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Zombies at Stadium 


Verbatim Transcript of WJZ / CBS Baltimore Special Report

NEW ORLEANS (1/31/13) — With tens of thousands of people expected to flood New Orleans for the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras, the city is a prime target for terrorists — that’s why the most technologically advanced security system is now in place.

“We ask your cooperation in arriving at the screening gates well in advance of the time you want to be in your seats,” said Jeffrey Miller, NFL Chief Security Officer.


Zombies on Parade


“Fans can expect to be watched, sniffed and pawed as they enter the Superdome,” the WJZ report went on to state.


TSA Goons


“Fans can expect to pass through metal detectors and a pat-down search. After the pat-down search, fans will be asked to unzip any coats. All bags will be x-rayed,” Miller said.


TSA Child Abuse


“Gamma ray scanners can see through six inches of steel, monitored from a command center,” the WJZ report added.


TSA Backscatter Inverted Image


“TSA of course is working on making sure the airspace around the stadium is closed during the game. Also working providing K-9 teams and screeners and all the rest,” said Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary.

“While security is extremely tight at the Superdome, they’re also monitoring bars and restaurants in the city–where fans will gather to watch the game as well as maritime and hotel components as well.”


Zombies Crossing Street

Bars and restaurants in the city where fans will gather will also be monitored.


“Customs and Border Protection has been on the ground. They’ve been actually scanning all the cargo coming into this area since Monday morning to make sure everything is safe,” said Napolitano.

“And while at this point there are no credible terrorist threats here in New Orleans, they’re doing everything they can as a precaution…

“From the moment that people set foot off the airplanes at the airport all the way to the city and of course at the Superdome.” (Sources:Jessica Kartalija, WJZ, CBS Baltimore, Jan. 31, 2013)


DHS - We're Watching You!


Verbatim Transcript from the Official NFL Website

NFL Outlines Super Bowl XLVI Security and Game Day Plans

INDIANAPOLIS – Security screening at Lucas Oil Stadium will be significantly heightened for the Super Bowl. The National Football League strongly recommends that spectators minimize the number and size of all items carried into the stadium.

Items carried by spectators will be carefully inspected. Everyone entering the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday will be subject to security screenings, including metal detectors, pat-downs, and other special security checks. Spectators choosing not to consent to the NFL’s security requirements will be refused admission.

Certain items may not be brought into the stadium. Small bags, subject to check, will be permitted but binocular and camera cases, among other items, will not be allowed. Spectators are urged to carry nothing larger than a small purse or bag. The NFL and Lucas Oil Stadium will not hold prohibited or excluded items for spectators (see attached for list of prohibited items).

Temporary flight restrictions will be in place on Super Bowl Sunday that will prohibit private aircraft from operating in a large radius around the sports complex. No blimps or other aircraft will be allowed to circle the premises.

Federal and state law enforcement resources and the U.S. military support area law enforcement, fire, emergency management and public health entities. In addition, private security companies hired by the NFL also contribute to the high level of security applied to the Super Bowl.


Swat Team at Abraxas



Traffic flow, parking and stadium entry will be much different for the Super Bowl than during the regular season at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Stadium gates open at 2 p.m. (ET). Fans are encouraged to arrive early to avoid delays and expedite entrance for everyone. In-stadium festivities begin at 5:30 p.m. (ET) with kickoff at approximately 6:30 p.m. (ET).

Only people with tickets or credentials will be allowed within the security perimeter around Lucas Oil Stadium. Everyone entering the stadium, including children, must have a ticket for the game. The largest and most convenient checkpoint for entering the stadium is to the north inside the Indiana Convention Center with entry to the ICC near the intersection of Maryland and Capitol Street or Georgia and Capitol Street. Additional spectator checkpoints are located to the east and south.

Wheelchair attendees and their companions must have tickets designated “wheelchair.”

Fans can go through any of the screening points on the security perimeter and then proceed to the gate marked on their tickets. Fans will not be able to re-enter the secured perimeter once they leave.


Zombie Attacked by Dog

Fans will not be able to re-enter the secured perimeter once they leave.



NFL teams implemented a fan code of conduct policy in 2008. The code of conduct will be enforced during the Super Bowl. The NFL is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for all fans. As such, guests are required to refrain from the following:

• Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal in nature

• Intoxication or other signs of alcohol impairment that results in irresponsible behavior

• Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures

• Interference with the progress of the game (including throwing objects on the field)

• Failing to follow instruction of stadium personnel

• Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans

Guests who are subjected to unruly fans, or witness violations of the Fan Code of Conduct, can quickly receive assistance by calling a special telephone number or sending a text to anonymously report fan conduct violations. These phone and text lines will be visibly posted in the stadium during the game. Fans also may visit one of the Guest Services/Information Booths at any point during the Super Bowl. NFL guest services staff will be on standby ready to assist.



The following list is a guide only. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

Weapons of any kind





Beach balls


Poles, Sticks

Laser lights and pointers

Containers of any type

Coolers of any size



Cans, hairspray

Camera cases and binocular cases/tripods

Mace/pepper spray


Noisemakers, Horns

Cameras and Binoculars – Small cameras and binoculars will be allowed. Camera cases and binocular cases are prohibited. No spectator cameras with lenses longer than six inches will be permitted. Camcorders are prohibited.

Electronic Devices – Spectators are strongly urged not to bring electronic devices into the stadium. Any electronic device will be thoroughly inspected, causing delays for the spectator with the device. Electronic devices include, but are not limited to, camcorders, televisions, radios, and computer tablets.

Prohibited items and items determined inappropriate for entry into the stadium will be the responsibility of the ticket holder and cannot be accepted or checked by the NFL or Lucas Oil Stadium. All spectators are urged to secure these items in vehicles or hotel rooms. (Source: NFL Communications)


Outbreak Omega

All real live thinking human beings are urged to boycott this event entirely and get in some target practice instead — you’re going to need it real soon…


Obama's Change Zombies Can Believe In


Zombie - The End


  1. madmemere says:

    Just remember, he IS an “alinskiite” and firmly believes “The ends justify the means”, just as in Fast and Furious, the Aurora theater massacre, the “pre-planned” Benghazi terror attack and the Sandy Hook massacre! Many years ago, FDR said “In politics, there are no accidents. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way!” He knew exactly what he was talking about, for he was a liberal, progressive, socialist/communist, owo democrat! Do the research and connect the dots; look up Doug Hagmann, of Canada Free Press and his interview with the administration “insider” referred to as “Rosebud”! That’s just for “starters”!

  2. roymcdade says:

    It is a good place for a terror attack, but I don’t think our govt would DARE to try something as stupid as killing that many people… NOT even sotero…

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