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Australian Streets of Fear 


“Is it sensible that all citizens should lose essential liberties, over the actions of but a few?”  — John Dilligent 


“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” — Benjamin Franklin 


The editorial matter which follows the Nazi slideshow, Australia Was Disarmed by a “Black Operation”, was provided to us by an Australian patriot blogger, David26. He shares my personal belief — as well as that of many others — that these high-profile rampage shootings are not at all what they appear to be, but are in fact, false-flag “black ops”, promulgated by the global killer elite for the express purpose of disarming  those developed nations which have historically enjoyed and exercised the right to bear arms.

It is my contention that we only have to examine the recent past concerning these types of events globally, as well as their eventual repercussions, to perceive a clear-cut modus-operandi  and accurately predict the future course of events here at home… if you could call it home, because people, it hasn’t felt anything like home to me for a while now. The country I’m living in at this point bears little resemblance to the one I was born in, not by a long-shot. And the only question left in my mind is: “Just how bad can it get?”


On that note, let’s take a quick eye-opening look at just how bad it CAN and HAS gotten, when an entire population allowed themselves to be disarmed by the soothing siren call of a psychopathic pied-piper…

Think it can’t happen here? Think again. These people said the same damn thing, before all of them lost their liberty, and a great many of them their very lives… 

These people were just like us, and it wasn’t that long ago. Once they gave up their guns, they rendered themselves impotent to prevent the holocaust which enveloped them soon thereafter.

Maybe that will happen here. And maybe it won’t. But why take that chance? Without your weapons you no longer any say in the matter: you gave that up with your guns.

Oh, wait a minute: you can still have your say —

Baaaah, Baaaah, Please don’t rob me!

Baaaah, Baaaah, Please don’t rape me!

Baaaah, Baaaah, Please don’t send me to a labor camp!

Baaaah, Baaaah, Please don’t kill me and my family!

Baaaah, Baaaah, Baaaah, Baaaah, AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!….


Yes, I am really sticking this up your butts but this is so crucial, it really means everything to us. By all rights this must be our proverbial “line in the sand”, the right to bear arms. So after this I’ll get off it, but until then take a good long look at a nation of victims that gave up their guns













 Australia Was Disarmed by a “Black Operation”

In March of 1996, a “lone gunman” managed to kill over 30 people, most with single kill shots to the head or heart. The shooter left only a half dozen wounded in this 15 minute killing spree.

It is very difficult to kill a person with a single shot , most of the “massacres” have ratios of 7 dead 15 wounded or something similar.

The “patsy” was one Martin Bryant, an individual with a low IQ and unstable personality.  He had never had any SAS training or the like, and  yet he supposedly managed to accomplish single-handedly what would probably take at least two highly trained shooters to carry out. He also used a rifle that he was not personally familiar with.

The location of the incident was Port Arthur, an isolated tourist spot in Tasmania. The local police had been called to the other side of the area 30 minutes away on a bogus heroin bust. At that time this untrained person allegedly killed without interruption.

Australia’s gun laws were on the strength of this atrocity rewritten to require all owners of fully and semi-automatic rifles and shotguns to turn them in to the authorities . The owners were compensated and many collectors watched as their guns were hydraulically crushed and tossed onto a scrap pile.

This was not the end, however. In the years that followed, we Australians lost the right to own crossbows and swords, and recent legislation now allows the police to search anyone at any time for knives without any probable cause.  (Source: David26)


The “Port Arthur Massacre” was a dry run for disarming a population. We Australians are a very apathetic lot. 911 a hoax? “Oh yeah, man, so what?  That doesn’t effect us. We as a nation could be placed under marshal law or invaded without so much as a single shot fired.

Martin Bryant was given a choice: life without parole and no contact with his friends and family, or a guilty plea that would place him in a psychiatric institution.


The incident provided the Australian government with a convenient excuse to disarm the public. Now we cannot even carry a pocket knife and are subject to search by police without due cause.

I believe Australia has a value to the globalists, a refuge for them with a docile, gullible population that has no recollection of hard times and the true cost of freedom and liberty.

At this time we have no government at all. Like the UK, a hung Parliament will result. Australia is controlled by the corporations, as our ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd found out when he tried to tax them beyond what they wanted to pay. (Source: David26)








We’ve heard from an Australian citizen. What do “more authoritative sources” have to say on the subject?

This, from the Sydney Daily Telegraph, originally printed on December 31, 2011:


Sydney’s Streets of Fear – Ruthless Gangs of Thugs Looking for Soft Targets

SYDNEY is under siege from gangs of heavily armed robbers terrorising shopkeepers, pub staff and residents…

Meat cleavers, machetes, sawn-off shotguns and axes are among the weapons used in recent weeks as thugs smashed their way into so-called “soft targets” – mostly service stations, bottle shops and licensed premises – demanding cash, wallets, jewellery and mobile phones.

Details of more than 50 of the most violent incidents have been released by police this month.

However they are just the tip of the iceberg, with as many as a dozen more reported every 24 hours according to logs of the police encrypted radio network.

It is a similar story across the state.

Four men armed with knives, machetes and pool cues are wanted over the robbery of a hotel at Taree West on Wednesday in which a 54-year-old employee was assaulted and locked with two patrons in a store room as assailants ransacked cash registers.

In two separate incidents last week, knife-wielding men robbed a convenience store at Griffith and a Bulahdelah service station, while at Berkeley in the Illawarra two men threatened a shopping centre security guard with meat cleavers before escaping with money and cigarettes.

The surge in the number of hold-ups is a major concern for police because it bucks a downward trend that has seen the lowest rates for armed robbery in years.

Also alarming is the increase in gangs and lone bandits hitting multiple targets in a single night.

These included an 18-year-old man charged over a rampage in which he allegedly robbed six service stations armed with a hammer and knife at Liverpool and Casula within two hours on December 19. Later the same day two men armed with pistols are believed to have held up two pubs at Glebe and Newtown.

The escalating violence is also happening on the street, with growing numbers of people being threatened and assaulted by armed hoodlums who rob them of wallets, phones and personal items.

Police have downplayed the increase, claiming a handful of offenders were thought to be responsible for numerous robberies, which have skewed the figures.

“Armed robbery is at historically low levels, with the long-term trend significantly down,” Robbery and Serious Crime Squad commander Det. Supt. Luke Moore said.

“In the month of December to date there has been a slight rise in the number of armed robberies recorded in NSW when compared to the same period in 2010.

“There have been some serial offences like those in southwestern Sydney a couple of weeks ago, for which an alleged offender is before the courts, that have pushed the number of reported offences in December up, but these are expected to level out.”

It comes as police urged shop keepers, hotel staff and the public caught in the middle of a hold-up to do whatever the assailants asked – not to be a hero and not to make any sudden movements.


It looks to me like the Australians still have a “gun problem”: the peaceful, law-abiding citizens don’t have any. The solution is obvious: just outlaw all sporting equipment, kitchen utensils, bricks, boards, sticks, rocks, pop bottles… hell, just outlaw every friggin’ thing they can get their hands on that could possibly inflict injury upon a defenseless human being.




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