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110 Floors of Massive Skyscraper VaporizedI realize this may be a stupid question, but where did 110 stories of skyscraper just go?


“The limitations are mental limitations… They’re psychological and emotional limitations about what it is we’re allowing ourselves to see… about the nature of the universe. It is a game in many ways of perception… and you get the world that you perceive. And if you keep perceiving it on one level then indeed you will get that world. And if you open that world up… you will get a larger…infinite… world.” — Master of Ceremonies, Breakthrough Energy Conference, Holland 2012


“If you listen to the evidence carefully enough, it will speak to you and tell you exactly what happened. If you don’t know what happened, keep listening to the evidence until you do. The evidence always tells the truth. The key is not to allow yourself to be distracted away from seeing what the evidence is telling you” — Dr. Judy Wood, Ph.D


When I decided to blow the dust off of this convoluted can of worms after 3 or 4 years and take another look at it through hopefully something akin to fresh eyes, I really wasn’t unable to uncover much in the way of any new theories, revelations, or smoking guns, with the hallmark exception of analysis provided by independent researchers Dr. Judy Wood of and Richard D. Hall of But the light these two dedicated researchers have managed to shine on previously unknown, un-thought-of, overlooked, disregarded and/or purposefully-suppressed elements of the 9/11 false flag attacks was more than sufficient to blow me away…


Ben Rich Quote Poster


Dr. Wood’s Research on “Ongoing Molecular Disassociation”


Dr. Judy Wood

“Somebody has the ability to direct energy in such a way as to disrupt the molecular bonds of matter.” 


Dr. Judy D. Wood is a former professor of mechanical engineering with research interests in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, optical methods, deformation analysis, and the materials characterization of biomaterials and composite materials.

She is a member of the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM), co-founded SEM’s Biological Systems and Materials Division, and has served with the SEM Composite Materials Technical Division.

Dr. Wood received her B.S. in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering, 1981), her M.S. in Engineering Mechanics (Applied Physics, 1983), and her Ph.D. in Materials Engineering Science in 1992.

She is also the author of the book, Where Did The Towers Go? The Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11. 


Where Did The Towers Go - Dr. Judy Wood




World Trade Center Facts

The twin towers were each 110 stories tall. The north tower (WTC 1)was 1368 feet high and the south tower (WTC 2) was 1362 feet high. Each tower was 208 feet x 208 feet in length and width. This rendered one acre — or 40,000 square feet — per floor. The combined total weight of the twin towers was 1,500,000 tons.

Aside from these 2 towers there were 5 other buildings in the complex proper: WTC 3: Hotel—22 Floors; WTC 4: South Plaza Bldg—9 Floors; WTC 5: North Plaza Bldg—9 Floors; WTC 6: US Customs House—8 Floors; WTC: 7–47 Floors. 200,000 tons of steel and 425,000 cubic yards of concrete were used in the construction of the entire World Trade Center complex.

Source:  The New York State Education Department website.


World Trade Center Site PlanWorld Trade Center Site Plan 2001


FEMA World Trade Center Debris Field MapFEMA World Trade Center Debris Field Map


Richard D. Hall’s Research & Analysis: “The Ball”


Richard D. Hall


Richard graduated in electrical engineering from Newcastle University in 1990. He worked on engineering projects for NEI (formerly Rolls Royce) from 1986 until 2002, when he left the profession to work as a freelance IT consultant and web designer.

His book Aliens Before Gentlemen – A Guide to the Future  postulates what information might become common knowledge in a post-disclosure world. Over the last few years Richard has researched UFOs and other related phenomena and launched the website in early 2008. Since then he has produced 2 documentaries and a series of TV programs about the UFO phenomenon which are being screened on Edge Media Television.




The two videos above contain the best available analysis of “the ball”, while the two videos below back it up with independent raw footage and observations.




  1. I will, June… Thanks for the tip.

  2. madmemere says:

    Bobby – Thanks and please, make yourself a note to check out Wellstone and Cheney (when you have time -lol). By the way, I do believe in forensics and forensic results.

  3. Hey!

    Thanks for dropping and commenting.

    “It appears our entire political system no longer has anything to do
    with patriotism, nor public service; it has evolved into evil, murderous,
    desire for personal gain and total control.”

    It appears you’ve figured the whole thing out.

    This is really all you need to know to connect all the seemingly ran-
    dom dots and literally put method to the madness.

    You might add to that: we are dealing with multigenerational dynasties
    with unlimited funding and access to the brightest minds and most ad-
    vanced R&D, pursuing long-range agendas that will outlive you and I.

    That’s all you need to know.

    Well… at least to get you started and up on the right track.

    More specifically in terms of 9/11: as a criminal investigaor I have over
    time learned to scrutinize very carefully what I personally refer to as
    “post-crime” (or simply “post-event”) behavior in persons of interest. I
    think this is a principle which can be worked on any level. I have found
    it very telling when trying to determine someone’s involvement, role, or
    just overall generic guilt or innocence.

    So with the 9/11 thing, one of my “investigative focuses” has been on what
    the principals, associated groups and agencies involved, etc., say and do
    after the fact. And the results in this particular case have consistently indi-
    cated a rather broad-based conspiracy and cover-up.

    Hope that helps… keep coming back!

  4. madmemere says:

    It’s been more than a little difficult, for me, to allow myself to believe in “the false flag attack” analogy, so many are pushing. On the other hand, I realize it’s not “impossible”! I don’t have any problem believing Building #7, did implode; otherwise “why” would it have just fallen in upon itself, so neatly. One answer- – “big” insurance claim by the owner. I have more trouble with Towers 1 and 2, as well as the Shanksville crash. Photos of the Pentagon damage do not indicate a wide bodied plane, certainly; more the kind of gash caused by a missile. But WHY? I wish someone could explain the panicked cellphone calls to loved ones, telling them what was taking place in the air? Can anyone explain, satisfactorily, the complete “disappearance” of those planes and ALL the people on them, or were they “vaporized” by this stunning, evil technology?

    While your digging for answers there, please, check out the “assassination” of Senator Paul Wellstone, of Minnesota, just 16 days before election day, in 2002. His name was on the ballot and he won, (in absentia). That is how the “un-comical” Al Franken was selected and sent to Congress. The Senator, his wife, daughter and the pilot, all died in that crash; it was interesting to read excerpts from interviews, with eyewitnesses, talking about the “windowless white van, speeding hurriedly away from a location near the crash site. It seems Senator Wellstone was considered to be a “serious threat” to the GOP. After you finish studying that information, look up “VP Dick Cheney’s executive assassination team”. It appears our entire political system no longer has anything to do with patriotism, nor public service; it has evolved into evil, murderous, desire for personal gain and total control. Anyway, hope you will check it out and let me know what you think.

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