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“One out of five American children now suffers from mental illness.” — Sanjay Gupta, M.D. 


“It’s easy to talk about gun control, but it’s time to talk about mental health” — Liza Long, mental health blogger and mother of troubled teen


This courageous young mother Liza Long and the insight her candid story provides is the only good thing that’s come out of this latest rampage shooting so far.

The vid’s a thought-provoking, eye-opening must-see in light of recent events and in it you will learn that one out of every five American children is now considered mentally ill if nothing else. This is the first I’ve heard of this personally and I’m feeling appropriately stunned.

Liza and Dr. Gupta also expose the dearth of desirable long-term treatment options available to parents of emotionally-troubled children, in an era of “designate and medicate”, and why so many of these individuals are slipping through the cracks of an antiquated system wholly inadequate to cope with either their numbers or the baffling complexity of their issues.


A wise old owl once told me: “You can pile all the guns you want clear up to the moon and not one of them will ever hurt anyone. Guns don’t kill people son, people do.”  

Another one commented: “This country’s been buried hip deep in guns from the days of the earliest settlers. But we’ve never seen this type of behavior from people in this country up ’til now.”

Actually I cleaned up their grammar and added some flair. But that’s what they basically said. Needless to say I agree. The message I get out of this is:

We don’t have a gun  problem, we have a people  problem: Specifically, a mental health  issue. Putting it bluntly: we need mental health reform, not gun reform. If a select few people are only now commiting atrocities with guns that have been around forever, then we need to be looking to those few people and not the guns for the solution.  

The only gun problem we have is with the shadow government, whose ambition is to strip us of our national sovereignty, our national identity, our national unity, and our essential determination and ability to defend ourselves, our families, and our communities against the threat of both internal oppression and external aggression, that we might be absorbed and amalgamated into their “global village” with its contemporary Pax Romana and rule by an elite chosen few.



  1. Hey Bob,

    You’re right, same here. I don’t remember even
    ever hearing of anyone being “depressed” or
    about any of these psychotropic ( I think that’s
    what you call ’em) drugs they’re pumping into
    everyone now. I do remember them giving some
    kids Ritalin when they were “hyperkinetic”. I asked
    about it and was told it was a form of “speed”, as
    we called it back then, a stimulant.

    When I asked how a stimulant could calm them
    down, the answer I got was, “It works backwards
    on them due to their unique brain chemistry.” Al-
    though I’m not sure “unique” was the precise
    word I was looking for.

    But you’re right, of course, None of this has rear-
    ed its ugly head until very recently, historically
    speaking. It all had to come from somewhere all
    of a sudden with no clear historical precedent.

    Maybe some good can come from this after all
    if it raises public awareness that these events
    have a root cause and that root cause isn’t
    guns, but is in fact being overlooked and left
    unaddressed amidst all the anti-gun fervor this
    type of occurrance inevitably generates. I be-
    lieve this can be blamed mainly on the enor-
    mous clout of “big pharma”.

    The same combine runs everything now: the
    mega-corps, the media, the government. Our
    politicians and newspeople are no better than
    prostitutes now, they don’t want you to know
    the truth. In my view even this CNN clip con-
    tained combine programming. I’m no expert,
    but sometimes I wish I were, I think a decent
    one could have picked this clip apart. Even I
    picked up on the constant reinforcement of
    “you’ve been criticized… “you’re being criti-
    cized…”I know she was very critical of you”,
    “Many people are criticizing you heavily”, etc.
    and on and on, over and over again like a frig-
    ging litany. I didn’t hear one reference from
    the corporate media mouthpiece to ANYONE
    being supportive of either Liza Long or her

    Then between 7:00 and 7:30 on the time
    counter we (and she too) gets it right in the
    face, with something like, “Well, I hear you
    talkin’ and you’ve brought up some inter-
    esting points, but we can’t let any of this
    work to obscure our focus on gun control


    People, you have just been brainwashed by
    a corporatist prostitute passing as an “ob-
    jective news reporter”. It all makes me want
    to scream…

    But Liza must’ve come prepared. Her reply
    –which I quoted below the vid — was a mas-
    terstroke in my opinion and won my instant
    respect and admiration. That’s when I decid-
    ed to support her and feature her message
    here at TLD.

    I don’t think you have to capitalize “psycho-
    logist” unless it falls at the beginning of a


  2. boudicabpi says:

    When I was going to school there were no school Psychologists, no one on anti-depressants and none of these problems. I can only speak on the schools I went to.

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