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Coach Bob Grisham - Michelle Obama - Big Butt Comment


Teachers beware: Don’t make any cracks about Michelle Obama’s rear end.


Michelle Obama Bigbutt


An Alabama high school teacher learned that the hard way when he got suspended for referring to the First Lady as “fat butt Michelle Obama.”


Michelle Obama Phat Booty - Deep Fried Twinkies


Bob Grisham, a psychology teacher at Lauderdale County High School, isn’t allowed back in the classroom for the rest of the year, according to The TimesDaily newspaper. But Grisham, who’s also the school’s head football coach, is only being docked 10 days from that job.

He’s also been ordered to undergo sensitivity training. (Sources: Dan Hirschhorn, New York Daily News)


Michelle Obama's Big Butt


I’ve gotta admit, I just don’t see it. The good news is, that obviously means I don’t need any sensitivity training, unless it comes complete with “happy ending”, that is…

I’ll also admit I occasionally think about selling out and going over to the enemy… like right now. I see how pitifully these guys go at stuff half the time, and it makes me want to run over there and help ’em out. Plus I could use my own intern and a box of Cuban cigars.

If the Global Crime Cartel hired me as a consultant to Michelle Obama, she’d never have to live to hear another fat-ass complaint, no matter how many deep-fried Twinkies and Pop-Tarts she consumed. Take another look at the pic above. See, that’s how you get targeted for too much junk in the trunk.


First thing I’d do is come in and scrap the white girls. The two of them don’t have a decent donk between ’em…

Then I’d scratch me up a couple of interns like this —


 Black Girl with Donk


Bad Girl Outfir - Monster Ghetto Booty


Then I’d simply bookend Mrs. Obama with these “personal assistants” wherever she went, thus making her booty look slim by comparison. In fact, bracketed by this pair, no one would probably ever look at her rear end at all.

Problem solved.


  1. upaces88 says:

    “Even when the sun shines on trash….it is STILL Trash.”

  2. upaces88 says:

    “IF” you want me to, let me know and I’ll explain how to give yourself a picture or something that is fitting for you besides a little “blank face.”

    June, she is embarrassing to all of us! We should all send that teach a box of candy and sign it “Michelle.” LOL

  3. madmemere says:

    Just refer to the “mooch” as “ole bubble butt”!


    John – Were YOU in the hospital, or someone close? Whichever, hope you are (they are)on the mend! As to your system “problem” – -can you do a “system restore”? JG

  4. upaces88 says:

    Good Grief….everyone should send that woman a “Congratulations Card” for her honesty and give her a lot of support.

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