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Mistletoe and Mrs. Claus


“If you think we are free today, you know nothing about tyranny and even less about freedom.” — Tom Braun, Spirit of ’76 radio show: Voice of Warning


“Most don’t see… most who see don’t care… most who care do nothing. This is the formula for enslavement.” — John Dilligent


“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence – it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and fearful master.” ― George Washington


Well, we have managed to keep the lights and the internet turned on. Thirty-four years in a skilled trade that has always been in demand and always should be, and it has become almost impossible to make ends meet. Life has become a daily struggle just to manage the bare bones expenses. And you know what? It’s only going to get worse.

These people are breaking our backs, man, they really are, and they’ve been telling us openly in the headline news the last couple of weeks to brace ourselves for further restrictions and even more taxes. What that boils down to is more wealth and power for them and less for us, its rightful heirs.


Let me tell you how all this really works: these people act like they are up there dedicating themselves to your betterment and your well-being. They act like they know what’s best for you and you can rely on them to do the best, right, and honorable thing.

But you know what? You might as well be a cow or a stalk of corn to these people — a resource  to manage, like a herd of domestic animals or a huge field of corn — cattle and crops — and the sooner you assimilate that into your thinking processes, the better off you’ll be. Their only interest is in milking you and shucking you, and sending you off to slaughter. And that’s a certified fact.

They have stopped working for us in case that’s not apparent. We now work for them. 

Since they refer to themselves as “trusted public servants”,  you should ask yourself what’s lower than a servant, because that’s the slot you occupy. Now, the servant tells you  what to do. Or what not to do. And you better do it, or else suffer some variety of undesirable consequences. The servants make the rules, and the servants enforce those rules, and you follow those rules, don’t you? Or at least generally speaking and for the most part… or else.

So, what would you call someone who is lower than a servant? It seems to me, that the only thing lower than a servant is a slave. That’s all I can think of: a slave. 

Now theoretically if not historically, you tell the servant what to do and the servant does it. That’s what a servant’s for. If he or she refuses to do whatever it is, something else entirely, or perhaps even nothing at all, that’s not a servant.

In the theoretical case of a Republic (where you live), the public is the Master and the officials in Washington are their servants. Those servants are supposed to be there to carry out the general wishes of the Master, or American public. That’s because it says so in the Constitution, the primary legal basis for this society: a free Republic. And that’s why they are called public servants in the first place: because they exist to serve the public. Period.

If though, the servants ever manage to turn the tables on their Master through cunning and guile, and are not only doing whatever they please, but are in fact working in concert against the best interests of their Master and coercing their Master to acquiesce and follow along with their schemes, making demands upon their Master and threatening him with punishment if he refuses to give in to those demands, then at that point the servants have become the Master and the Master has become a slave.

And that’s where we’re at, right now. Your heritage is that of Master. It’s your inheritance, handed down to you from the Founding Fathers, and guaranteed you by the Constitution they drafted and enacted in order to bestow that privilege upon you — sovereign privilege — and guarantee its continuing effect. In a free Republic the citizen is sovereign, not the president, or anyone else for that matter. The citizen is the top of the food chain, so to speak.

That is the essence of a Constitutional Republic.


Liberty is: “… The power of acting as one thinks fit, without any restraint or control, except from the laws of nature.” (Bouvier’s law dictionary) Liberty’s applied freedom is that each individual is sovereign and united with all other sovereign freemen is/are “to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them,” (Declaration of Independence) Freedom is then, … “the right to do what is not forbidden by law (as constitutionally defined, natural law, as is averse to the codes, ordinances, regulations, rules, statutes, etc. of man that conflicts with natural law). “Freedom does not preclude the idea of subjection to law; indeed, it presupposes the existence of some legislative provision, the observance of which insures freedom to us, by securing the like observance from others.” 2 Har. Cond. L. R. 208 (Bouvier’s law dictionary)


Well, way back when, it actually worked that way. Today, it does not. So I do believe that somewhere along the way, somebody got cheated out of the bulk of their rightful inheritance, and is in the painful process of losing what little is left. Go look in the mirror and you’ll see who. Then look at your wife, your kids, your friends and your neighbors… yes, they’ve all gotten the shaft as well.

We’re going to have to figure out what to do with this brood, while we have any practical resources left to us, and before it’s too late. It is our inalienable right as sovereign American citizens to reject a government gone rogue and replace it with another. But somehow the concept sounds impractical if not intimidating. I’ve never heard of this suggested seriously and backed-up by any practical plan. And I don’t think the bulk of the population even knows they have this right… 


Santa and Nude Mrs. Claus


  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear good friend,

    I cannot express how touched I am by your response. Seriously, I can’t think of anything to say and to read your letter I should be able to (I’m just suave like that 😉 lol ). But friend, you’re a very rare find as well..and it is a shame that someone such as you is to pass away in their prime.

    Honestly, I don’t think I could ever have done what you have done. Mainly cause my focus is so spread out to the point of paper thin that I couldn’t tell you what time it is without having to look at something..I can’t even remember what I did last night. But off track here, keep doing what you’re doing but please take care of yourself and see as many friends and family as possible. Nothing is more important, trust me the work you’ve done here I’ll keep reading your works for a long time and educate myself as I grow older.

    You have the best damn Christmas and New Years you can muster. I’ll be praying for you and what happens, happens. I just hope you do not suffer and go with peace.

    Your friend and fan,

    -Eric M. Lembeck

    P.S. Don’t let the world rob you, of you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello again and regrettably the last time…

    This is Eric again and I just want to say that no matter what the hardships, I’m proud and I’m glad I found your website. It opened my eyes and it taught me to question and to learn in further detail. I’m sad that your site will close down and that you’ll leave it be and I understand the reasons and I truly wish you the best of luck and warmest, sincerest hopes in your endeavors to strive in these intolerable and inhospitable times…

    Like I said, you’re a man with a wealth of knowledge and insight. I wish I could have helped keep this site alive so that others like myself can indulge in your interesting and remarkable blogs.

    If and when things do calm down and you’re settled (and win the lottery, god knows I hope I do) your site will be back up again. I enjoy your opinions and perceptions. You’re a good man, hate to see good men falter.

    You’re sincere friend and fan,

    -Eric M. Lembeck

    P.S. Merry Christmas and have a happy holiday my friend. You’re in my prayers

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