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Door to Door Firearms Confiscation 


Hurricane Katrina: The Trial Run

Immediately after Hurricane Katrina struck the Greater New Orleans area back in September of 2005, the “powers that be” ran a complete, small-scale trial run of a comprehensive and all-inclusive door-to-door national firearms confiscation.

Using US Marines, the National Guard, the 82nd Airborne, the Coast Guard, the New Orleans Police Department, local Sheriff’s deputies, Blackwater mercenaries, and “who-else-knows-who”, they effected a total disarmament of the area. The whole area: neighborhood-by-neighborhood, street-by-street, and door-to-door, leaving nary a stone unturned.


They set up roadblocks and ran sweep patterns and detained everyone they encountered along the way at gunpoint. They detained boats and their pilots and passengers on all nearby waterways. They pulled fleeing homeowners out of their vehicles and lined them curbside bound in zip ties, while their identities and current legal status were verified and their persons, cars and domeciles were searched without any warrant or probable cause.

It didn’t matter how rich and famous you were or thought you were, how big your house was or how high-and-dry or well-secured. From the very moment of the inception of that joint paramilitary operation, all citizens were now created equal, and lumped into the status of “them.”  The battle lines had clearly been drawn…


When they got to each house they pounded on the door, demanding immediate entry. If immediate entry was not granted they kicked it in. If they couldn’t kick it in they used a sledge hammer and pry bar, a battering ram, or just whatever it took to break inside.

Then they rushed in, with weapons locked and loaded and ready to maim or kill. These were all the latest firearms available in the world today: high-capacity semi-automatics and select-fire submachine guns and assault rifles. These guys carry tear gas, tasers, flash-bang grenades, you name it, and that’s the short list.

They searched every room of every house and took every firearm they could find, right then and there on the spot — with no good excuse or apology forthcoming. If it could propel lead projectiles or lead shot through the air toward a selected target it was gone. Kiss it goodbye, legally registered or not.

If any residents  failed to comply with their shouted demands when they rushed in, they would or could be wrestled to the ground, pepper-sprayed. tasered, beaten, or even shot, though I know of no actual shooting incidents involved.

And that may be the scariest part. 

All this was done — this small-scale, real-time trial run, in a major metropolitan area long known for having more than its share of gangsters and thugs and generally free-spirited if not authentically lawless elements at large, and to the best of my knowledge, not a single shot was fired.

So if anyone tells you something like this can’t happen in this country virtually overnight and without any prior warning whatsoever… and with no clear-cut legal basis or constitutional authority… and, perhaps worst of all, with no legitimate resistance from the People in turn…

You can tell ’em that it already has…

You can tell ’em, “Go Look up Hurricane Katrina.”


Watch the videos, you’ll be glad you did. This was the trial run — study it. If and when you do you’ll be ahead of the game — and light years ahead of the average citizen.

Before every war there are drills, and simulations, and war games. We have seen all this transpire here on our soil now in recent years as this fascist coup has quietly unfolded around us in the shadows… as our peaceful nation was redesignated a battlefield and our citizens as enemy combatants, our government held up in a continual state of emergency, thus granting the president and the Executive Branch near-dictatorial powers…

We’ve watched as a whole combat division was placed over the United States as a separate theatre of war, as we’ve been stripped of the rights of Habeas Corpus and Posse Cometatus, and left historically insecure within our persons and our domeciles…

And we’ve watched as the President was granted the absolute power of life or death over every human being marked: Enemy of the StateThis was the final power granted by the fascist puppet government of the Third Reich to Adolph Hitler, right before the Holocaust kicked-off…









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