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Suggestion Box ________________________________________


Help me to help you, and to serve you more efficiently and effectively. I’m in the mood to listen, so strike while the iron is hot. I would like to improve the “numbers that count” if I can: the numbers which reflect an ever-expanding readership base, and active viewer engagement with the blog. And I am open-minded to any helpful suggestion.

What would you like to see more of, less of, or done differently? If you could change only one thing about the blog, what would it be? It’s these types of questions I would truly like to get some feedback on. I may not act on any of it, then again, who knows. I may incorporate your suggestion into the matrix immediately, if it sounds right. And I will take it all under serious advisement. Don’t be afraid of hurting my feelings, but if it’s all that, you can put it in an email if you want…



P.S:  It is my intention to stay out of the Suggestion Box comments department. That area is for ya’ll alone to submit comments, suggestions, whatever. Thanks in advance to all who do. 


  1. madmemere says:

    John – I’ve got one of those things (at the top of the page), but, honest, I thought it was a “shredder”! Just kidding; I see a couple of my friends here, Upaces and Redneck Dixie, so I should feel right at home! Keep hitting on the “important stuff” and never mind the “other stuff”! You’ve got my address, so I’ll see you in the funny papers! JG

  2. Redneck Dixie Warrior says:

    Hi John…

    I’m kinda new to this whole posting articles on Blogs….I myself have just joined forces with Jericho777blog. Learning the ropes so to speak.

    The one thing that I have learned is that…there are women issues, men issues and the general population issues. Trying to keep a balance of the articles in those compartments takes some handling.

    As for the photos of the ladies you had posted and 6 bloggers dropped you….You can’t please everyone, even if you wanted to! Keep the photos to a modicum of nudity showing…in other words no blatant open crotch shots and there shouldn’t be a big problem with most women or men…..though you’ll always get a few who find any nudity to be offensive. Guess they think we should all be born with clothes on or something! LOL!

    Most of us re-blog articles from others sites….along with manuscripting our own. Perhaps those 6 were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to re-blog anything from the site if you had the pics up for others to see who would be checking out your site from theirs.???

    You just have to ask yourself a few questions ie: Who are the intended core group you want visiting? ….. if it’s all age groups and both genders….then figure out what are the important issues of the day? Put in a mix for the three core groups and… Post those. Don’t forget to add some humor into the mix! Folks get depressed reading all the crap that is happening around them…..laughter helps lighten the load.

    And my final bit of advice….Anything worth doing always takes time to see the fruit of your labor…..Keep at it…..change some things or even scrap them but don’t give up! As Bob said…don’t worry about the numbers too much….they will fluctuate up and down…..If this is something you like doing…..then do it cuz you like it, not for how many hits you get or Stat numbers.

  3. Roy Mcdade says:

    John, You are doing great… Don’t give up whatever you do. There are alot of people who are behind you and support your efforts. For your own head maybe you might write on various articles that people are concerned about because they directly relate to them and their families…

  4. tthan43 says:

    Hey….there are SOOOOO many and it is sort of like an
    information overload. But yours is a good one. Keep up
    the good work.

  5. upaces88 says:

    I just sent this one out to some of my more active friends.

  6. upaces88 says:

    John, just keep up and keep going. It does take a while. I, have actually, “unsubscribed” to a couple of sites so I can get to the good ones that “hold” my attention.

    I will again send out your articles “viral”…people tend to get stuck on a couple of different sites… but hang in there…they will be here.

    I know of TWO sites that totally lost out because they “gossiped” and “criticized” one or two of their bloggers (as usual, it was a “woman thang”)…
    Hang in there. YOU DO HAVE A GREAT SITE.
    I have encourage several of my friends to get off of Soda Head because Obama has several people blogging on there…he is soooo weak and petty to know all of the gossip about him. I refuse to go on some of the sites for that very reason.


  7. terracer says:

    I wish I knew just what to say John, but I don’t. Being wired a bit differently than your average bear and on top of that having some weird weaponized micro-fiber mooch away inside of me and out, any suggestions I could offer (like how to expand sentences to unrealistic lengths and the overrated use of commas) wouldn’t work for the average reader. I CAN tell you that I come here because you are consistent. You don’t waver from what I know to be your core values…that which is reflected in your work displayed in this blog. I like it..I agree with it.. and, the truth be told, EVERYONE likes to see views which mirror their own. “call it a weakness”

    yer bud-

    it’s all gonna be OK – trust me


  8. boudicabpi says:

    Hi John. IMO the numbers that matter are those that keep returning and commenting, tweeting, liking. The other numbers will eventually take care of themselves.
    Bob A.

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