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Absolute must-see covers everything you need to know about the New World Order and how to fight back now!

The time for talk is over, these people want two thirds of you dead and the remaining third as slaves. The time for action is now. Stop complying with the system. Stop complying and you will shut it down.

We are many.

They are few.

You are not alone…


  1. terry says:

    guys if you have any leads on how to join the new world order let me know because its the old order whats destroying us they the ones what assasinated JFK so please get back to me i cant talk long

  2. Hey Terry,

    Sorry you slipped through the cracks
    there for a minute, I know how much
    effort that took…

    The longer I look at this, the more it
    looks like the central bankers against
    the rest of the world. The problem is,
    the word team isn’t scoring any points,
    it’s been a shut-out up ’til now…

    You go back to all these high-profile
    assassinations, etc., and you’ll find
    courageous men of integrity standing
    up against the global central banking
    cartel. It’s a largely unwritten and
    unknown “parallel account”, but it’s
    there to discover for anyone seeking
    true discernment…

    Next you find them dead.

    And the more visible and public the
    men were in their attempts to stop
    the madness, the more visible and
    public the “object lesson” handed
    down from “on-high”. The JFK assas-
    sination is a prime example.

    What makes a “great” man, Terry?
    We need to get there from here, be-
    cause I’ve never heard a “great man”
    accused of “ranting”. Only guys like
    us… poor, downtrodden, living our
    lives out in a general fog of obscure
    anonynimity… we rant. “Great men”
    simply “speak”.

    Hang in there, it gets worse…


  3. Terracer says:

    What amazes me is the massive number of people who STILL don’t get it. They cannot believe that their govenrment would ever do what they are doing to them.. As a “conspiracy theorist” I was one of the ones yelling to anyone who would listen when NAFTA was passed. The idea that opening up Mexico (and Canada) would “make American products available to millions of Mexican consumers” and “be a boon to American businesses” was laughable. Ross Perot “got it”.. he gave us the memorable “sucking sound” quote and I believe history will show that he was correct. History will also record that he dropped out of the presidential race because of death threats to his family. He was not allowed to alter the course that was set for the destination America is quickly approaching..

    Before him it was, of all people, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Despite never meeting a vagina he couldn’t pass up the man had what I believe was a deep love for his country. He had issued executive orders (yes, it was done before obama) removing American from under the federal reserve and back on a standard backed by tangible assets..(gold and silver), plus he had nipped the Vietnam fiasco in the proverbial bud by issuing EO’s to remove our advisors. This also was a course alteration that could not be allowed to happen. So there was, in the words of John McCain, an “Intervention” in Dallas that day in 1963.

    Vietnam served it’s purpose by making the big players filthy rich… plus it was a great platform to hone their skills at killing people on a mass scale. New weapons systems were developed, new chemicals sprayed, and new techniques deployed. They practiced on people they felt were undesirable.. innocent men, women and children. Countless millions were slaughtered. It didn’t matter to them. What mattered was their ability to pack the returning corpses of slain American soldiers full of heroin and raw opium.

    Money, LOTS of money, from owning the drug trade here in the “land of plenty” would be, and continues to be made.

    IMHO the worst thing these Luciferian control freaks have done is to weaponize all the technology and the breakthroughs that could change this world for the better. It is rumored that they have and use technology that is over fifty years more advanced than what we have in the private sector. I can believe that. Actually I think 50 is too low… it is more likely a hundred or more.

    Have you ever looked at the patents on “free energy” devices? There are many.. magnetic motors that use the natural repulsion of a magnet to turn a cylinder or wheel which generates electricity. FREE electricity. I have seen the patents so I know they exist…. you have to submit your patent forms and DEMONSTRATE your device before a patent can be issued. This means they have to work as described or they can’t be patented…

    Ah I am on a rant…. SORRY!!


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