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Political Gun Rights Hypocrisy

“All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.”  — Arizona State Constitution


On Thursday, January 10, 2013, President Barack Obama signed into law a measure giving himself, former president George W. Bush, and all future former presidents and their spouses lifetime Secret Service protection.

The legislation, crafted by Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, rolls back a mid-1990s law that imposed a 10-year limit on Secret Service protection for former presidents. Bush would have been the first former commander in chief affected. (Sources: Olivier Knox, Fox News, Jan. 11, 2013)


These people are just determined to spend more and more of our hard-earned money when we can afford it the least on themselves and their outlandishly lavish lifestyles. Thousand-dollar room service lunches for two, frequent two million-dollar vacations to Hawaii or to the South Pacific, you name it and you can bet confidently they’re sucking it up. And plenty more we don’t know about, to be sure…

When these people want something now they just scribble a signature on a piece of paper and hand it off to someone else to type up and it’s done — “the law of the land”.  We don’t do that here. This ain’t Cambodia.

That’s what you call a fascist state: where the will of the People, along with all of the essential checks and balances which our altruistic and farsighted Founding Fathers built into our historically-unique system of governance, are all conveniently factored-out of the equation entirely, leaving the wolves who’ve usurped the executive branch in the position of a veritable oligarchy… and that’s what we’re experiencing in this nation today.  

They’re not passing laws anymore, they’re handing down edicts from on high.


When they feel the need for armed guards for life you know they’re on the wrong road and are generally up to no good — you know we’ve never had that up to now, and nobody’s ever complained. And it’s been over two hundred years and through the very best and worst of times along the way.

But we’ve never had our own government try to shred the Constitution before and basically implement what could only be categorized rationally as an outright internal fascist coup.

Until now.

So this is not by coincidence but rather by design, as these dots connect directly, as does George W. Bush, no matter what the cover story says.


Obama in Public Under Tight Armed Security


This crime cartel — this “gang” — now wants all the power and protection for themselves and little to none for you.  This type of behavior telegraphs to you directly the writing on the wall: it is now us against them, we are no longer on the same side. When we were, they didn’t care about how many guns we had or what type they were, excluding the capacity for fully automatic fire.

That in itself was a 2nd Amendment-shredding ban, and never should have been either placed into effect, or accepted by the American People. It is my personal belief and interpretation that the Second Amendment is, and was originally crafted to be, an absolute: if the Army can carry machine guns, then we should be able to carry them too. They are arms. An absolute.

The Second Amendment is an absolute. “Arms” means whatever arms are available and in vogue in this country generically speaking at any given point in time in its history — and that includes future history as well.

Whatever the state-of-the-art technology is that’s in place and currently in vogue — at any given time — is what the citizen should have not only free and unfettered direct access to, but the inviolable right to bear anywhere, anyplace, any time…

An absolute. 

It is my contention that neither the Second Amendment itself , nor its essential absolute quality, have either a shelf life, an expiration date, or a contingency clause. It’s essential inalienable and inviolable quality was meant to act as a pillar of individual Freedom, built upon bedrock of common Liberty. And not to be chipped away at in any regard, thus the singular admonishment attached: “… shall not be infringed.”

An absolute.

That way, we don’t find ourselves waking up one day having to repel ray guns with muzzleloaders, slingshots and pitchforks. Do any of you out there really think the Founding Fathers would have wanted that? That if the Army of a state-turned-tyrannical was carrying ray guns, we’d be dumbed-down to muzzleloaders , so that any erstwhile resistance would be rendered moot?

I don’t think so.

I hate to put it to you like this, but some of you really just need to wake up and get a proper grip on cold reality. Before it’s too late and you’ve got nothing left to call your own.


Obama Screwing America


With these self-serving psychopaths who dare refer to themselves still as “public servants”, there are no absolutes that can’t be worked-around; everything is now fluid… negotiable.

They are now — as they have been for some time — working diligently and tirelessly around the clock in three shifts, weekends, overtime, and holidays to do nothing more nor less than strip you of your personal wealth and private property, your personal sovereignty, and your national identity. And that’s the short list.

Really they want everything you’ve got to give and then they want you dead. A domestic animal that lives to consume and produce and breed more domestic animals that produce and consume. All of which are eventually sold to slaughter, at some point in time after their maintenance starts to exceed their usefulness and they’re rendered cost-ineffective.

That’s you…


Government Treating People Like Cattle


That’s how they look at you: crops, cattle, commodities, resources.  Human resources, roughly equivelent to corn, or copper, or cattle. That’s what you are to the government, nothing  more, nothing less. If you can just manage to properly wrap your head around that much you’ll be far ahead of the game and a quantum leap toward personal enlightenment: the government is not your friend.


The Robber Barons


And the low-lifes we’ve got in there now are no one’s friends — no one’s but their own and the global bankers that control them outright. They’ve all been bought and paid for, and have sold you down the river in the process and into the death grip of the globalist central banking elite cartel.


Obama Surrounded By Armed Guards at Airport 

This guy doesn’t step out for a burger without a squad of highly-trained, well-armed bodyguards. The way he’s been going at it so far, I can’t say as I blame him… Hey playa, do what you gotta do, dog…but leave our gats alone, yo…  


These people are in the process of making a whole lot of enemies for themselves and us, too, around the world as we speak. As much as these people work to terrify you daily with their exquisitely-crafted lies and propaganda, much is held back from you still.

We’re headed nowhere good on a runaway rocket sled, and you need to learn to accept that and embrace it in a way you can use. You need to get right and get ready. You need to be prepared.

We’re either looking at World War III, a civil war, or a foreign incursion of some form, whether it be by the UN International Peacekeeping Force or by the combined Arabic or Muslim forces, or Russia or China or just whoever — the whole world’s a powderkeg right now and ready to blow sky-high.,,

We’re fixin’ to get some of that or all of it… but we’re fixin’ to get something. Because these idiots are not going to stop — or even rest, until we do. That much, if nothing else whatsoever, has become readily apparent to me, and to plenty of others like me. 



We’ve now got Russia threatening to nuke us if we don’t lay off the Iranians, and these fools are over here publicly calling their leader a monkey and singing “Bomb – Bomb – Bomb,  Bomb – Bomb – Iran”  (To the tune of the Beach Boys’ Barbara Ann ) !

I’m not making this up as I go along although I would prefer it that way. And that only represents a tiny fraction of all that’s going on right now, and none of it good… none of it. There’s nothing on the horizon that you can point to currently and state legitimately that it looks like something good, coming our way.

Because there is nothing good headed our way — it’s all bad.

There is no happy ending in the cards for us on the road we’re on. And everyone who is anyone is starting to say the same thing, and you need to know that. People in the know are now starting to agree we’ve already crossed the line of no return and we’re going to have to suffer through some kind of melt-down or conflagration before things can be set right.

I certainly hope that’s not the case.

But I do believe that if we don’t get out from under these guys and do it quickly, somehow, we’re set to suffer more that we can bear.



  1. upaces88 says:

    You are NOT paranoid. Unfortunately, it is all too real.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Wild Bill and Secret Service:

  3. upaces88 says:

    The Secret Service do NOT like him; and it seems the emotional back-lash has taken its toll on some of them:
    1) One caught with a hooker;
    2) One has an affair with the Moose (yes, Michelle…ewwww);
    3) One received a DWI.

    Can you imagine spending your youth getting the RIGHT education; and more than likely being in the Military; and choosing the right jobs so you could finally apply to be Secret Service to the President of the United States —————- and then having to guard this man!!!!?

  4. upaces88 says:

    I didn’t know you at the time I saw the article about Obama have SEVERAL Cars for him to ride in… and guess what! They were all made in Canada. He didn’t even trust General Motors for the task.

    He had such heavy armor plating put in the cars to make him safer that when he drove in the UK to see the Queen, the car “bottomed out” and had to be PULLED OUT. Sorry, I can’t remember if the UK filed a law suit to recover what they had to spend to fix the streets!

  5. Many in my country want to take away my guns so I have no means to protect myself. The president has a Kill List and says it is legal to murder American citizens if he suspects they are terrorists. Spy drones are being provided to local and state government and police. My phone signals my exact location 24/7 and reveals every call I’ve made or received. If I use a computer, the Search Engines track every site I visit and every purchase I make and I can be located 24/7. They government wants my doctors to give up my private medical information. If I buy a new car next year, it will probably have a “black box” that can track me and my driving habits. Even the stores where I shop record every item I purchase.

    Why am I so damned paranoid? I must be crazy.

  6. Roy Mcdade says:

    I am writing a book on dog’s vaccinations and protocol, and the MANY problems inherent with these toxic vaccinations for both the dogs AND HUMANS… You know I am REALLY going to piss off the Big Pharms and the Dr.’s who are in medicine for ONLY the MONEY… So the more I get involved with this book the less time I have for the Net… I do like the Net, but I promised my (deceased) dogs I would write this book and I REALLY MUST….

  7. Roy Mcdade says:

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander…

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