Posted: January 8, 2013 in by John Dilligent
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A comprehensive analysis of all things Illuminati-related from a cohesive historical perspective.


You know, Bill Cooper was always harping on the Luciferian angle, and the Mystery Schools and such, and there’s no end to the others out there who are and have been covering it as well.

Anyone who’s followed this blog knows that I have pretty much exercised a “hands off religion” policy around here, and I guess that included Luciferianism, which I tend to lump in with all the other assorted cults and religions.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been studying it: I’ve watched and read and listened to all kinds of stuff on the subject at large, but I still haven’t come across anything but second-hand testimony, heresay, and gossip linking anyone important we know to any activities such as organized Satan worship, human sacrifice, pedophilia rings, that sort of thing… I wish I could.

So, you know, don’t ask me why, but up ’til now I have just naturally and intuitively steered clear of these issues, if only because they’re just so outlandish and totally unprovable.

But —

Every once in awhile, from clear out of the blue, it strikes me all over again, that if these people aren’t devil-worshippers, they ought to be…

That if these people aren’t devil-worshippers, they’re failing themselves…

That if these people are not demonically-inspired, Satan-loving, baby-raping fools…

I just don’t think I could distinguish the difference.


So let’s branch out a bit in our studies here in the interest of a well-rounded education and connecting all the dots…



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