Posted: April 15, 2012 in by Bobby Ray Stacy
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Local residents and the media converge on the alleged bin Laden compound after the phony raid


Another fake-ass dog and pony show. Someone please tell me this is the very last time they’re ever going to “kill” this guy…

Now you can get the other side of the story your puppetmasters have witheld from you — ie: “the truth” — from the people most likely to know exactly  what went on at the Abbottabad compound on the night of the alleged raid, as well as the days and months leading up to it: the neighbors, who resided as close as across the street and next door to the compound.


What They Say

1)  Osama bin Laden never resided at the compound in question. If he had they would have known. The community was too small and too closely-knit for bin Laden to ever have remained sequestered at the compound incognito for any length of time whatsoever without them finding out about it. As far as they are concerned, he just wasn’t there on the night in question — because he never had been there at all, at any  given point in time, past or present.

2)  One American helicopter landed in the inner courtyard of the compound that night. The nationality of the troops it carried remains unknown, but they were heavily armed and were “speaking Pashto, as if they were Pakhtoon”  (eyewitness report). They fanned-out at one point, proceeding from adjacent residence to residence, brandishing weapons and threatening the occupants to “stay inside their homes, or they would be shot”.

The troops returned to the compound, where they remained for awhile until at some point they all boarded the chopper and prepared to take off. It was then that a tremendous explosion blew the helicopter and all personnel aboard to bloody smoking bits… nobody made it out alive.

There were two other choppers involved in the operation, but neither of them ever landed at the compound, instead surveilling from a safe distance and taking off in different directions after the explosion, never to be seen or heard from again. No local residents were injured in the debacle.








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