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Help me to help you, and to serve you more efficiently and effectively. I’m in the mood to listen, so strike while the iron is hot. I would like to improve the “numbers that count” if I can: the numbers which reflect an ever-expanding readership base, and active viewer engagement with the blog. And I am open-minded to any helpful suggestion.

What would you like to see more of, less of, or done differently? If you could change only one thing about the blog, what would it be? It’s these types of questions I would truly like to get some feedback on. I may not act on any of it, then again, who knows. I may incorporate your suggestion into the matrix immediately, if it sounds right. And I will take it all under serious advisement. Don’t be afraid of hurting my feelings, but if it’s all that, you can put it in an email if you want…



P.S:  It is my intention to stay out of the Suggestion Box comments department. That area is for ya’ll alone to submit comments, suggestions, whatever. Thanks in advance to all who do. 


A Blogger Tries to Move the World________________________________________

“What happens when you tell the truth is… you piss everybody off.” — Milton William “Bill” Cooper


“If the writing is true, it is inseparable from the man.” — Tennessee Williams


What a rude process. It reminds me of the age-old concept of getting screwed without first being kissed. Like a cheap whore.

It’d be one thing for someone to come over here and tell me, “Hey John, what’s going on? I really like that “such & such” piece, do you mind if I reprint it on my site?” But it’s another thing entirely for someone to just peruse the articles found here and pluck whatever they want, planting it on their own site wholesale by remote control with one lame mouse click and calling it a day — no Hi, Bye, Thank You or “Boy Howdy” whatsoever. In fact, any civilized convention typically displayed was built into the process by the original programmers of the reblog function (very forward-thinking, in my estimation). I will simply assume from prior experience that at least the sheer bulk of the individuals utilizing this process would be just as happy if there was no civility built into it whatsoever or it didn’t even notify me in any regard.

I have never reblogged anyone else’s blog post wholesale. Ever. In fact, I see that Reblog button up there at the top of my browser whenever I’m logged into WordPress, but I’ve never lived to push it yet and don’t intend to start anytime soon. And I challenge anyone out there to refute the veracity of this claim by pointing to any post on this website that was pulled off someone else’s blog and reprinted here in it’s original and unaltered form. I’d advise you not to get into it, however, unless you’re just bored stiff and can’t stretch your imagination to find anything conceivably better to do. Because you’re going to get nowhere — fast.


That being said, I’m just as big a shameless thief as anyone around these parts, and maybe worse. I steal all kinds of stuff and plant it on my site — pics, vids, corporate news reporting, whatever — all the time. Again, lest the pot proclaim the kettle black, it’s not the reblogging itself that ruffles me per se, just the way it’s typically handled: by way of an activity I equate with rats in the pantry.

I’ve visited a few sites lately that appear to specialize exclusively in this type of activity, and have come to label them “reblogging sites” in my mind if not elsewhere, as I have been unable thus far to turn up anything on them not plucked piece-and-parcel from the sites of others. Granted I didn’t spend much time on any one of them in particular, so I could have easily overlooked something. At least a couple of these sites were really slick and thriving. I picture the site operator “earning” all this traffic and attention by kicking back in an armchair in the den and punching the Reblog button six times a day and it makes me want to laugh… or cry, I haven’t decided which. If you’re not producing ANY of your own stuff, then just what is your function really, besides drawing attention to yourself by playing a leisurely game of shuffleboard: picking this piece up from “over here” and plopping it down “over there” and saying “Look what I can do”?

Hey, I can train a chimp to push that button for the price of a peanut.

If you have no problem disregarding me entirely, then simply apply the same outlook toward my work here and we’ll both be happy, as I require neither the attention nor the recognition. I’m just fed-up to the brim with rude-ass self-absorbed “crabs-in-a-bucket” that give up as little as humanly possible unless they’re getting laid or paid… or trying to. You should pause to ask yourself just when the last time was you even heard the term “rude” woven into casual conversation before this present example, and since I already know the answer is “not anytime lately”, then just why this would be. The reason is not encouraging by any means but I’m not going to lead you across the conceptual street like a child in tow, but rather allow you to draw your own conclusions…

Happy Holidays!



 The Dirty Lowdown would like to thank all of our wonderful viewers who have supported it throughout its first year on the blogosphere, and have made serving you such a joy. Keep coming back, we love you all!


Some Site Tips From John…

1)   The Dirty Lowdown is laid out using Internet Explorer with Zoom set at 100% (no positive or negative zoom) and Text Size set at “Largest”. What this means to you is that it is also best viewed this way for optimal effect. If you’re already in IE, your zoom size is probably already set at 100%, so you’re just three simple mouse clicks away from viewing the site as it was designed to be viewed for optimal enjoyment:

On the “Menu Bar”, click on “View”. On the drop-down menu, hover the curser over “Text Size”, then navigate it over to “Largest” on the resulting pop-up menu, and click. Now refresh (reload) the page. You’re done. And you’ll see the difference is dramatic. Actually I use these settings for all my websurfing, as my eyes aren’t quite what they used to be…

2)   Check old posts. I add to them all the time. Last night I added a humongous new text section to our Rothschild article, along with a new header pic which displays and examines their coat of arms. I also added comprehensive captions to the photo array displayed in the Kepler-22b planet finding article. I do this all the time…

3)   Hovering the mouse cursor over any image on this website will produce a pop-up caption. 

4)   Comment. This site has been lean on comments and commenters from the very beginning. I’ve tried to get comments up on other sites — often as a professional courtesy — and I can see why. It is generally a frustrating experience to say the least.

But it isn’t like that here. We’ve got what has to be the sweetest, most painless feedback 
system on the net today. I tested it out myself and got a brief comment up successfully in around 30 seconds, using only my initials “JD” as personal information. So come on guys, it just doesn’t get any sweeter than that without receiving a check in the mail for your efforts. Give us some imput: let your feelings, experiences and beliefs be known. That’s what we’re here for, amongst other things…