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“…They know if they take our guns away, we will be chopped off at the knees, but if they manage to take our freedom of speech away, we will truly be decapitated…” — John Dilligent



Apparently the YouTube user that had posted the featured video was pressured by the powers that be to drop it. Now we’re told it’s unavailable anywhere. It was the bomb, too… some really great stuff.

Okay, there it went again: Video Two, yanked in notime flat…

Okay, here we go for a third time, let’s see if this one stays up for awhile…

This is how it works, folks — more free speech and open public inquiry chilled. Now I am away from my regular computer and don’t have a YouTube downloader on this one, but once again I am begging everybody to download and install a freeware YouTube downloader on your personal computing devices, and help start archiving and disseminating this information while we still have access to it and before it’s too late.

This is something YOU can do to contribute in our very real and ongoing struggle against the evil global crime cartel that’s seeking even now to make clueless, powerless slaves out of you and those you hold dear to your heart.

Because I get around like I do I see how bad the problem of them tearing down these videos has gotten… it has really gotten bad just lately. They are on an all-out search-and-destroy mission for all the most damning evidence available on the Internet. And it gets a little harder to keep a step ahead of them each and every day.

And there IS categorically undeniable, graphic, damning evidence available against the shadow government responsible for what has inevitably become a never-ending series of manufactured and orchestrated events being perpetrated here on American soil in the interest of ushering in a globalist/ socialist agenda.


Knowledge is Power — How You Can Help

1)  Download and install a freeware YouTube Downloader.

2)  Learn how to use it.

3)  Be on the lookout for time-sensitive damning evidence against the NWO. 

The best time to do this is in the immediate aftermath of a high-profile event such as the Sandy Hook Massacre, the quicker the better. The earliest news broadcasts always make up the most target-rich environment, and often directly conflict with later broadcasts.

Use your TV recorder to cover the breaking network news. The major networks have handed over particularly damaging evidence on a silver platter, time and again, before they and their puppetmasters have had a chance to get their story straight together and boil it down to a final polished, scripted version.

4)  Use your downloader to archive that evidence to hard drive and hard copy.

5)  Disseminate that information to the public at any and every given opportunity.


Free Speech Zone


“Must-see”  video exposes inconsistencies, conflicting accounts, and possibly even manufactured elements in the case of the Sandy Hook Elementary School rampage shooting.

But most chilling is what transpires between 0:15 and 0:45 on the time counter. I call this chilling for good reason, because its sole purpose is to chill free speech surrounding the case in the most forceful way I’ve seen up ’til now…


Misinformation?  What’s that? Anything that goes against the accounting handed down from on high ? The “official” version of events as packaged by “the authorities” and delivered by “the media”? Sounds like it could be.

Maybe it’s just me, but what this man with the badge, gun, and drill sergeant hat appears to be telling us is:

“Look at what we show you, listen to what we tell you, think what we tell you to think, believe what we want you to believe, and SHUT THE FUCK UP … OR ELSE!”

But again, maybe it’s just me…

So just how effective is a speech-chilling sound bite such as this? Well, it did succeed in making me seriously stop and think about posting this article up… seriously stop and think.

Which is exactly what it was designed to do…


Authoritative suppression of public opinion and independent inquiry under threat of punishment is never good. When you begin to see it taking place around you, you will know you are being subjected to tyranny. This is the SOP of a fascist police state, not a free constitutional republic, where the freedom of speech SHALL NOT BE ABRIDGED… 


  1. Okay…

    I have seen a little new traffic
    over here off that reblog.

    ‘Preciate that…

  2. jericho777 says:

    Found it John and Thanks… Will set down tonight and read it over…

  3. Okay, glad you told me. I better check it out…


    The article’s still there, it is in the sidebar,
    there are 15 posts listed, it’s number 10. You
    will see a swastika beside it.

  4. jericho777 says:

    Went back and searched for “Illuminati key principles 101 and can’t find it in your older nor new entry’s…I used the Search This Site For bar and nothing? I don’t see it on the side bar either. ???

  5. cmblake6 says:

    No, not so much.

  6. I doubt it.

    The only person I know of personally
    with hands-on Obamacare experience
    is dead.

    Not a real hardy recommendation for
    its effectiveness.

  7. cmblake6 says:

    Yeah, a few. And Praise be to God it was covered by my wife’s company insurance. Wonder if that will be included in Ocommiecare?

  8. Oh wow! I suppose technology does have its uses…

  9. cmblake6 says:

    I don’t any more, LASIK!

  10. That sounds alot like my own story…

    I just didn’t wear glasses…

  11. cmblake6 says:

    I remember those days. I was the fat kid with the glasses and the bookbag. Then came the Bruce Lee movies, and so on. I watched them, extracted stuff I thought would actually work anyplace but Hollywood, and started using things. If I lost the first fight, I never lost the second one. Later I took more formal training.

  12. I’ll tell you another story I rarely tell…

    When I was 12 we moved to Pompano Beach
    and I started a new school.

    There was a bus stop right down on the corner
    where the same group of neighborhood kids —
    now including me — caught the bus back and
    forth to school.

    And every day starting with Day One,when we
    got off this bus the same obnoxious bully
    would pick one of us out and rain on his

    Now I don’t know what made him want to save
    me for last… simple fear of the unknown,
    probably, as this had obviously been ongoing
    when I came along, leaving the others as
    known quantities.

    But eventually it came down to me by default
    and the bully threw down on moi.

    Now I wish I could say I just flat-out tore
    his ass up, whisked the future centerfold
    model watching off her little bobby-soxed
    feet, and rode off into the sunset on my

    But that never happened.

    What did happen was I got dumped on my ass
    like all the rest, then taunted as a pussy
    like all the rest. And I slinked home in
    disgrace with all the rest of them.


    By then I’d been watching him for awhile.
    In fact, I’d placed him under a microscope.
    And I even had first-hand experience with
    going up against him on his own terms…
    and that can’t all be bad…

    So, somehow I was compelled to action, do
    not ask me why. I just was.

    I knew I had around seven days before I’d
    come up in the pecking order again, as this
    guy had it down by rote. So I begged my
    daddy for judo lessons down in Oakland Park
    and he actually took me.

    Now I only made it to two lessons before the
    next confrontation occurred, but I’d caught
    on to the bully’s primary move that he consis-
    tently relied upon to gain the upper hand,
    and at the very first lesson I went straight
    up to the instructor — a mega-black belt
    straight off the boat from Okinawa — and
    through his assistant and interpreter told
    him what had been going on and recreated the
    bully’s little thing going on as best I could.

    So this guy says something that meant: “Oh,
    that’s an easy one… when he does this

    and he had me try to do it to him — you
    just do this…”
    and he dumped me on my ass.

    I could see the value in that, so I stuck with
    it and he stuck with me ubtil I had it down
    pat. In fact, all I did was practice that
    one highly-specialized counterattack all week

    And at the end of all that here came the
    bully, and here came the move, and I threw
    the counter and dumped him on his ass. I
    can remember even now the stunned look on
    that boy’s face…

    And before he had a chance to gain his
    senses, I beat that motherfucker down…

    That boy never bothered anyone after that. I
    didn’t get a future centerfold of America out
    of the deal, and the fact is I didn’t even
    own a skateboard to ride off into the sunset
    on… really I can’t even remember anyone ever
    even thanking me for what I’d done for all of
    them, really… though I know they had to be
    loving not having to be made fools of and op-
    pressed any longer…

    But I didn’t do it for them. I did it for
    me. So fuck ’em all, let God sort ’em out…
    some things you are just compelled to do
    if you just want to be able to look at
    yourself in the mirror and feel comfor-
    table in your own skin…

    I take these lessons and I apply them to
    my life. I apply them to how you deal with
    these situations, as “life lessons”, opera-
    ting principles, whatever, whatever you
    care to call them. And I’m applying this
    one directly to the topic at hand.

    We’re ripe and well overdue for anything
    akin to a victory, and we need that victory
    more badly than you know, and this could
    be it.

    Not much I can add to that…

  13. cmblake6 says:

    You warm my heart with talk like that!

  14. I know that it was.

    Not only that, my predatory instinct smells blood
    and its never wrong.

    They’re weak on this… we can get ’em on this one,
    they’re overextended.

    We’re long overdue for a victory, it’s been a one-
    sided bitch-slap beatdown up ’til now.

    We can get ’em on this one, I can feel it in my
    bones. We need to stay focused on this one
    because seeing it through to its ultimate best-
    case scenario, we could conceivably strike a
    lethal blow to the heart of the shadow govern-
    ment and turn this thing around — as totally
    ridiculous, outlandish, and even possibly de-
    ranged as that might sound…

    And you need to know that it strikes even me
    that way at times, like now, obviously, but
    Blake, the fact is that if we don’t start taking
    this thing seriously and taking some immedi-
    ate affirmative action, I’m afraid all could be
    lost. Backing up from there, these people
    have already gone way too far, and have man-
    aged to convince just about everyone with a
    brain in there head left standing, that they
    no longer have their best interests at heart
    but are pursuing their own agenda,

    In other words, they’ve simply gone rogue,
    you might as well call them a Mafia…

  15. cmblake6 says:

    You don’t think this was a planned, or at least hoped for, engineered occurence?

  16. Thank you, I try…

    Following that thought through to
    its logical conclusion, I felt it
    would be nice if we could come up
    with a simple “riffle test” for
    this type of thing.

    You know the cereologists basically
    have one for the crop circles, why
    not here, a simple foolproof “lit-
    mus test” for properly distinguish-
    ing the naturally-occurring events
    such as these from the manufac-
    tured ones?

  17. The link works fine for me, the
    problem may be on your end…

  18. Hey MJ,

    Well I had 983 when I looked a minute ago
    at 7:PM. It’s been hovering around 1225 –
    1350 lately, but over time it widely varies.

    I’ve seen it lull to down around 300-500,
    or tick back and forth between 2000-3000,
    it just depends…

    Hey, all that really just shows you is where
    the priorities lay… that thing that brought
    in the 10K and change was a sex-scandal rag
    full of hot teenage girls.

    For anything along the lines of my primary
    agenda, the numbers are truly pitiful…

    Plus, I can guarantee you you have a lot
    more engagement, interaction and followers.

    You’ve gotta pull a gun on my crew to get
    ’em to follow, I still have only 57, which
    I’ve come to realize through scouting sim-
    ilar sites is waaayy beyond pathetic. I’m
    looking at numbers like 889, 2736, that
    sort of thing…


  19. The MAD Jewess says:

    Hey Jericho, I can’t even get this link opened!!!!!!!!

  20. The MAD Jewess says:

    John: 1k a day? Hey, thats good, I am so monitored,
    sometimes they ‘give’ me 500 a day (wordpress), they
    are creepy little fascists.

    If I want the REAL #’s, I just post a piece of graph-
    ic art from polyvore on my site and then I can figure
    it out.

    This Sandy Hook thing is just this; BULLSH*T

  21. jericho777 says:

    You are absolutely right…
    One lesson that I am more thankful of than all others are my families insistence both sides, making it a priority one lesson, is to test and question everything, never but never take anything at face value, question it, and until your God given intuition says other wise, question it even more…any fool who argues about their being questioned by you has something to hide and I listen very carefully to every instinctive nerve fiber I have, it’s my alarm system, it’s always on…

    But your 100% right, we are a nation of fools and they are accepting whatever is being told them…I hate the idea of questioning a child’s death, but I’ll tell you this, I will, and again and again and again until my acute senses tell me everything has been answered to the fullest, putting my senses at ease…

    I have descendents who fought in every major war since the Revolution and they to this day, don’t play around with the truth and take their families safety quite literally to the extremes, it is instilled within us Hardin’s and McBee’s…
    But I am afraid we are losing our next generation of kids to stupidity and ignorance to a make me feel good hold my hand hug me love me world on Government Life Care,

    Truth is John, there is no such world, and there never has been one, and people had better wake the hell up to that fact, they are owners of borrowed lives….

    Alive today, dead tomorrow, that quickly, that easily, everything you have ever been, owned and dreamed of, can be taken away from you in nano seconds, and out side of your comfort zone, no one is gonna give a shit if they don’t too, soon realize that they are also in a world of clear and present danger under this very out of control and manipulating Government???

  22. Hey, in a lot of these cases the locals will be happy
    to give you the straight dope, they just can’t get
    their stories out. See my article “Bin Laden com-
    pound neighbors: you Americans were duped!” for a
    taste of how all this works…

    These working principles are all very clear-cut and
    basic. There’s no black magic, alien technology, or
    rocket science involved. Or at least they’re not re-
    quired for the purposes of our dilemma: only a psy-
    chopathic mindset and quintessential greed.

    These people have a virual stranglehold on all
    broadcast and print outlets involved in national —
    and to a large extent, international — news dissemi-
    nation, from which the public draws its information
    for use in developing “informed conclusions”.

    So, through basic manipulation of the informational
    wellspring those conclusions are essentially
    spawned from, you manipulate the conclusions: he or
    she concludes whatever you want them to conclude.

    And then you have them…

    You can drag them off to war, turn them on each
    other, make them line up in droves begging to be
    let into FEMA death camps, whatever. It’s all in
    the propaganda. The first assistant Hitler put to
    work was a propaganda minister. The Third Reich
    was built on successful propaganda techniques,
    and it’s an even more important element today.

    It’s so fundamentally essential to their chances for
    success, I would say that by attacking their propa-
    ganda we attack them, directly and where it hurts.

    They’re doing it to us, and have been. Those un-
    forttunate victims in Sandy Hook — if there were
    any, were no more than grist for the propaganda
    mill, if you think about it. Props…

  23. jericho777 says:

    Have put it aside to clean my mail out, really behind and are going to go over it hopefully tonight. I didn’t want to get interrupted,
    I’ve been just starting to research the Illuminati and know very little about them John, and will read your essay as soon as I get my mail room emptied, sounds interesting???
    Will reblog it also, I get the feeling many better open their eyes and do it soon…
    You bet I’ll be back and forth John, great site, interesting points….

  24. He keeps getting it up though…
    I don’t know what’s going on.

    This one has more on it, I think…

    This was some great work here,
    this guy deserves an award for
    producing this, really.

  25. Hey Jerico,

    Good point. You might want to check out my article
    “Illuminati key principles 101: controlled exposure”
    for some insight into that, it was one of my finer
    efforts and just sits parked back in the back where
    no one ever sees it…

    Keep coming back…


  26. jericho777 says:

    People are just frightened to question a child’s death and those who are manipulating and controlling the masses know this, they know us…Hell, we’re nothing but a bunch of damn guinea pigs and have been, they make it their business to know what will cause many to back off and the perception of a child’s death, regardless how clearly fabricated it might be, causes folks to back off in fear they may have it wrong, they are operating off our sensibilities…

    I have had many question why I would even post this, how can a whole town be involved in a cover up, it’s easy to implant victims and it’s even easier to create confusion and even less complicated to pull on heart strings creating common sense shut downs…
    If you can fool 100 people, they can fool 100 more, creating a false sense of truth…They created victims here…

    You know what I keep asking and no one can answer, why are we seeing the same group of family and friends, 11 of them and not one other fresh face has been added, no other parents, no other family members and no other friends or teachers and school staff, the same groups, station after station the same old faces, where the hell are the other 1000 or so survivors, family, friends and school staff scampering to tell their side of the story?
    They keep interviewing the same group of people,

  27. cmblake6 says:

    Superb comparison.

  28. But more on point…

    Yeah, it’s happening… I’ve been
    ranting and raving for at least a
    year over here about this, that
    we need to act now because to-
    morrow was literally too late yes-
    terday, if you know what I mean.

    It’s us against them and that’s a
    God-given fact. And they’re not
    only winning, they’re literally mur-
    dering us.

    While the masses sleep on, en-
    gaging themselves in oral sex
    and Nintendo.

    Now I don’t personally have any-
    thing against either oral sex or
    Nintendo. I like both.

    But there’s a time and a place for
    everything, and the place is here
    and the time is now for “all good
    men to unplug the whatever, get
    up, get out, and come to the aid
    of their country”

    Because this Republic is going up
    in flames as we speak, and I don’t
    see nothing but fiddlers on the hor-

  29. Hey…

    WOW! 100,000 hits! Damn!

    Most I’ve ever gotten was 10K,
    on that teacher-student sex
    scandal thing…

    Way to go, girl!

    You know you’re known and loved
    all over the world, MJ, you just
    never get tired of hearing it…

    And I can see why: it does have
    a rather pleasant ring to it.

    Your friend,


  30. The MAD Jewess says:

    Ive NEVER been into the ‘conspiracy’ thing, not ever. But the Phelps mother is the same woman that played the attny in Aurora, CO.
    I put it up and it got HUGE HUGE hits, I mean like over 100K I am just a little nobody!!

  31. What this tends to remind me of — repeatedly — is being into magic when I was a kid. I studied the art of illusion, which really were the big, flashy easy tricks which practically worked themselves but always went over in grand fashion according to scale. The emphasis with these is placed on “showmanship and presentation”.

    But my first love was sleight of hand manipulation, that was where the real technical skill and dexterity came into play… along with an emphasis on misdirection and the ability to hide things in plain sight, right under the noses of close observers…

    So, around about that time, I ended up with a factory-produced “marked deck”. All the cards were marked on the back, if you knew the deck was marked and how to read the marks, you could tell what hand your opponent was playing, and bet accordingly.

    But if you didn’t know the deck was marked, the markings were just too insignificant, inconspicuous, or just simply too random for the average casual observer to ever pick up on or make sense of…

    It was around then, though, that I did learn a simple technique for exposing a marked deck for what it is that a five year-old can learn: simply hold the suspect deck face down in one hand, and with the other, you “riffle” the cards. If they’re marked, the telltale markings will dance around on the back of the cards as they fall back into place in rapid-fire succession, becoming “animated” and thus revealing themselves.

    So somehow I’ve come to equate these two concepts… the marked cards, how they work and how to work them, and what’s going on here with these guys and trying to follow along after them.

  32. cmblake6 says:

    Brother, you will get no argument from me there. Part of my military training involved psy-ops. I will say no more. Other than, I can see the current cabal performing such.

  33. jericho777 says:

    HAhahahaha, till last night, I have never had one taken down while I was watching it, how about two of them???? They are desperately wanting this to go bye bye…

  34. Well I put another one up but it lasted just about as long…

    They are hot to eradicate this clip from the web like nothing
    I’ve ever seen yet: everywhere one pops up, it’s eliminated
    within a matter of hours…

    Yeah, I think he is a really good guy.

    Keep coming back…

  35. Every one of these things I investigate to what extent I can
    with zero funding and a brutal day job in a hard economy
    stinks to high heaven.

    There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the original
    school rampage shooting at Columbine High School back
    in ’99 could be safely categorized as a false-flag attack,
    perpetrated by shadow government elements on Ameri-
    cans on American soil, according to the Operation North-
    woods master plan which is sitting in the National Archives
    for all to see.

    These other things too reek of manufacturing. They fit an
    ongoing pattern globally, and there are always telltale
    signs left behind, loose ends that couldn’t all be tied up
    successfully before the public scrutiny kicked into gear…

  36. jericho777 says:

    You bet John. I was in the middle of watching the video when it was taken down from another site cmblakes matter of fact, was surprised to see him here.

    Found this site looking for another copy and thought it would do as a replacement, but found it too had been taken down, assumed they were different but know better now.

    Not happy about truesoldiers views on Israel, but they are his to have, I was interested in the video and transcript of the video you had up..

    Happy New Year and glad I came across your web site, I occasionally reblog from cmblake, great truth warrior he is…

  37. Thanks for the tips, I didn’t realize
    the video had been ripped so soon.

    Happy New Year, keep coming back…

  38. cmblake6 says:

    As I said, deepest apologies for being gone so long. Won’t be near so bad in the future!

  39. jericho777 says:

    Go here, there are multiple videos of the same story, and a much larger format, the video here has been ripped down and cannot find another, but did this site,,,,,This guy covered his butt and posted individual segments of the video….

    A Truth Soldier

  40. I think that sounds like a good idea.

    I ain’t mad at ya, I’m just glad I got
    some badly-needed love over here
    on New Year’s Day, I was greatly
    discouraged, it’s been like working
    in a morgue over here… Ya’ll really
    surprised me popping up all of a
    sudden, and I do consider it a joy-
    ous occasion.

  41. cmblake6 says:

    I must apologize for having been so long away. You have an excellent site, John. Most of your writing makes me want to clip it, but I’ve been trying to think and to write on my own, or spread the reblogs. This one was too good not to grab. I won’t be away so long any more. We have to keep this on the burner!

  42. It’s “the big game” — global-scale manipulation of the masses
    — and one they’ll never get tired of playing, mainly because it’s
    just too damn much fun — not to mention profitable…

  43. Blake, I am really glad you dropped by, it’s
    good to see you again, and I hope the New
    Year brings you and yours nothing but good…

    I call the Sandy Hook thing: “a designer black-
    op you can wrap a national disarmament

    Everything about it was “made to order”, ev-
    en including the place name: Newtown.

    It almost makes me misty when I let my imag-
    ination roam, and picture the somber and
    thoughtful residents of “New – Town”, volun-
    tarily disarming themselves “in the name of
    the greater good”, “on behalf of the little chil-
    dren”, and so forth, somberly trekking from
    their village bungalows to the quaint town
    square, to pile their nasty old guns up to
    make a bonfire they form a circle around,
    holding hands and singing solemn carols of
    forgiveness, hope and redemption…

    Shed a tear and toss another gun on the fire,
    brother, and let us turn our vision forward,
    here in New-Town, toward eternal peace
    through pax romana

    Keep coming back…

    Your friend,


  44. Tell me about it!

    I can only hope that year has been
    kind to you, and that you’re in a
    better place than you were when we
    last left off…

    Happy New Year!


  45. The MAD Jewess says:

    I have not seen you in a YEAR!

  46. cmblake6 says:

    Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    F&F failed, the government needed something else horrible to use as a gun control event. And do not forget Benghazi, where the raghead in chief intended to trade the Blind Sheik for the captured Ambassador.

  47. cmblake6 says:

    This is a question that needs just as much close attention as Benghazi. I tend to think this was manufactured, just as the ME situation. My little birds have suggested that the intent was to trade the “Blind Sheik” for the Ambassador in that one, if the ragheads hadn’t lost their minds. The Sandy Hook scenario was to inspire gun control, just like the failed idea behind Fast & Furious.

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