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Female Nudist Group Celebrating Outdoors


Yay!  Four years of pissing all over the fascist parade just gives me a warm and fuzzy glow inside…

We are not at all in good shape over here but still warm and breathin’, and sticking it to the man every night and day!


Fuck Fascism


You know, you can have this:


Jessica Simpson in American Flag Bikini


Or you can have this:




But you can’t have ’em both…

…as fun and exciting as that may sound to some. So pick one and make your peace with it, because you’re getting one whether you like it or not. And you’re in the process of getting it now.

Like so many backwards things in life, The Fascist Feminazi is, counterintuitively speaking, the easy score. Oh, you’ll never get laid… at least not unless you’re in possession of a fully-functioning vagina, or unless you’re getting laid to rest in a hole in the ground. But she’s easy for all that, all you have to do to get her is sit on your ass, keep your mouth shut, and don’t make waves.

But if you love your country, your freedom, mom, apple pie and Jessica Simpson, then you have to accept the stone-cold fact that this girl doesn’t come easy… you have to fight for her. She doesn’t lay down with wimps and weinie-whackers, you’re going to have to show her some cajones.

And getting her’s one thing, keeping her’s another. You have to embrace and support the idea that some things are just worth standing up for in order to preserve and protect, and even worth fighting and dying for should it come to that, and that no truly worthwhile enterprise ever comes easy… 


Government Cowbows - Citizen Cattle


I have come to use the term “freedom” rather loosely. The sad reality is we’re far from free, and the acorn rolls further from The Tree of Liberty with every passing day. And I’m not talking about stuff you get away with that’s technically illegal but you do it anyway and haven’t been caught. For example, smoking marijuana.

You may be smoking marijuana all day every day. But you’re not free to smoke marijuana. In a “free country”, you would be. In a country where you truly lived “free”, where you authentically enjoyed “freedom”, you could smoke all the marijuana you wanted, when you wanted where you wanted, and in front of anyone you could name without repercussion. In fact, you could blow marijuana smoke in the police chief’s face without concern for your liberty. Because you would have the freedom of choice.

You are NOT free. You are a head of free-range cattle. Sorry. Me too, if it makes you feel any better, and I hope it does. This is not a “free” country, you are not “free”. If you were free, and if you had available to you the legitimate freedom of choice, you wouldn’t be paying the State for the “privilege” to do so many of the things you do, such as drive, hunt, fish, boat, fly, and that’s the short list…

You don’t even own your home or your car(s) — the State does, look it up. You are just the the top-tier lienholder on either, the State actually owns your shit, and you, too, by logical extension. Fail to pay the State’s “tribute” regularly on either, and watch what happens: the State will take it away from you.

But how can the State take away from you that which is rightfully yours? The answer is, it can’t. Your home, land, vehicles, etc. do not belong to you and never did. They belong to the State. Like you. The only thing you are unequivocally in full possession of is… an illusion.  


Government Treating People Like Cattle


It says right in every driver’s handbook, “driving is a privilege, not a right”. You can drive if the State says you can. If and when the time comes the State says you can’t, you gotta stop. Then you can walk or catch the bus or whatever. Of course, because you are in theory “free”, you can choose to throw caution to the wind and drive anyway. But you’re not “free” to do that — just hoping to not get caught.

But you will get caught, then the State will have a field day and make a criminal out of you and rain all over your parade. They’re not playing with anyone anymore. They’re out for a body count because they’re broke and need the bread — and desperate. So, it’s now conceivable you could get fined, go to jail, get your vehicle impounded, seized, and sold at auction, all for driving without a license. Does it sound like you’re free? You are not free.

You are a serf.


Austria Human Meat Protest


But the good news is a serf is a slave with perks. They’ve found that system greatly fosters increased productivity: to provide you the illusion of “freedom” and some “open range” to run in. If you knew the truth of your existence you’d lay down (theoretically). But instead they’ve filled your head with everything it takes to keep you hopping daily like a hamster on a wheel until you drop. They’ve built a prison for your mind — a Matrix — complete with the illusion of “Freedom” to keep you productive and complacent.

So… some of you may be asking how the first segment of this piece logically connects to the second. Well it does connect, at the point where we are not only going to have to stop these scumbags dead in their tracks if we don’t want to see what little perks we have left go away and ourselves reduced to mere slaves, but ROLL BACK a lot of this anti-constitutional legislation — on every level from federal to municipal — in order that we might come back under the umbrella of constitutional privilege and protection. 

Only by doing this do we have any hope of living free… 


Liberty vs Tyranny - Choose Wisely



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