Posted: February 8, 2013 in by Bobby Ray Stacy
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Excellent little video with some good old authentic footage of some kind of actual disk-shaped craft under construction by a well-funded team in a spacious, well-equipped workshop — no telling where they are, what it actually is, or how it actually works.

Somehow I had managed to miss out on this particular piece of footage all these years, and I’m glad I found it because it is definitely pretty cool…


  1. upaces88 says:

    I had wondered about this but had no proof. Thanks!!!

  2. “itiscomingfromthesky”

    Two schools of thought here. One is that after the second world war, when America and Russia were racing against each other to see who could scoop up the most NAZI scientists and technology, we won. We won because we got Werner Von Braun, and with WVB came saucer technology.

    Many believe the NAZI scientists figured out the secret to the “gravity generator” engine, which enabled the discs to perform in ways unmatched by anything before it. If this is the case, and the NAZIs really were THAT freaking smart, how in the wide world of Pinamunda did we beat them to the bomb? (That question has puzzled me for decades.)

    The second route one could take is the one that involves Roswell, crashed saucers and EBE. As the story goes, we recovered a crashed disk in ’47 which came with a few dead aliens and one live one. Said to be more like a plant than an animal, he was called EBE for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. (The military and their achronyms – go figure.)

    Several people who claimed to have seen the craft EBE arrived in said that the cockpit seemed molded to fit the occupants and that there were no controls – in the conventional sense. It was guided and controlled telepathically.

    Now a few weeks back I stumbled upon an interview with a middle-aged rocketeer, a physicist by trade and an MIT grad. He claims that when he was in his mid teens he built a rocket motor using Tesla’s theory of particle acceleration as the propulsion system.

    After a successful launch he was whicked away by the feds to area 51, rode an “industrial sized platform elevator” several levels deep, deep down into the bowels of the facility. There he says he was taken to a room and asked to render his opinions on where the object before him could have originated from.

    There, on a huge stand made for it, lay a humongous engine.. and engine similar in design to his model rocket motor. The guy climbs up on it and notes that it feels cool to the touch.. but then he notices something else. There seems to be an effect IN the alloy of the machine – the unknown material seems to react to his touch. It is a swirling blue color.. softly backlit it fascinates him. The engine seemed to be organic.. not just a machine, but a LIVING machine.. and it seemed to interact with him.

    As the story goes, once the hosts asked him his opinion and he obliged, he was snatched off the engine (which reacted by changing to a forceful RED color) and taken off the base. He was told never to speak of the affair and that was that.

    So when you add the “molded to fit the occupants” – the control through telepathy – and the organic engine that interacts -it all adds up to TRANSHUMANISM!! Man and machine as one – combined… IS THERE AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE THAT WANTS US TO BE LIKE THEM?

    Oddly enough, this is exactly what appears to be happening. I have seen so many UFO’s and orbs and strange things in the sky…then when you look at the artifacts “morgellons” victims are extracting from their bodies, many of which emit a signal, it sure seems to indicate that a transformation is underway..

    Just my .02.. sorry to ramble…


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