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Sandy Hook Elementary Aerial View


There’s a lot of controversy swirling around one Christopher A. Rodia in conjunction with the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings that took place in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.

All of this stems from information contained in the live police radio broadcast captured as the event unfolded by Radioman. Where’s Radioman when you need him? Well he was on the job, as usual, and captured everything for posterity and further analysis. 

During that captured broadcast, an unidentified law enforcement agent is heard to “run the tag” of the confirmed shooter suspect vehicle, a black 4-door late model Honda Civic, bearing a Connecticut license plate numbered: 872-YEO.

Not long afterward, a name is announced : Christopher A. Rodia. Now if those two dots connect, then we have Mr. Rodia tied to the crime, if only through ownership of the vehicle — or one of the vehicles — utilized in its commission.

But therein lies the rub and all the controversy: we’re not sure that they do, and even have evidence they don’t, which would tend to “unlink” Mr. Rodia from any involvement in the shootings. In fact, it would help establish the very best kind of alibi for him as having been a good 45 miles away at the time the shootings occurred at approximately 9:30 AM. 


We’re going to dig up everything relevant we can on this, right here, right now, and at the end of all that you can draw your own conclusions as usual…


Christopher A. Rodia

Christopher A. Rodia


Car driven by Connecticut school shooter Lanza is towed from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown,

Confirmed Shooting Suspect Vehicle Recovered From School Parking Lot — Connecticut License Plate Number: 872 YEO


Police: No Newtown Conspiracy

NORWALK  — In the dark and shadowy world of Internet bloggers and conspiracy theorists, Christopher Rodia is a mystery man connected to last month’s school shooting in Newtown. But police say that’s just not true.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the postings and hasn’t stopped Rodia from receiving death threats.

Sites like USAHitman, “a conspiracy and alternative news site,” say the black Honda confiscated at the scene of the Dec. 14 mass murders belonged to Rodia, based on a policeman’s call to dispatch on an audiotape posted by Radioman911TV.

On that tape, Rodia’s name can be heard shortly after a police officer calls in the license plate, 872-YEO, as the “possible suspect vehicle.”

But while Rodia admits to run-ins with the law, including several pending larceny, forgery and narcotics cases, he says he wasn’t anywhere near the school on the day of the shootings that left 26 dead, including 20 first-graders.

“That was such a heinous crime, I don’t want to be connected to it in any way,” Rodia said.

He says he was miles away in Greenwich, getting a warning for illegally parking in a fire zone. “I was with my niece driving my mother’s sage green Nissan,” the 43-year-old Norwalk resident said.

Greenwich Detective Vincent O’Banner remembers pulling Rodia over in that city around the time of the Newtown shootings. “I do remember that,” he said. “I gave him a verbal warning.”

While the school shooting is still an active case, State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said there was only one shooter: Adam Lanza, 20, who took his own life at the scene.

“We aren’t looking for anybody else — for any other person,” Vance said Wednesday, adding he has never heard of Rodia.

The car confiscated at the scene, the black Honda with that license plate, belongs to a relative of Lanza’s and not to Rodia, he said.

But that’s hasn’t eased Rodia’s fears, the result of numerous death threats he has received due to the Internet postings. “A guy in one of the calls starts swearing at me, then says he’ll kill me and burn down my house while I’m sleeping,” he said.

“I’m a big boy and can take care of myself,” he said, but added his 72-year-old mother, Diane, is afraid to have her young grandchildren come to visit because of the threats.

“We shouldn’t have to be worrying about this,” his mother said. Rodia said the Norwalk police have been called.

“We were there on Dec. 27 about a posting on YouTube,” said Norwalk Police Lt. Praveen John. A complaint was filed, but it didn’t include concerns about any threats, he said, adding that particular post has been taken down.

Other postings, including those by USAHitman, and others like Godlike Productions, a site for conspiracy theorists as well as those interested in UFOs and the lunatic fringe, remain on the Internet.

The headline on one USAHitman posting reads: “Adam Lanza’s car registered to Christopher Rodia: The conspiracy begins.”

That site is run by Jim, a New Jersey resident who declined to give his last name. He calls himself a blogger and said posting stories like the one about Rodia is his “hobby.”

He said he didn’t verify the information he reposts from other sites to see if it’s accurate. “I have a full-time job and don’t have time to research the stories,” he said. “I like to post things I find interesting. I update the stories when more stuff comes out.”

“That’s the problem,” said Norwalk police Lt. John. “Some things are posted, but not verified.”

However, “Spitfire list,” a website of blogs by anti-fascist researcher and radio personality Dave Emory, has updated its information concerning Rodia, saying he “appears to be innocent and only coincidentally caught up in this event” and not driving the “possible suspect vehicle” mentioned on the tape.

“This is a reminder of why we must maintain the stance of really believing these individuals that get swept up in the post-tragedy aftermath are innocent until proven guilty, especially early on when minimal info is available,” according to a posting on that site. “The guy (Rodia) didn’t deserve this so if you meet him, buy him a beer (assuming you’re 21+).”

As for Rodia’s pending criminal cases, he said they’re related to a problem he had with pain killers, the result of taking medication for an injury he sustained about a year ago. He said he’s been in drug counseling and has been “clean since July.” (Sources: Anne M. Amato,, Jan. 3, 2013)


The Radioman Broadcast

Published on Dec 14, 2012

12/14/12 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting – Radio traffic from Newtown PD & FD mixed with CT State Police. Original audio tracks provided by under Creative Commons license. This video is copyright

(NOTE: This recording also contains police radio traffic from Fairfield County unrelated to this incident. Please read the letter below posted with permission from Greenwich PD)


Dear Sir:

Your upload to YouTube relative to the Newtown CT Shooting radio traffic has caused quite a stir as it relates to a Mr. Christopher Rodia. I’m not sure where you sourced your feed, but the traffic related to Mr. Rodia is from a 800 MHz six-channel trunked LMR system in use in Greenwich, CT. Greenwich is approximately 45 miles away from Newtown. The Greenwich system carries only municipal Greenwich traffic (public safety and non-public safety) and is in no way connected to the state’s 800 MHz trunked system or Newtown’s.

I am certain of this because after the matter (and all of the Internet Conspiracy Theory buzz – just google “Christopher Rodia”) was brought to our attention, we went back and checked our recordings for December 14. In addition to just recognizing the voices involved as Greenwich Police Officers and Dispatchers, we have all of the audio from our recording system that matches all of the “Rodia” traffic (and some of the other unrelated-to-Newtown casualty call traffic that occurs at the same time.)

In any event, I’m sure you’ll want to help clarify this matter. The “Rodia” traffic is definitely contemporaneous – but from miles away. This has unfortunately additionally clouded an already confusing and emotional issue. Worse, it has brought considerable (and wholly undeserved) angst to Mr. Rodia. Anything you can do to help clear this up would certainly be appreciated.

Feel free to message me back with any questions. I can also be contacted at

Yours Truly,

Capt. Mark Kordick
Commander – Operations Division
Greenwich Police Dept.


This recording was posted for its educational value in documenting the professional public safety response to a horrible American tragedy. While enlightening access, scanner recordings should not be regarded as the closest form of the truth, nor should interpretations of unintelligible radio traffic gleaned from them. Suggesting that the police and/or media have altered the facts of the event is disrespectful to all those who suffered a loss or participated in the rescue efforts on that day.

The digital noises that are heard throughout the recording are encrypted transmissions. An effort was made to reduce the volume of those transmissions during the recording process. Encryption is used by many police departments as a method of protecting sensitive information from hitting the airwaves. Its use is a sign that tactical procedures necessary for officer safety are being enacted.

There is routine CT State Police and municipal radio traffic taking place during this recording, so not everything heard is related to the incident. There is information about two occupants in a van which turned out to be either unrelated or unfounded. There is also speculation that some unintelligible radio traffic that may contain the word “Adam” is referring to the suspect. The word Adam is the police phonetic alphabet for the letter “A”, often used as part of a unit identifier. (Source: Radioman 911TV)


Partial Transcript: Does NOT Go with the Audio Above

The Connecticut State police scanner audio from the morning of Dec. 14th 2012, as provided by, begins at 9.34am and lasts for one hour until 10.34am i.e. it begins at about the time Lanza is said to have entered the school and lasts for one hour.

First audio segment: 9.34am – 10.04am

At 00:15, an officer refers to an “apartment door” and says “he is not responding to me verbally.”

At 1:55 an officer seems to be reading out an license plate and refers to a ‘Camry’ which is likely to refer to a Toyota Camry car.

At 4:28 a female officer says “we’re outside waiting for the ok to go in.”

At 5:15 the same female officer says “it’s now in lock down.”

At 6:15 a female officer says: “Dickenson drive, 12 Dickenson drive” (this appears to be both the address of the fire house at the entrance to the SH school driveway which was the designated staging area AND the address of SH school itself).

At 6:20 an officer says: “car is responding the shooter is apparently still shooting in the officer area 12 Dickenson drive.”

At 6:47 an officer says: “personnel take exit 10 then a left on 34 then continue on riverside road, Dickenson drive, make sure you have your vest on.”

For the next few minutes there are various communications that seem to relate to officers arriving at SH school. At 8:39 for example an officer asks for “directions again please” another officer then gives the same directions to SH school for officers arriving from some distance away that are clearly NOT familiar with the area. That is to say, they are out of town CT. State Police.

At 9:18 an officer says “I have Newtown on the line yet.”

Another officer responds: “Get Newtown on the line so we are coordinating with them they may just want us to establish a perimeter”.

At 10:45 more instructions are given about which exit to take and how to get to SH school. These are clearly not the communications of police that are familiar with the area. That is, they are not Newtown police.

At 11:49 an officer calls out a license plate “X-ray Libra Golf, 941″.

Then at 12:15 we hear a female officer or dispatcher say: “We’ve got an injured person in room number 9 with numerous gunshot wounds.”

Between 13 and 14 minutes, more descriptions of how to get to SH are given.

At 15:00 an officer says “negative on description, ok, shots were fired about 3 mins ago, quiet at the time.”

Then there are more descriptions of how to get to SH School.

At 17:30 an officer says: “can you swing down here and get us a pink slip for his toll form please?”

At 18:18 an officer says “do you have a case number on this”?

A female responds “number is 18264.”

At 18:38 an officer says “no violation, just the same kind of complaint from yesterday that he forgot the…”

At 19:15 an officer says “Newtown’s reporting one suspect down, the building has now been cleared.”

At 20:23 an officer says “Dickenson 91 in the liberty way parking lot, reported no injuries but possible side airbag deployed.”

At 20:45 another officer says “… motor vehicle stop…”

At 21:58 another officer says “same location 544 Xray Charlie Lima Connecticut 40″

At 22:47 another officer says “got a speed limit sign down.”

At 25:13 more directions are given to police officers who are arriving to the scene of the SH shooting.

At 26:24 an officer says “33 headquarters, motor vehicle stop” the same officer repeats “motor vehicle stop.”

Immediately after this a female voice says “12 Dickenson drive, Dickenson drive.”

At 27:00 the same voice that said “33 headquarters, motor vehicle stop” at 26:24, says: “722 VHA, radar.”

At 28:56 an officer says: “street, near a park, connected trailer V87 278 unsecured load.”

For the next few minutes there are intermittent police communications that appear to be about the SH response.

Segment ends 30:32

Second audio segment 10.04am – 10.34am

At 1:20 a female (possibly a dispatcher) says: “please respond, liberty way […].

At 1:39 an officer says “Connecticut 872 Y Yankee, E Echo, O Oscar, 872 YEO possible suspect vehicle.”

At 2:04 an officer with a deep voice says: “run the eh… operator, he’s a Florida license Connecticut as well, first name is Rodia, R-O-D-I-A, Christopher A. Date of birth is, eh…August 6th ’69.”

For the next 8 minutes there are various communications all of which appear to refer to SH, people being evacuated, staging areas and more directions for CT. State Troopers who are still arriving.

Then at 10:15 an officer says: “665 YRG.”

At 11:34 and for the next few minutes we have yet more directions about how to get to SH school.

At 15:34 an officer says: “we have big furret? Connecticut 258 Yankee Yankee Hotel, 258 YYH, Laser.”

For the next 6 or 7 minutes the transmissions are all about SH and the staging areas etc. and people coming out of the building.

At 22:02 an officer says: “763 Zula Rima Julliet, 763 TLJ Lucifer.”

At 22:36 what sounds like the same officer says: New Jersey plates, a couple of occupants, eh…not sure where exactly on stoneway, I got cut off on the caller…”

At 25:12 what sounds like the same officer says: “Fat van? near 55 stoneway when you’re ready. Jersey, Charlie 6 6 Bravo SS, New Jersey, Charlie 66 Bravo Sierra Sierra, there’ll be a few males in the van…”

27:10 an officer says: “Ford Econoline, eh registered to the Courier car rental out of Wayne New Jersey.”

Another officer responds, the occupants are out of state they’re doing a documentary on owl(?) hunting in Canaan (?)

The rest of the audio refers mainly to the SH police response. (Source:


Consolidated Property Tax Statement – December 2012

Christopher A. Rodia - Consolidated Property Tax Statement 2011

According to the source of this document,, if Christopher Rodia owned a black Honda Civic, it would be clearly listed here. But the satellite imagery below seems to reveal a similar black vehicle parked in the driveway of the Rodia family residence in Norwalk.


Satellite View - Rodia Residence


Screen Shot - Google Earth - Rodia Residence


Christopher A. Rodia at Residence

There has been some speculation over whether or not the right house was designated by the satellite imagery applications, but a careful analysis of this photograph, recently taken at his residence, tends to support their accuracy. Same power pole, sidewalk and tree next door.


Okay, there’s plenty more out there, but what we have here now represents a well-rounded overview and the best available evidence to date. There is nothing whatsoever other than the Radioman broadcast linking Rodia to the crime that I have ever turned up so far, with the singular exception of the broadcast our transcript was drawn from, which amounts to the same thing…

Although I do find it a bit odd that both of the only two satellite photographs of his residence available just happen to depict a black passenger car parked in the driveway and nothing else. I really didn’t want to see that while striving to let him off the hook scot-free. But there it is, begging explanation and going without. Is it the black Honda Civic? Could be.


But at the end of all that and until that Honda’s tag is run by someone other than “the authorities” who can verify his source and that it does in fact come back to Christopher A. Rodia, I would say this is simply a red herring that got blown up over an authentic coincidence. It happens.

I’ve sat and watched various other individuals bend over backwards trying every trick in the book to link Chris Rodia to this crime by any other means or method — and fail, in my estimation. The bottom line in my opinion: there’s nothing here. He just happend to be getting pulled over in Greenwich and his name announced over the air at the most inopportune time imaginable.

If I ventured to make any other assessment about Christopher A. Rodia, I’d say he’s just one of those unfortunates — and they do exist — that just tends to experience a lot of bad luck generally. Excluding the explosion of national alternative media hype that followed this particular incident, it was just another day at the office for him, parking illegally in a fire zone and getting harrassed by the police. If he’d only been parked where he was supposed to be intead of where he wasn’t he could have saved himself a whole lot of trouble and could have continued to dwell in blissful anonymity.


So let that be a lesson to you too, boys and girls, next time you’re eyeing that fire zone or handicapped spot and thinking how attractive it looks, how many steps it will save you… DON’T DO IT!

All this,  could happen to you…   




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