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Well, I have good news and bad news:

The bad news is that while the video is interesting and provides some food for thought, it falls at least a little short of authentically exposing Ms. Minaj as an actual Illuminati puppet.

The good news is I’ve decided to take up the slack, and see if we can’t manage to expose whatever else Nicki may be concealing over here at The Dirty Lowdown.

Now this is my first time trying this, so be gentle with me… I’m just faking it ’til I make it. But I was thinking that since we can’t actually interview her over here — she’s way too rich and famous — we could start by exposing her physically and examining her naked body for any visible evidence of torture. If she’s all the puppet she’s cracked up to be, I assume she won’t object…

Sound sensible? It does to me. Are you with me? Remember, we’re only doing this in the interest of patriotism and science. “Think not, what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Now let’s get started…


Nicki Minaj Nude Pics


Whoa!… Hel-lo… Well this may not turn out to be half as tedious as I thought. And with little effort we’ve already managed to expose plenty Nicki’s been concealing from the general public at large. No physical evidence of mind control torture here though, so let’s press on, shall we?


Nicki Minaj Big Booty


Well, I can only assume that’s been well-punished on inumerable occasions, but tortured? I’m not seeing it…  Let’s press on…


Nicki Minaj Nip Slip


Nicki Minaj Boobs


Nicki Minaj Naked


Nicki Minaj in Sexy Lingerie


Nicki Minaj Hot Beach Pics


Nicki Minaj Booty


Nicki Minaj Butt




Nicki Minaj in Bikini


Nicki Minaj Sex Pics


Nicki Minaj Naked Booty


Nicki Minaj Naked King Magazine Cover


Now we’ve given the old girl everything short of a gynacological exam, and what have we turned up? Well, if you were paying proper attention and not simply fixated on Nicki’s rather plush T & A, you would have spotted this


Nicki Minaj Tattoo


Whoop!  There it is, the smoking gun. And one which serves to illustrate the Illuminati key principle of “hiding in plain sight”. Attach something like this to the arm of a girl like that and you can be sure it’ll pass completely unnoticed, while the masses remain hypnotized by her supple breasts and ample bottom.

But that’s what makes us the professionals: when the novelty wears off of staring at her tits and ass, we check other places, too!

We sent this off to our affiliate in Shanghai, and it came back with this attached:


Iluminati Mind-Control Puppet

Phat-Booty Female Karaoke Model – Mocha

Manufacturing Serial # 000666

Made in Arlington, Virginia – U.S.A.

From 60% recycled and 40% synthetic materials.

If found wandering dazed and confused,

please call: 1-800-CIA-HELP


The END Clapboard Image


  1. terry says:

    Have you looked in the sky at night? There are several objects up there that are very, VERY bright and that google sky doesn’t recognize. WTF are they? I was watching one the other night and the damn thing started moving (I have it on video) finally faded away…
    There are clouds that are NOT clouds. I have videos of orbs shooting out of these things.. THOUSANDS of them.. as long as i stood there and looked, out they came.
    Three nights ago I watched a glowing white “form” slowly glide through the sky and land in my neighbors yard..(and yes, i have IT on video too).
    Either we are being inavded OR someone wants us to think we are

  2. terry says:

    Yep.. the great culling has begun. The whole charade we have been living within is becoming more and more visible every day. “They” don’t want to cure you from whatever ailment you may have contracted, they want to milk you for every last cent they can and if you just happen to get better – lucky you. The truth is most diseases are made in a laboratory, cancer is a VIRUS which is curable, as was AIDS.. They are both “solutions” to a manufactured population crisis. Don’t believe me? Google Henry Kissinger’s comments on population reduction..
    Bill Gates is on video admitting that vaccines and healthcare are designed to kill people…

  3. Austin says:

    I’m slightly confused.

  4. Terry says:

    I used to say that “every day above ground is a good day..” But now I am not so sure…. Something BIG is going on brother.. and I mean BIG… Let me put it this way, it makes gun control seem inconsequential.

    My God why doesn’t anyone look up anymore?

  5. Terracer says:

    Nazis… I hate those guys…

    What I was trying to say last night was YOU STILL HAVE A PASSION! That seems to be quickly evaporating from humanity these days.. and I think that puts you in a good position as we head down into the precipice of doom.

    My ability to entertain anything resembling a passion is kaput.


  6. Terracer says:

    Hey man, you obviously enjoy amusing and entertaining yourself through your awesome creativity… it shouldn’t matter if anyone else appreciates it, hell it shouldn’t matter if they even see it or not, it’s good… real good…and that is the most important part.
    You are DOING IT… Do you have any idea how many people think they can do what you are doing, but never do it.. ‘because they can’t.

    my advice? If it makes you happy, DO IT…

    and no, I haven’t jumped ship.. I’m in trouble, physically, and it’s progressing quickly. But I am not that easy to kill..


  7. Terracer says:

    Oh the sacrifices you make for the cause… You da man, my brother!

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