.

“All I could see was Donna’s face going blue, like her life was being choked out of her,” Keeney, 55, said in an interview this afternoon.

The incident occurred at about 3:30 a.m. at an apartment complex in the 2600 block of Eagle Way in Highland. Keeney and Carlyle live next door to each other. Carlyle was visiting her sister’s apartment when the assault happened.

The alleged intruder, 33, is being treated at a local hospital for multiple gunshot wounds and is listed in critical condition, police said. They have not released his name.

Highland Police Chief Terry Bell said this morning that the man was shot multiple times and that police were still “piecing it together.” He added that he had no information to believe the man knew the women.

Keeney said in the interview that she only shot the man once with her gun, which she described as a five-shot, .22-caliber derringer. A friend bought it for her years ago, she said. Police for now are keeping the gun as evidence.

Keeney also said neither she nor her sister knew the intruder. “I have no idea where he came from or where he was going,” she said.

Keeney had walked outside her apartment to smoke a cigarette when she was attacked. “As I was closing the door behind me, this really big man pushed his way through the door,” she said. “I started pushing back…He put one arm behind my arm and picked me up and threw me over my couch.”

The man then went behind a recliner, where her sister was sitting, and put Carlyle in a choke hold. “He had her trapped like a rat,” Keeney said.

Keeney said she usually keeps her gun in a nightstand drawer located next to her couch. She grabbed the gun and told the man to let her sister go. “We both were saying we don’t have any money,” she said. “If we would have had any money, we would have given it to him.”

Keeney says she then fired what she thought was a warning shot. “I told him, ‘I’m going to shoot you if you don’t let her go,’ ” she recalled. “With that, I shot him in the back because he moved from behind the chair. He let her go. He took some steps toward me.”

The man fell to the floor, and Keeney stood over him, waiting for police to arrive. “I was scared to death that he was going to kill my sister,” she said. “It was dark. He was a huge man, and it was 3-something in the morning.”  (Sources: Denise Hollinshed, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 02/10/2013)


Martha Lewis


An Alabama woman said she was forced to shoot an intruder that broke into her home this week in order to protect herself and her daughters.

Martha Lewis of Dora, Alabama, told WVTM-TV it was about 3 a.m. Tuesday morning when she was awakened by  a loud noise, which turned out to be someone kicking in her door. Lewis said she called the police and grabbed her gun, then went to her daughters’ room and told them each to get something to defend themselves with. She said one grabbed an ax and one got a butcher knife.

They were at the top of the stairs when they saw a man standing there at the bottom. “I knew when he stepped on the landing that I would have to shoot him,” Lewis said. “He starts like coming up the stairs and he said, ‘would you shoot me?‘ And I said ’I don’t want to have to but I will.’”

Ignoring her warnings, the man kept coming — and that’s when Lewis said she fired. “It wasn’t like, oh can I pull the trigger? It was like when should I shoot? When will he be close enough that I know I won’t miss him? That’s one of the things that was going through my mind,” she said.

The man stumbled outside into the yard where police found him, WVTM reported. Police said he’s 25-year-old Michael Jacobs and was hospitalized in stable condition.

Lewis told the station one of the responding police officers said it would have been a different situation if she hadn’t been armed. “One of them said we would be writing up a different report if she had not had that gun,” Lewis said.

Police said Lewis will not be charged for shooting the suspect. He faces charges of burglary and criminal mischief as well as possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, according to WVTM.

Lewis said she’s had the gun for about three years but only for protection purposes. “There‘s so much talk about banning guns and gun control but they’re for protection,” she said. “There’s no way that I could have fought him off.” (Source: WVTM-TV, 08/17/2012)




 President Obama Shooting Shotgun

In this piece of visual propaganda Obama seems to be telegraphing the message that he’s not at all anti-gun… guns are good!… as long as they’re crafted from 150 year-old technology, only hold a round or two, and stand a snowball’s chance in hell of going toe-to-toe against any variety of trained militant armed with the latest high-capacity semi and fully-automatic small arms.   


Declaring “we’re not going to wait until the next Newtown,” President Barack Obama appealed directly to the American public on Monday to pressure reluctant lawmakers in Congress to move forward with gun control legislation.

Obama flew to Minneapolis, Minn., to urge constituents to contact their representatives and press for a package of new gun laws, including a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, universal background checks for gun buyers and new rules targeting gun traffickers.

“We don’t have to agree on everything to agree it’s time to do something,” Obama said, standing in front of a group of uniformed law enforcement officers.

Obama’s campaign-like strategy is designed to maintain a sense of urgency for gun control measures in the wake of the elementary school shootings in Newtown, Conn., that killed 20 elementary school children and 6 adults.

But the president conceded Monday that his plans already face steep hurdles in Congress. “Changing the status quo is never easy,” he said. “This will be no exception.”

Obama’s remarks in Minneapolis reflected the political realities on Capitol Hill, where Democratic leadership aides privately say an assault weapons ban has little chance of passing. The fight will instead center on universal background checks and, some Democrats hope, high capacity magazines.

On Monday, Obama labeled universal background checks as “commonsense” and “smart” reforms that would earn bipartisan support. “There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to get that done,” he said.


Obama Fake Skeet Shooting Propaganda Pic

Aside from the fact that you generally have to aim somewhere up in the air to hit a clay pigeon, this photographic analysis also casts doubt on this image as being anything more than agenda-reinforcing propaganda.


There’s some evidence of that: while the National Rifle Association says it opposes universal background checks, Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma has been working with New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and other Democrats to craft background check legislation.

For the politically difficult elements of his proposals – the bans on weapons and magazines – Obama set a more modest goal: “That deserves a vote in Congress,” he said.

That’s about the extent of what Senate Democratic aides say they can muster. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who earned a “B” grade from the National Rifle Association, said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that he plans to allow the Senate Judiciary Committee to start writing a gun bill. If it doesn’t initially include the ban, senators could try to add it later in the process, as an amendment on the Senate floor.

Reid has no plans to introduce his own gun bill, a senior Democratic aide said Monday, instead leaving that process to the Judiciary Committee, led by Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. Still, aides acknowledged, including a gun ban in the overall package could prevent other, more popular gun regulations from passing Congress.

Democratic aides say Leahy hasn’t yet decided exactly what he’ll include in the bill, though he’s introduced a measure that would crack down on people who illegally buy guns to give or sell to others. Before the committee starts writing a bill, planned for later in February, there will be at least two more hearings – one this week in the Constitution Subcommittee and another full committee hearing after that.

Congress held its first hearings on gun control late last month, where National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre clashed with Democratic senators and emerged in opposition to universal background checks.

Obama referred to lobbyists like LaPierre in his remarks, though he didn’t mention the longtime gun advocate by name. He urged Americans to tell Congress if he didn’t speak for them.

“If we’ve got lobbyists in Washington claiming to speak for gun owners saying something different, we’ve got to go to the source,” Obama said. “We cannot allow those filters to get in the way of common sense… keep the pressure on your member of Congress to do the right thing.” (Sources: Kasie Hunt, NBC News, 2/4/2013)


The END Clapboard Image



Gun Control - An Equal Opportunity Destroyer

Gun Control’s not only just for Liberals! It works for everyone! YOU too, can achieve dramatic results with Gun Control! Jane was a Conservative Republican… and just look at the results SHE got! Life-Altering! As a quick and easy weight-loss program, Gun Control can’t be beat!  Jane shed 130 pounds in only 3.7 seconds! Now THAT’S fast and easy! No expensive prepackaged meals to buy, no sweaty, boring exercise to do. Get on the strict Gun Control rapid weight-loss program today, and your own results could be equally as mind-blowing as Jane’s!


Her Story

Jane came from a small town in West Virginia where they cherished the Constitution and the Right to Bear Arms…


 Wood County, West Virginia Welcome Sign


Her daddy was the sheriff, a kind-hearted, freedom-loving mountain man, who raised her in the proper etiquette of guns and ammo. By the time she graduated from the community college she’d won trophies for combat pistolcraft, and was voted “the one babe you don’t want to mess with” in her senior yearbook.

And no one ever did mess with her, unless she wanted them to… because everyone knew she was packing heat and could take care of herself.


Linda Hamilton - Terminator

“You feelin’ lucky, punk?”


But jobs were scarce in her small rural town, and she didn’t want to work for minimum wage at the sawmill or the bakery, which were the only ones doing any hiring for the moment at least, and the bright lights of the city lured her away from daddy’s arms, and the tranquil farm which had been like a warm soft bosom to her for all her tender years…


 Not Hiring Sign


Jane spent most of the night the night before she left lost in thought and searching her soul. Despite all the general excitement there was this little nagging feeling that just wouldn’t go away, something that wasn’t quite right — call it an intuition — and she wasn’t fully comfortable with the idea of not being able to take her guns along where she was going for the purposes of self-protection. It violated her patriotic principles and the mere thought of it left her feeling vaguely uneasy.


Woman Deep in Somber Thought


 Depressed Single Woman


But in the end she decided the rewards outweighed any risks involved, and after all, nobody else where she was going had a gun either, did they? Except for the police, and there were plenty of those to go around, weren’t there? And so the allure of a high-powered career and a swinging social life put her on a plane to The Big Easy…


Commercial Airliner Taking off


The city was fabulous, like a never-ending carnival, 24 hours a day. After only two or three days her apprehension dwindled, and she began to grow more relaxed amid the strange surroundings.


Bangkok Thailand Night


She loved her new apartment, too. What an exhilerating view! 


Cityscape at Night


Then one night after a week had gone by uneventfully, she decided to branch out in her travels and explore a whole new boulevard. One wrong turn led to two, the third one left her lost, and the appearance of her surroundings quickly began to take on an ever more intimidating character. Suddenly, there he was…


Mystery Man


Her intuitive alarm went off even as he lunged and her hand instinctively shot into her purse and closed on… nothing. The last thing she thought as the gloved hand clamped over her face and everything faded to black, was that she never should have allowed herself to end up in a place where the inviolable and absolute right to bear arms as guaranteed the citizens by the Constitution, had been abrogated by local and unconstitutional authority. It was a sucker’s trap. She should’ve stayed on the farm where the Second Amendment was still protected, and thus her very life and liberty as well…


Single Woman Attacked in Home


When her eyes finally flickered open and adjusted to the dim light of the makeshift dungeon, panic welled up inside her as the gravity of her situation became frighteningly clear…


Cute Chubby Redhead Coed in Bondage


He stretched it out over a period of days, as she screamed bloody murder, told him she loved him, begged him to kill her…


Chubby Coed with Big Tits in Bondage


Then one day, in the midst of a rather particularly brutal torture session, she just turned off, her mind snapped like a dry twig… and she became completely unresponsive no matter what he tried…


A Shattered Consciousness


MK-ULTRA Trauma-Based Mind Control Sex Slave


Growing quickly weary of that, he decided to possess her in a whole new way…


Woman's Head Mounted On Wall Display


But he could never really possess her, she had already returned home… where her whispers are occasionally heard on warm summer nights when the soft breeze rustles the pine boughs…


Spirit in the Mist


Guns and condoms have at least a couple of things in common: first, they were both designed for your personal protection and can act to save your life… and with either, it’s better to have one and not need one, than to need one and not have one. 


Christian Beheaded by Islamic Terrorists

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Gun Control 


In a stunning rebuke to President Barack Obama’s gun control efforts, as well as national polls that claim support for gun control is growing, the Virginia legislature unceremoniously killed a “gun loophole” bill yesterday, according to the Washington Post. Instead, Virginia will seek NRA-friendly means to deal with gun violence in that state.

According to the latest Gallup Poll released yesterday, Americans purportedly support all nine of President Barack Obama’s gun control proposals, including gun bans and an earmark of $4 billion in federal money for additional police. The poll specifically shows that 91% of all Americans support a mandatory criminal background checks for all guns, including guns sold at gun shows and over the internet. This position would suggest that the NRA is far out of step with public consensus.




Virginia, however, is of a different opinion. According to the Washington Post:

The Courts of Justice Committee voted 8-7 to kill the legislation, which has suffered the same fate several years in a row. Several other gun control proposals — including bills mandating universal background checks and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines — also have been rejected during the first two weeks of the 46-day legislative session.

Similarly, in Michgan, Governor Rick Snyder said yesterday according to the Seattle Pi, that state lawmakers should focus on improving the state’s economy, not passing gun legislation. The proposed legislation, while putatively called “gun control,” ironically includes a self-serving exemption for Michigan-made guns and ammunition from federal regulations.

The actions of the NRA-friendly Virginia legislature are consonant with the Gallup Poll’s finding that Americans support President Barack Obama’s proposed gun control legislation in theory only, and prefer to deal with gun violence by other means. The Poll also found that the American public does not hold gun control as a priority. Rather, people support school safety and mental health measures by a 2-to-1 margin over the president’s proposed gun ban as the preferred means to address gun violence.

In Virginia, 34 adults and one teenager have been killed by gun violence since the December 14, 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, according to, today.


Special thanks to Anthony Jay Blackwell, of  the Long Island Civil Liberties Examiner, located at:


Same Shit - Different Asshole


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Terry Box, Sheriff of Collin County, Texas 

Terry Box, Collin County’s sheriff since 1985, says he’s not a gun nut. “But I think there are enough laws on the books right now on purchasing or buying or registering that if they were enforced, this would probably be a safer place to live now,” Sheriff Box said.


Yesterday, Collin County Sheriff Terry Box of Texas became the latest sheriff to publicly pledge that he would not enforce proposed federal gun bans should they become law, according to Dallas News. Sheriff Box joins a growing number — now at least 127 — of sheriffs across the nation denouncing President Obama’s proposed gun control legislation.

Sheriff Box explained that recent gun deaths have prompted politicians to pass laws that would seriously erode the constitutional rights of innocent and law-abiding citizens.

“Neither I, nor any of my deputies, will participate in the enforcement of laws that violate our precious constitutional rights, including our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms,” Sheriff Box said.


According to CBS News on Monday, a dozen Missouri sheriffs — including newly-elected Osage County Sheriff Michael Dixon –have signed on to Sheriff’s Heiss’ letter to President Obama, stating that they refused to enforce the proposed gun laws. The names of all the Missouri sheriffs have not yet been released.

Dissension in the Ranks

One lawman — Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson — has publicly disagreed with the growing position taken by his fellow sheriffs. According to in a report filed this morning by NBC News, Sheriff Robinson questioned the other sheriffs, saying:

“Public safety professionals serving in the executive branch do not have the constitutional authority, responsibility, and in most cases, the credentials to determine the constitutionality of any issue. Law enforcement officials should leave it to the courts to decide whether a law is constitutional or not.?


Authorities Searching Door-to-Door on the Streets of America 


 Gun Bans Unenforceable Without Door-to-Door Searches

Other law enforcement officials, while not publicly taking sides on the President’s proposed gun laws, have questioned how new federal gun legislation would be enforced. As reported by WKTV on Friday, Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol has already examined New York’s new, toughest-in-the-nation 39-page law. The law bans currently legally-possessed assault weapons, and requires owners of such weapons to register them with the state within a year or sell them to an authorized dealer.

But Sheriff Maciol wonders how the law could ever be enforced — aside from searching door to door for such weapons, which raises the specter of massive Fourth Amendment search and seizure violations. Says Sheriff Maciol:

“We don’t know where these guns are because they’re not registered and again I will not and I certainly don’t have the manpower to start going to every person in Oneida County to see if they have a gun. I mean, we’re not going to be doing that.”

Thus, as popular support for new gun laws gradually cools with the passage of time, and reason takes the place of “knee jerk gun control,” gun rights activists may discover that the President’s gun control proposals ultimately have no teeth.


 Gun Control Activists March Across Brooklyn Bridge


Sheriff Opposition to Proposed Gun Laws Reaches at Least 127

At least 127, but possibly up to 139 (counting pending declarations from 12 Missouri sheriffs) now publicly oppose proposed federal gun bans and will not enforce them should they become law. The list of those sheriffs below is current as of Jan 23, 2013.


Alabama sheriffs (3)

(as reported by local news station WHNT, gun rights organization Oath Keepers, media outlet Dothanfirst);

Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes

Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin

Arizona sheriffs (2)

(according to news outlets TPM and Reason);

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Mascher

Califonia sheriffs (13)

(according to The Modesto Bee, local news stations KRNVand KFSN, and CSPOA);

Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson

El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims

Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey

Lassen County Sheriff Dean Growden

Mendocino County Sheriff Thomas Allman

Modoc County Sheriff Mike Poindexter

Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko

Tehama County Sheriff David Hencraft

Trinity County Sheriff Bruce Haney

Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey (letter)

Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson (letter)

Colorado sheriffs (4)

(as reported by local television station KWGN, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Official website, the Mesa County Sheriff’s Official Facebook page, the Denver Post);

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith

Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey

Weld County Sheriff John Cooke

Delaware sheriffs (1)

(according to CSPOA)

Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher

Georgia sheriffs (3)

(as reported by the Cherokee Tribune, MinnPost Christian Science Monitor and CSPOA);

Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison

Gilmer County Sheriff Stacy Nicholson

Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry

Florida sheriffs (3)

(according to local news station WPTV and Sheriff McKiethen’s personal Facebook page)

Bay County Florida Sheriff Frank McKiethen

Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott

Martin County Sheriff Bill Snyder

Idaho sheriffs (2)

(according to news station KIFI and newspaper Idaho Statesman);

Canyon County, Idaho Sheriff Kieran Donahue

Madison County Sheriff Roy Klingler

Indiana sheriffs (1)

(according to CSPOA)

Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers

Kansas sheriffs (1)

(according to the Kansas City Star)

Johnson County Sheriff Frank Denning

Kentucky sheriffs (2)

( as reported by NBC News and CSPOA)

Bath County Sheriff John Snedegar

Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman

Minnesota sheriffs (1)

(according to NewsMax)

Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole

Missouri sheriffs (4)

(as reported on BeforeItsNews, IRN News, news stations KOAM and KCTV, and CSPOA);

Johnson County Sheriff Charles Heiss (letter)

Lawrence County Sheriff Brad DeLay (letter)

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox (letter)

Osage County Michael Dixon

Montana sheriffs (2)

(according to radio station 96.3TheBlaze and CSPOA)

Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman

Sanders County Sheriff Tom Rummel (letter)

Nevada sheriffs (1)

(as reported by local news station KRNV)

Humboldt County Sheriff Ed Kilgore

New Mexico sheriffs (30)

(according to the Portales News-Tribune, and CSPOA)

Roosevelt county sheriff Darren Hooker and the New Mexico Sheriff’s Association (30 out of 33 New Mexico sheriffs)

New York sheriffs (2)

(according to CSPOA)

Otsego County Sheriff Richard Devlin Jr.

Schoharie County Sheriff Tony Desmond

Ohio sheriffs (2)

(according to radio station KyPost and WCPO);

Boone County Sheriff Michael A. Helmig

Clermont County Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg

Oklahoma sheriffs (1)

(according to CSPOA)

Wagoner County Sheriff Bob ‘Big Block’ Colbert

Oregon sheriffs (14)

(as reported by Fox News, online newspaper OregonLive, local radio station KCMB, local television station KMTR, Herald News, gun rights organization Oregon Firearms and CSPOA);

Baker County Sheriff Mitchell Southwick

Coos County Sheriff Craig Zanni (letter)

Crook County Sheriff Jim Hensley

Curry County Sheriff John Bishop (letter)

Deschutes County Sheriff Larry Blanton

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin (letter)

Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer (letter)

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters (letter)

Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson (letter)

Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah

Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller (letter)

Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe (letter)

Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton

Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett

South Carolina sheriffs (3)

(according to The Post and Courier, news station WYFF and CSPOA);

Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne DeWitt

Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright

Texas sheriffs (3)

(as reported by local news station KLTV, Dallas News and CSPOA)

Collin County Sheriff Terry Box

Randall County Sheriff Joel W. Richardson

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith

Utah sheriffs (28)

(as reported by CSPOA)

Beaver County Sheriff Cameron M. Noel (letter)

Box Elder County Sheriff J. Lynn Yeates

Chache County Sheriff G. Lynn Nelson

Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova

Daggett County Sheriff Jerry Jorgensen

Davis County Sheriff Todd Richardson

Duchesne County Sheriff Travis Mitchell Utah

Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk

Garfield County Sheriff James D. Perkins

Grand County Sheriff Steven White

Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower

Juab County Sheriff Alden Orme

Kane County Sheriff Lamont Smith

Millard County Sheriff Robert Dekker

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Utah Sheriff's Association


“No federal officer will be permitted to descend  upon our constituents and take from them what the Bill of Rights — in particular Amendment II — has given them. We, like you, swore a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and we are prepared to trade our lives for the preservation of its traditional interpretation.” — The Utah Sheriffs Association


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The Virtual Detective 


“We, (Liberals/Progressives), are dead wrong on this issue… Please take the advice of a 100% Progressive ally who happens to understand guns and the “gun culture”… What we are doing here is wrong and it won’t help, unless you have some longer term agenda of eliminating guns as does the Brady group and others. The right to bear arms is a personal individual right. We should not attempt to infringe upon it by restricting law abiding citizens…I am saddened by these terrible events as much as anyone else but if we want to address these events we need to look for another way… There are already more than enough gun laws on the books, making more does nothing positive….  An assault weapons or magazine ban is nothing more than some useless Liberal trophy… It is a terrible move… All we are doing is restricting individual rights of law abiding citzens… You are being as foolish as the right wing nut jobs who’s politics you oppose… Get your head out of your butt.” — 1NewDay


Found this on this morning. It’s the forum run by NBC News and attached to the bottom of their news articles on MSN…


“Let me just start out by saying I am a huge Obama supporter and 100% progressive. (well. maybe 99.9%)

“We, (Liberals/Progressives), are dead wrong on this issue and many of my cohorts are behaving just like the RWNJs in regard to the gun issue. The reason is that most of you are uneducated regarding guns and buy into the rhetoric you hear. Let’s talk about some of this.

“I’ve been hearing in recent days quotes saying that 40% of all gun sales happen without background checks. Some versions claim some number similar as to the sales by “private gun dealers” at gun shows via the “gun show loop hole”. So let me ask this question. How do you come up with this number? Private sales are not recorded anywhere. The only factual data we have is through the number of background checks done and the sales data from legal FFL dealers. We have no data about private sales. None, absolutely zero. Mr. Rogers is wrong the vast majority of the time regarding his politics, but he is right about this issue. I go to a lot of gun shows. I believe his 1% estimate is pretty close to reality. For one thing, private dealers ask far too much money for their used guns. You can go a couple tables over to a FFL dealer, go through a background check and buy the same gun, brand new for 10-20% less.

“Know, I personally know a number of individuals who have and can pass background checks, who will pay the premium from a private dealer for one simple reason. They believe that the background check is in fact a secret form of registration. Despite the fact this data is not supposed to be retained, we know that in this computer age, no data ever disappears. They may be right. They fear that at some point, that record of their ownership will be used against them to confiscate their weapons. Personally, I don’t see that happening, however I can’t with 100% assurance say that they couldn’t possibly be right.

“Another typical sale through a private dealer is some older unique and out of production guns. Some of these have pretty high collector value. If you get into this stuff, some of these are highly desireable. Generally, these are not anything like “assault weapons”.

“I will also point out that these gun shows are crawling with law enforcement officers and even BATF agents have been known to frequent these. Most that I have been to are in venues that have security cameras. You can bet that everybody there has been recorded on camera. This is not a place that any known criminal type wants to be at.

“Now, that said, I have seen people who are obviously foreign born, and could potentially be illegals, who are visiting these tables. Doesn’t mean they are doing anything wrong and may in fact be completely legal. But I can see that it may be an avenue for illegals to purchase a gun. That said though, most of these “private dealers” leave the shows packing up most of what they brought with them and sometimes even more because they bought something a customer brought in.

“I have often speculated that these guys ask premium prices for the simple fact that they can sell without a background check. And I suspect it may be possible that some sale occurs elsewhere in the Denny’s parking lot after some agreement is made at the show. It is possible. However, I can with 100% assuredness state that nowhere approaching 40% of gun show sales comes from these private sales. If you don’t believe me just go to a gun show. Bottom line this 40% number or any other such number is pure speculation. It is somebody’s guess and it is a guess that is designed to create some kind of public outcry.


“Now lets talk about “military assault weapons”. The weapons we are talking about are not military weapons despite the rhetoric I hear from trusted progressive sources. These are not “weapons of war”. They look like them, but they are not. The internals are completely different. These guns are technically no different than many modern hunting guns. Same technology, same calibers. But they look mean. There is a military weapon many from the Viet Nam era remember. It is called the M-14. But because these have a very traditional look and wooden stocks, most novices wouldn’t call it an assualt rifle. However, the M-14 is an older, far more deadly caliber than the standard AR-15. Columbine occurred during the assault weapons ban. Two different weapons used were guns that were re-designed and/or created to meet the criteria of a non-assualt gun. They had 10 round magazines. However, in such a mass shooting scenario, these were every bit as effective as the banned weapons.


“Lets talk about high capacity magazines. It takes no more than two seconds to swap magazines. A skilled shooter can do it in less. Virtually uninterrupted fire capability if you have spare magazines. Now high capacity magazines do offer an advantage when someone is shooting back, because that two seconds can make a difference. But in the mass shooting situations it makes no difference. You can point to the Gifford shooting and say that when the shooter was trying to change magazines, that’s when he was tackled and stopped. True but he was tackled from behind while right in the midst of numerous people. The shooter put himself in a vulnerable position and could have just as easily been stopped with a full magazine under those circumstances. I seriously doubt his need to swap magazines really made much difference.

“And lets talk about 100 round drum magazines. These are a joke, they don’t work. The Aurora shooter had one. It jammed making the gun inoperable after firing about 20 rounds. The fact that he had one of these actually saved lives by turning his gun into a club. The fact is that the larger the magazine, the more likely it is to fail. 30 round magazines are about the limit of reasonably reliable magazines. Even then, cheap knock-offs are pretty unreliable. High capacity magazines only work well when matched and “tuned” to the specific cartridge being fired. Note the military doesn’t use 100 round drums. They’d get too many good guys killed. They use 30 round maximum magazines, with very specific ammunition. They do this for reliability.

“I hear people say, “nobody needs more than 10 rounds to kill a deer.” True, but it has nothing to do with the issue. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. This is a baseless argument.

“So who needs high capacity magazines? Why should they exist? There are a couple reasons. One is practical for target and sport shooting. Reloading empty magazines with fresh bullets is a tedious job. It is hard on the fingers and takes time. Spare magazines whether 10 rounds or 30 cost very close to the same to purchase, (at least right now). A lot of target shooters load up their spare magazines ahead of time. Saves time and effort at the range. Note too that a fail to feed problem isn’t a very big deal at the range target shooting. Reliability isn’t a big deal under these circumstances. Now you may say this is a dumb reason, but if you are speaking from inexperience, you have little room to judge.


“So now let’s talk about another reason. Self defense. Now most people view a self defense scenario as some individual trying to rob you on the street or breaking into you house. And in fact that is pretty typical. Most semi-auto pistols or shotguns serve this purpose reasonable well with a standard magazine. However there is the potential for multiple assailants. Not that there is a need to be carrying an AR-15 on city streets, but there are very real home defense scenarios where this is reasonable. I’ll just add that city environments and country environments are different. In cities, often law enforcement authorities are just a couple minutes away. In country environments, a half hour delay in getting help is not at all uncommon.

“You can say that the odds of a dozen attackers at your rural home are pretty unlikely. But maybe not so unlikely as you think. There are a lot of scenarios that make a lawless environment very possible. We have even seen this is city environments after some natural disasters. After Katrina, there were multiple reports of bands of criminals raiding and looting. I’m am not a doomsday prepper, but I see the very real possibility that things could get ugly very quickly. I’m an electrical engineer with very good knowledge of the electrical grid. I can tell you that the possibility of a major grid failure that lasts for weeks is a very real possibility. This could come from a variety of natural disasters or even a terrorist attack. Look at hurricane Sandy. There are still areas without power. Now you may not see that as a big threat in the urban environment flooded with law enforcement. But wipe out power for weeks or longer in rural environments where police only get there long after crimes are committed under normal circumstances. The so called “assault rifle” with a 30 round magazine offers the ability to quickly grab a weapon with adequate ammunition to counter multiple attackers. In such a scenario, you may not have time to open up your ammo safe and grab extra ammo. You take the gun and seek better shelter. You can blow this off as some kind of imaginative movie script, but you are a fool if you don’t see this as a very real possibility.

“I won’t argue that there is limited need if you live in upper Manhattan or Chicago’s Gold Coast, but that doesn’t apply everywhere.

“Additionally if you live in rural areas with land and maybe raise livestock of some kind, the “assault rifle” is a very important practical tool. The AR-15 .223 round isn’t considered a good deer round, but it is effective against predators and “varmints”. You may not need 10 rounds or more to kill a deer while hunting, but when a pack of coyotes are ripping up your chicken coop in the middle of the night, your goal is not to scare them off, but to kill them. To expend a dozen rounds or more trying to take out four or five coyotes is very realistic. You can joke about this or make light of it, but if you haven’t experienced it, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Coyotes, wolves, bears, and mountain lions generally don’t roam the city and even if they did, shooting them with a rifle would be pretty stupid. But it is far different in many parts of the country. Not that country folk randomly shoot at these animals, but they can and do pose a real threat to ones livelihood as well as one’s personal safety.

“I don’t buy the idea that I might need such weapons to overthrow an unjust government, but I might need them to defend myself against some RWNJs who think they should. You may think this is all fantasy, but if you do, you must not read much. You can think that foreign countries are a completely different situation, and in many ways they are. But much of what we read in the papers today starts with a bunch of radicals who think they can change things with force. Don’t think anybody in this country thinks that way? You must have been in a coma for the last decade or so.

“Many of us keep a fire extinguisher or two in our homes. It’s not because we are planning on a fire or even because we think it is something very likely to occur. But we keep them just in case. We have them so in the unlikely event that we do need them, we might have a chance to save our home before the fire department gets there. Similarly, these tend to be more important in rural environments because usually by the time help arrives, the home is a total loss. In some ways it is similar. It is about evaluating the possible threats and being prepared for them. No doubt, the threats are different in different environments.


“I know this is already pretty long, but let’s talk about polling for a bit. The latest Washington Post poll is a joke. First off, they cherry picked data. Second the data is flawed. Let me point out a few flaws. In fact if you look at all the data, some gun control opinions actually have gone the other way over time than what the selected data points indicate. Of the 1001 respondents, a third again more were Democrats than Republicans. They don’t say where the respondents live. This could be huge. This is a hard item to be truly random on. Already many states have some restrictions that they talk about. Additionally, there is very poor knowledge about what current gun law is. Even many gun owners don’t have a clue in this regard. Maybe you think the current gun laws are working fine in your area, but if you don’t really know what they are, how could you answer the question accurately? Also, I’ll suggest that any number of gun owners may be rather hesitant to answer a phone poll like this. How do I know that you aren’t some criminal trying to figure out if I own guns so you can think about stealing them? If I worry about my government secretly trying to steal my guns, (I personally don’t, but many do), I’m going to be really careful about what I say or just decline to be polled, who knows really who is asking? It isn’t at all clear either just what type environments these respondents live in either. They did ask some identification about urban vs. rural, but I know people who live in subdivisions who think it is rural. Self identification is flawed. In an issue such as this with such widely varied views across different states and different environments, 1000 people is not going to be appropriately representative. Others of my educated Liberal friends who know anything about statistics and polling know the truth in what I am saying. Keep in mind that this and the other Frank Lutz poll data thrown around lately were in fact looking for certain results based upon who commissioned them. I’ll just add that before you bank on this data, remember the right wing driven polls that recently had all the RWNJs convinced there was no way Obama could win??? I know a lot of gun owners on both sides of the aisle and I can assure you that not one has changed their minds on these issues. No doubt some on the far left are re-energized, but getting louder doesn’t mean opinions evolved.


“Let’s briefly talk about the 2nd Amendment. Most important to remember, this is in the Bill of Rights which is about personal, individual rights. There were a number of influences on the Bill of Rights, but the most significant stemmed from the English Bill or Rights dating back 100 years prior. Additional influences came from the Articles of Confederation, the anti-Federalist papers and some Colonies original rights expressed in various documents. As to the 2nd Amendment, the root of this is in the English Bill of Rights. Prior to that enactment, Protestants were forbidden from owning guns and in fact the King had tried to disarm them. In this way this was an individual right based on the grounds of being able to defend one’s self. The part about a well regulated militia come from the Virginia Declaration of Rights. This was about not having a standing army but allowing the States to have their own militias. They anti-Federalists saw a standing army as a problem too and wanted a government more based on States rights. This is where the idea that the 2nd Amendment is there to be able to overthrow the government. That is a flawed view. The rest of the Constitution protected against a tyrannical government because of the processes described. The anti-Federalists originally viewed the Bill of Rights as a limitation on Federal powers in favor of State’s rights. It wasn’t. When taken in complete context it was solely about individual rights with the only reference otherwise being the cryptic statement about militias. This was furthermore illustrated by creation of the 14th Amendment later.

“I have no doubt, the 2nd Amendment was worded just a bit cryptically to satisfy the opposing concerns of the different players at the time. That is typical of some things in the Constitution. But the bottom line it allowed the protected citizens to own guns for their own defense. It should also be noted that there was no restriction about what kind of arms. In fact it allowed for the most technically advanced weapons of the time. Some today suggest they meant muzzle loading muskets. But the facts are that a variety of guns existed, some considerably more effective than others. Breech loading weapons existed before this and even some with primitive “cartridges’. Smooth bore muskets were the most widely used, however, they were hardly the most advanced. The Kentucky rifle with its long rifled barrel was a big advantage in range and killing power over the old muskets. Cannons and mortars were common. The 2nd Amendment made no restrictions on the type of weapon.

“Not too long after, the advent of the percussion cap made guns much more efficient and “all weather”, and about twenty years later the first repeating weapons appeared, some with self contained cartridges. These were major advances in guns, not so far different that semi-automatic weapons. No one viewed these as something beyond what the 2nd Amendment allowed. The Civil War saw a wide variety of guns and in 1861, the Gatling gun appeared which was basically the first machine gun. True Semi-autos and full automatics appeared in 1885 less than 100 years after the Bill of Rights were written. But it wasn’t until the 1930s that Federal gun regulations came into being as a result of the criminal gangs of the day that emerged during the era of prohibition and the depression. Until that time, the 2nd Amendment was viewed as being subject to no major restrictions. The National Firearms Act of 1934 was the first real regulating legislation. For the most part it didn’t really ban anything with the exception of sawed off shotguns as described in the law. It approached automatic weapons, not with a ban, but with a tax and regulations. In 1968, Congress used its power to regulate interstate commerce to control out of state gun purchases. It wasn’t until 1986 that felons were prohibited from possessing guns.

“The point is that few challenges to the 2nd Amendment existed for a long time and Congress was very careful how they went about doing it, avoiding direct 2nd Amendment challenges. The Supreme Court has upheld the 2nd Amendment as to allow a right to own weapons for self defense. They have suggested that some regulation with good cause may be acceptable. The “assault weapons” and magazines bans were not good laws when first enacted. They did nothing but make more money for the gun makers. They saved no lives that can be in any way documented or even suggested. Crime went up rather than down.


“The President suggesting these bans be re-instituted is a waste of time. I don’t see them passing either with a Republican controlled House. The President avoided suggesting laws about mental illness because he knows it would either be counter productive or a violation of individual rights, to address anyone who doesn’t have some legal judgement against them regarding their mental state. I haven’t yet read the executive orders, but I doubt that any will push Constitutional limits. It would be absolutely foolish to waste political capital on this issue. The bottom line is that when legislation eventually gets proposed, this will only serve to set back the Progressive agenda for years to come. It will cost Democrats seats in Congress. It is completely misguided for those of us who are all about personal individual rights. The right to bear arms is a personal individual right. We should not attempt to infringe upon it by restricting law abiding citizens. Instead we need to address the real issue which is disturbed individuals in our society who act out in violent ways. We need to make mental health help more available and we need to do so without stigmatizing it. Doing so will only keep already troubled people from seeking help. What we are doing here is wrong and it won’t help, unless you have some longer term agenda of eliminating guns as does the Brady group and others. But that is unconstitutional. That can’t be achieved without violating or changing the Constitution. It would be a horrendous mistake for so many reasons. I am saddened by these terrible events as much as anyone else but if we want to address these events we need to look for another way. There are already more than enough gun laws on the books, making more does nothing positive. An assault weapons or magazine ban is nothing more than some useless Liberal trophy and it will cost us decent middle of the road citizens who we will drive to the far right. It is a terrible move. Please take the advice of a 100% Progressive ally who happens to understand guns and the “gun culture”. All we are doing is restricting individual rights of law abiding citzens just as bad as if we suggested gay marriage was OK for “certain types of gays” or some women could have the right to free choice. You are being as foolish as the right wing nut jobs who’s politics you oppose. Get your head out of your butt.” (Sources: 1NewDay,


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Gun Control 


“It gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.”  — Adolph Hitler


President Barack Obama launched the biggest U.S. gun-control push in generations on Wednesday, urging Congress to approve an assault weapons ban and background checks for all gun buyers to prevent mass shootings like the Newtown school massacre.

Rolling out a wide-ranging plan for executive and legislative action to curb gun violence, Obama set up a fierce clash with the powerful U.S. gun lobby and its supporters in Congress, who will resist what they see as an encroachment on constitutionally protected gun rights.

Obama presented his agenda at a White House event in front of an audience that included relatives of some of the 20 first graders who were killed along with six adults by a gunman on December 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

“We can’t put this off any longer,” Obama said, vowing to use “whatever weight this office holds” to make his proposals reality. “Congress must act soon,” he said, flanked by schoolchildren.


Obama with Children


“We can’t put this off any longer,” Hitler said, vowing to use “whatever weight this office holds” to make his proposals reality. “The Reichstag must act soon,” he said, flanked by schoolchildren. 


In a sign of how bitter the fight over gun control could get, the National Rifle Association released an advertisement hours before Obama spoke that accused him of hypocrisy for accepting armed Secret Service protection for his daughters. The White House condemned the ad as “repugnant.

Until now, Obama had done little to change America’s gun culture. But just days before his second inauguration, he appears determined to champion gun control in his next term, which also will be dominated by debt and spending fights with Congress and a likely debate over immigration reform.

His plan calls on Congress to renew a prohibition on assault weapons sales that expired in 2004, require criminal background checks on all gun purchases, including closing a loophole for gun show sales, and pass a new federal gun trafficking law – long sought by big-city mayors to keep out-of-state guns off their streets.

He also announced 23 steps he intends to take immediately without congressional approval. These include improving the existing system for background checks, lifting the ban on federal research on gun violence, putting more counselors and “resource officers” in schools and better access to mental health services.


Assault Weapons Battle

Obama, who has called the day of the Newtown massacre the worst of his presidency, looked down into the audience and addressed the parents of one of the Sandy Hook victims, Grace McDonald, 7, saying he had hung one of her paintings in his private study.

“Every time I look at that painting, I think about Grace, and I think about the life that she lived and the life that lay ahead of her, and most of all I think about how when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable among us, we must act now,” he said.

As he announced the gun measures, Obama was accompanied by four children chosen from among those who sent letters to him about gun violence and school safety. “We should learn from what happened at Sandy Hook. I feel really bad,” 8-year-old Grant Fritz wrote, in a portion Obama read from the podium.


Obama with Sandy Hook Elementary Kids


Young Girls Reaching Out to Touch Hitler

“Every time I look at that painting, I think about Gretchen, and I think about the life that she lived and the life that lay ahead of her, and most of all I think about how when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable among us, we must act now,” Hitler said. 


The most contentious piece of the package is Obama’s call for a renewed ban on military-style assault weapons, a move that is unlikely to win approval because Republicans who control the House of Representatives are expected to oppose it.

The Newtown gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, used a Bushmaster AR-15 type assault rifle to shoot his victims, most of them 6- and 7-year-olds, before killing himself.

Law enforcement experts have noted, however, that the tighter background checks that Obama is proposing would not have prevented the Connecticut school massacre because the gunman’s weapon was purchased legally by his mother.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a staunch gun control advocate, said tighter controls were needed no matter what.

“No piece of legislation is perfect and no piece of legislation is 100 percent effective. Think of it like a speeding limit. You may every once in a while violate the speeding limit, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have speeding limits – they protect people’s lives,” he told reporters.

At the firearm industry’s largest trade show in Las Vegas, Gary Svecko – adding a Glock 17 pistol to his gun collection – dismissed Obama’s bid to ban assault weapons purchases and blamed video games for inciting violence.

“You know the old saying, ‘Guns don’t kill people. People kill people’,” Svecko, 58, said, citing a common argument of gun enthusiasts. “I think they should ban those stupid video games.”

Shares of gun manufacturers, including Smith & Wesson and Sturm Ruger, rose more than 5 percent after Obama unveiled his proposals. Since Newtown, FBI background checks required for gun purchases have soared, indicating more people are trying to buy weapons, likely out of concern that new restrictions may be imposed.


Obama with Sandy Hook Parker Family Children


Like Obama Hitler Surrounded Himself with Children

“It’s a good thing these mindless little worms don’t have a clue, or they would fly off me like cats off a hot tin roof,” Hitler thought.


Controversial NRA Ad Campaign

Underscoring the tough political battle ahead, the NRA launched an advertising campaign against Obama’s gun control effort and deployed its lobbyists in force on Capitol Hill.

The NRA, in a TV and Internet spot, accused Obama of being “just another elitist hypocrite” for accepting Secret Service protection for his young daughters but turning down the lobby group’s proposal to put armed guards in all schools.

“Only honest, law-abiding gun owners will be affected and our children will remain vulnerable to the inevitability of more tragedy,” the group said in response to Obama’s proposals.

Administration officials sketched out legislative goals in a conference call with reporters but offered no draft legislation or any clear explanation of how they would overcome the hurdles. They said the list of executive actions would cost $500 million in the federal budget for the 2014 fiscal year.

With gun ownership rights enshrined in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, gun restrictions have long been a divisive – and risky – issue in American politics.

But polls show public sentiment shifted in favor of tighter gun control fueled by outrage after Newtown, and Obama hopes to take advantage while there is a mood for action in Washington. The pattern after shooting tragedies is that memories of the events soon fade, making it hard to sustain a push for policy changes.

Obama acknowledged the political challenges but made clear he is prepared to take on the NRA, despite its support among Republicans and significant backing among Democrats.

He warned that opponents of his effort would try to “gin up fear” and urged lawmakers to put children’s safety above getting an ‘A’ grade from the gun lobby that supports their campaign.”


Obama with Baby


Hitler with Baby

“Opponents of my efforts will try to gin up fear,” Hitler said, “but I’ve urged lawmakers to put children’s safety above getting an ‘A’ grade from the gun lobby that supports their campaign.”


Michael Steel, a spokesman for Republican House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, was noncommittal. “House committees of jurisdiction will review these recommendations. And if the Senate passes a bill, we will also take a look at that,” he said.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a pro-gun-rights Democrat from Nevada, also responded cautiously, saying “all options should be on the table” to reduce gun violence.

Obama’s initiative treads carefully on whether violent movies and video games contribute to gun violence. An administration official said, however, that Obama would seek $10 million to fund studies of the causes of gun violence, including any relationship to video games and media images.

Wednesday’s proposals stem from a month-long review led by Vice President Joe Biden, who met advocates on both sides, including officials from the arms and entertainment industries. (Sources: Matt Spetalnick, Steve Holland, Jeff Mason, Steve Holland, Roberta Rampton, Thomas Ferraro, Timothy Pratt, Reuters)


Oh Shit Its Hitler

“Candy, little girl? I need a photo op and a sound bite…”


“Those who fail to learn from history, are bent over and begging to get reamed by it…” — John Dilligent


Global Crime Cartel Punking America

“That’s it…  See, this isn’t nearly as hard as you thought it would be, now is it?… Come on, Baby, you can do it… Close your eyes, don’t think, and just get your face right up on in there… It may feel a little awkward at first, but you’ll get used to it, I promise… And who knows, you may even learn to love it, now wouldn’t that be nice!

“Just one thing though, Sugar… before I give it to you, I want to hear you beg me for it… Come on, Baby, let’s see how well you can bow down on your knees, like the weak and spineless little slut you are and beg mama for the nay-nay…

“Now hurry up and just close your eyes, don’t think, and make it happen… I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long now, I’m about to cum all over myself without you… And that would spoil all the fun, now wouldn’t it, my little pet?”


The Truth

“New research into Adolf Hitler’s use of firearm registration lists to confiscate guns and then execute their owners teaches a forceful lesson. It is a lesson that reveals why the American people and Congress have rejected registering honest firearms owners.

It would be instructive at this time to recall why the American citizenry and Congress have historically opposed the registration of firearms. The reason is plain. Registration makes it easy for a tyrannical government to confiscate firearms and make prey of its subjects. Denying this historical fact is no more justified than denying that the Holocaust occurred or that the Nazis murdered millions of unarmed people.”  — Dr. Stephen P. Halbrook, Ph.D., J.D., and author of Registration: The Nazi Paradigm.


Gun Control - Gateway to Tyranny










We DON’T have to go down this road again! 


Political Gun Rights Hypocrisy


President Barack Obama on Monday acknowledged that full implementation of his expected gun control proposals may be stonewalled in Congress but pledged to “vigorously pursue” recommendations from an administration task force, including a “meaningful” assault weapons ban.

“What you can count on is that the things that I’ve said in the past – the belief that we have to have stronger background checks, that we can do a much better job in terms of keeping these magazine clips with high capacity out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them, an assault weapons ban that’s meaningful – those are things I continue to believe make sense,” Obama said during the final press conference of his first term.

“Will all of them get through this Congress? I don’t know,” he added. “But what’s uppermost in my mind is making sure that I’m honest with the American people and with members of Congress about what I think will work.”

Obama said that some measures, like the lifting of restrictions on how the federal government can collect data about guns, can be accomplished by executive order, while others will require legislation.

“Members of Congress are going to, I think, have a debate and examine their own conscience because if in fact – and I believe this is true – everybody across party lines was as moved and saddened as I was by what happened in Newtown, then we’re going to have to vote based on what we think is best.”

The president is expected to review recommendations from the task force led by Vice President Joe Biden today in a private meeting. Obama charged Biden with leading the reform effort after a mass school shooting in Newtown, Conn., left 20 children dead.

“My starting point is not to worry about the politics,” Obama said of the expected resistance from gun groups and many in Congress who are skeptical of an assault weapons ban. “My starting point is to focus on what makes sense, what works. What should we be doing to make sure that our children are safe and that we’re reducing the incidence of gun violence? And I think we can do that in a sensible way that comports with the Second Amendment.”

Addressing a question about recent spikes in gun sales, Obama blamed pro-gun groups for “ginning up fear” among firearm owners.

“Those of us who look at this problem have repeatedly said that responsible gun owners — people who have a gun for protection, for hunting, for sportsmanship – they don’t have anything to worry about,” he said. “The issue here is not whether or not we believe in the Second Amendment. The issue is are there some sensible steps that we can take to make sure that somebody like the individual in Newtown can’t walk into a school and gun down a bunch of children in a shockingly rapid fashion.” (Sources: Carrie Dann, NBC News)


G20 Protest - Pittsburgh Pa. - September 2009


Saturday, January 12, 2013

As lawmakers from Connecticut to California rush to propose new restrictions on firearms and ammunition, state-level gun-rights activists are playing defense for the first time in years, with some saying they face fights they may not win.

“Our backs are against the wall,”  said Scott Wilson, president of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, a pro-gun rights group. “We are in for the fight of our lives. I have never seen anything like it.”

In a blog post after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., the CCDL admitted to its members that efforts to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines could succeed, despite their strident opposition.

The CCDL message said that “we simply do not know” whether they would be “successful in our efforts to protect us from bans on certain firearms or magazines.”

As the White House formulates a list of federal proposals to combat gun violence, with recommendations from Vice President Joe Biden’s task force expected by Tuesday, lawmakers at the state level are forging ahead to restrict the sale or possession of certain types of firearms and ammunition.


In New Jersey, 18 new bills have been submitted to the state legislature, including one that would require gun buyers to submit to a psychological evaluation, according to the Star-Ledger.

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on legislators to pass the nation’s toughest ban on assault weapons and restrictions on high-capacity magazines.

In California, which already has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, Sen. Leland Yee, a Democrat, said he intends to introduce a bill requiring gun owners to register annually, and another requiring all guns to be kept in lock boxes when not in use.

In Connecticut, Democratic Sen. Beth Bye wants to limit access to assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and require that firearms be registered by model and serial number, Reuters reported. Bye also wants to impose a 50 percent sales tax on ammunition and magazines.

In Colorado, Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, received a standing ovation from some state legislators Thursday when he suggested requiring universal background checks on all gun sales.


Gun Safety Protest Group


With so many lawmakers vowing action, gun rights groups say they face a stronger tide of public opinion and political pressure than ever before.

“I think they’re going to pass a ban on semi-automatic rifles unless we stop them,”  said Dudley Brown, executive director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, a Colorado-based organization. “There is a zenith of activism that we are clearly reaching right now.”

RMGO is currently running a drawing on its website to win an AR-15 – the same model of rifle police have said was used by alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes and Newtown gunman Adam Lanza.

“RMGO is facing dozens of battles in the Colorado legislature this year, so we need to increase the size of our pro-gun army,” the group says on its site. “To do that, we’re giving away a free Colt AR-15 Model 6920 donated by our good friends at Jensen Arms in Loveland, CO.”

In New York, the Shooters Committee on Political Education, a gun advocacy group, struck a similar tone in a message to its membership.

“Your participation is no guarantee that we will win this important fight to protect your Constitutional rights, but we can say with certainty that anything short of overwhelming our legislators with calls, emails and letters we have virtually no chance,” SCOPE told members on its website.

“We will do everything we can to preserve our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and how that turns out is anybody’s guess,”  SCOPE head Budd Schroeder said.

Saying that the National Rifle Association is too willing to compromise with gun-control advocates, 22 state and 5 national pro-gun groups have coalesced in recent weeks to form the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban. Among the national groups involved is Gun Owners of America, which claims a membership of 300,000.

The coalition formed out of a desire to stand against new regulations on guns, according to Charles Heller, spokesman for the Arizona Citizens Defense League.

Arizona became an epicenter of the gun control debate in 2011 after Representative Gabrielle Giffords sustained a point-blank shot to the head as a gunman turned a Tucson supermarket parking lot into a shooting gallery, killing 6. Giffords and her husband announced a new national campaign on Tuesday to “prevent gun violence” and “protect responsible gun ownership.”

Heller characterized renewed calls for gun control as an overly emotional response to the shootings in Arizona, Connecticut, Wisconsin, and elsewhere.

“It’s going to be a very pivotal moment if we can’t get people to stop emoting and start reasoning,”  Heller said. “They’ve been waiting for a long time for the perfect crisis. They tried to light the fire with the Batman shooting, and they’re looking for the perfect victims to dance in the blood of so they can get something done.”

Heller’s AZCDL was among the 27 signatories of an open letter the coalition addressed to members of Congress asking them to not pass new legislation banning certain firearms and magazines, or requiring background checks on private gun sales.

“Members of Congress who support gun control by any means, procedural or substantive, will be targeted for defeat by coalition members,” the letter reads.


No Compromise

Tensions among pro-gun activists are running just as high in states where legislators have remained quiet on new measures, said Paul Valone, president of Grass Roots North Carolina.

“The coalition members have all agreed on a ‘no compromise’ approach on this issue,”  Valone said. “It needs to die. Period.”

In an open letter to President Barack Obama, Valone speculated that some gun owners may use violent force to resist government attempts to confiscate assault weapons.

“The real question, Mr. President, is whether you so hunger for power that you are willing to foment what might be the next American Revolution,”  Valone wrote.

In the meantime, anxiety among hardline pro-gun rights advocates may be swelling the ranks of activist groups. The NRA told Politico that its membership grew by 100,000 in the 18 days after the shooting in Newtown.

“We can’t take applications for membership as fast as people are sending them to us,”  said Heller. His group currently has about 7,500 members. He expects that number to grow to 10,000 over the next year. “People in Arizona are, they are just absolutely not going to give up a gun.”  (Sources: Matthew DeLuca, )