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Rampage ShootingsLet’s face it, guns have been around forever, rampage shootings haven’t: why here and now?


Multiple eyewitness accounts of additional participants in the Columbine, Aurora, and Newtown rampage shootings have been systematically scrubbed from mainstream media reports, in order to bring them in line with the official versions of these events as provided by authorities…


Columbine High School: April 20, 1999

Numerous bystanders at the scene of the original Columbine High School shootings recounted afterwards — both on-camera to the national news-gathering agencies, as well as to any law enforcement and investigative agencies on hand — that there was at least one additional shooter involved in the hallmark massacre, and possibly up to half a dozen or more participants altogether.

In addition to this, other suspicious individuals were spotted at the time on foot within close proximity to the school. One of them had apparently set a bomb off nearby as a diversionary ploy, and another one was carrying a shotgun. 

And that’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.


This case reeks. It’s full of holes, lies, negligence on the part of every institution involved, staging and suppression of evidence, conflicting eyewitness and law enforcement agency accounts, and so forth. It would require a massive volume to explore it all in depth, with at least 15,000 pages of documents on file to examine. The primary Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office investigative report alone, released to the public on November 21, 2000,  contains 11,000 pages. This is available on CD through their office for $30. They also have many other documents related to the case available for sale, including FBI reports, 911 transcripts, etc.  

But we’re just talking extra shooters here, so let’s take a look at some of the transcripts to get just a glimpse of what really went on that day…


Then-student Erin Walton said on page 2,242 of the report, “I was in the science room, heard gunshots (thought it was [a] senior prank). We heard gunshots getting closer. We saw two guys standing in the doorway, backs to us — heard them fire 2-3 shots — don’t know where (poss[ibly] towards the science teacher’s room) then they left […]. One of the guys was tall, blk. hair wearing all black. The other one had short bln. hair (like he was going bald). He looked like he was in his late 30′s.”

Then-student David Eagle said on page 1,781, that he “was sitting behind one of the turned over desks [in the “Science room”]. He could see out the window in the door. Through it he saw “the killers.” He said that one was holding a sawed off shotgun. [Eagle] described this person holding the gun as someone with black shaved hair with blonde streaks. The hair was longer on the top than it was on the bottom […]. [Eagle] said that the person he saw did not look like the people [Harris and Klebold] he’s seen on television.”

And then-student Jennifer Smull reported on page 2,183 that after a science teacher instructed her to take cover, she “saw a senior standing outside [her] classroom door. [She] knew he was the shooter. Then [she] saw an adult (blonde, short, spiky hair, thought he was in 30′s). [She] thought he was a cop until he held up a sawed off shotgun. Then he and the senior tried to break into the room where a shot teacher went.”

Detective Terry Demmel, assigned with the Columbine Law Enforcement Task Force, included the following in his report of a May 3rd, 1999, interview with Jason Brehm on page 719: “Jason reported that on Tues. the 20th […] he observed a party wearing a trench coat and black hat turned backwards who was leaning against a green post that was anchoring a tree […]. [Jason] stated that the person was a little shorter than himself, [Jason] is 5′ 11″ or 6′, and that he was wearing a black pair of boots […].”

“Det. Demmel showed Jason photographs of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold at that time with Jason reporting that the party he observed wearing the trench coat had a very round face and was neither Harris or Klebold […].” “Jason added that the party had a black nylon bag with straps at his feet. Jason described the bag as being approximately 1 1/2 to 2 feet long and appeared full.”

“While playing [soccer] Jason heard what he thought sounded like a string of firecrackers going off and saw smoke coming up from next to the guy in the trench coat. He stated that the person in the trench coat was the same party that he had observed when he walked out of the door. Jason stated that the guy in the trench coat was alone. The party in the trench coat began shooting randomly as he walked down the stairs […]. The gunman then started shooting into windows of the Library. The individual then lob[b]ed several devices up onto the roof that caused explosions. He then ran back down the stairs to the bottom and fired off what Jason thinks was a shotgun that was louder than anything else that had been going off.”

And, in great detail, Jonathan Cole recounted to investigators writing on page 750 that he “[met] up with Jack Abodaca and Chris Wisher when he noticed two males in trench coats. One was wearing a ski ma[sk] with one large hole in it. He recalled that one had brown “puffy” hair. He recalled seeing a third male who was wearing a white tee-shirt that had either short sleeves or no sleeves and blue jeans exit the building behind the two trenched males. He next remembered that the male in the white shirt yelled at the other two males in trench coats to “GO!! GO!!”


On top of that, more than one eywitness identified two other Trenchcoat Mafia members, Robert Perry and Chris Morris, as having participated in the attack.

On pages 5247-5268, Ashley Egeland places Chris Morris at the scene with Eric Harris, with Morris carrying a handgun. The police did arrest Chris Morris after the shooting stopped and took him away in handcuffs.

Two witnesses, Jake Apodaca and Chris Wisher, told investigators that they spotted another gunman in the bushes in nearby Weaver Park, “ducked down with a shotgun.” Wisher later told classmates that his reports were blown off by the police.


Special thanks to Evan Long, located at:  http://evanlong.net




Aurora Theatre: July 20, 2012

In this example, we have multiple eyewitnesses stating that a lone male walked into the theatre ahead of the acknowledged shooter and sat down to watch the movie. Not long afterwards, he apparently received a cellphone call and went over to a side exit that led straight outside the building to take the call.

One of the eyewitnesses considered this unusual, stating that anyone he’d ever seen receive a call in the theatre before had always gone to the lobby to take it instead, and never to the door which led outside.

So he proceeded to keep the subject under loose observation, and watched as the man opened the exit door and milled around in the entranceway for awhile, apparently talking on the phone. At one point the subject appeared to be gesturing to someone outside the building, “as if beckoning them to approach”. Then he obstensibly closed the door and returned to his seat to watch the film.

According to the eywitnesses, around 10-20 minutes after this happened, a lone gunman later identified as James Holmes burst through that very same door and into the theatre, first tossing a tear gas cannister into the seats, then opening fire on the moviegoers, which created instant pandemonium.

But it is here the eyewitnesses recount apparently more help from an unknown accomplice at the scene, in the form of a second tear gas cannister  which flew into the seats from another direction at about the same time the shooter was popping his own gas grenade and opening fire onto the crowd.

The eyewitnesses in question stated no doubt they observed an additional cannister being thrown into the crowd from “the other side of the theatre”, the side opposite the exit where the shooter made his entry and the apparent accomplice had “taken his phone call” prior to that. 

None of the eyewitnesses observed the precise point of origin of the second tear gas cannister, so it is impossible to say if it was thrown by the same individual they’d seen open the exit door earlier.

This fact by default paves the way for the possible existence of yet another accomplice in the operation, raising the total number of possible participants to at least three.

Although it is most likely in this reporter’s mind, that the same man who was tasked with rigging the exit door in preparation for the shooter’s entry and giving him the “all clear, come on” signal, was also responsible for hurling the second gas grenade at the point of entry, and then “getting the hell out of Dodge”.

If I had been tasked with this investigation I would have checked the theatre’s surveillance system to see who came running out of the entranceway first. It would almost necessarily be this same accomplice. The chances are good he made his escape into a waiting getaway car, whereupon he was probably shot through the head soon thereafter and made to promptly disappear…

Basic logic, as well as ample eyewitness testimony, lead me to conclude that James Holmes was not the only participant in the landmark attack.

And I have other reasons, of course, but again, we’re only talking additional on-scene participants in this article.


Aside from this, at least one police radio broadcast mentions the existence of a possible second shooter at the scene, wearing a blue and white plaid shirt.

Watch the videos, it’s all on there…  





Newtown, Connecticut: December 14, 2012

Several independent researchers and most recently Infowars.com reporter Rob Dew have over the past few days pointed to evidence strongly suggesting how two additional Sandy Hook shooting suspects were apprehended by police in the minutes following 9:35AM when officers were dispatched to the elementary school.

Recordings of the 911 dispatcher and first responders to the campus all but wholly corroborate initial reports of at least two persons attempting to flee from the scene, with audio evidence of law enforcement officers actually encountering the suspected assailants at around 9:40AM. Excerpts were replayed on Fox News the evening of December 14.

Dispatcher:All units: The individual that I have on the phone is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire.”
Dispatcher:All units are responding to Sandy Hook School at this time. The shooting appears to have stopped. It is silent at this time. The school is in lockdown.”
Dispatcher:I have reports that the teacher saw two shadows running past the building, past the gym, which would be rear ([inaudible] … to the shooting.”
Officer: “Yeah. We’ve got him … [Voice quickening] They’re coming at me [inaudible] … down the left side.”

In the above encounter, one suspect is apparently detained by police outside the school and subsequently referenced in an Associated Press interview with a Sandy Hook student who briefly sees the detained man while being evacuated from the school building:

Unidentified student:And then the police like were knocking on the door, and they’re like, ‘We’re evacuating people! We’re evacuating people!’ So we ran out. There’s police about at every door. They’re leading us, ‘Down this way. Down this way. Quick! Quick! Come on!’ Then we ran down to the firehouse. There’s a man pinned down to the ground with handcuffs on. And we thought that was the victim [sic]. We really didn’t get a good glance at him because there was a car blocking it. Plus we were running really quick.”

We also have aerial footage depicting officers pursuing another suspected shooter in a wooded area outside the aforementioned gym and behind school grounds. They apprehend him and he is seen prone and surrounded by police before being escorted in front of students’ parents to a squad car, an episode recounted by one anonymous bystander interviewed on a local CBS affiliate.






  1. Hey Eric,


    Yes. Some of it’s sketchy.

    Bits and pieces here and there…

    Watch the videos.

    Your friend,


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello John,

    Definitely a very grim situation. Are these recordings detailing what everyone saw during the Columbine massacre or Newton? Apologies, 5am here and I’m half asleep lol.

    But either case, from what it looks like here is that another group of individuals carried out a planned attack at the same time. Makes me wonder if it isn’t so much the common case of kids not receiving attention as it is more vengeance. Especially if they included 30 something year olds in to the equation.

    Anywho..I’m going to sleep before I smack my head into the keyboard.

    Your friend


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