Posted: March 14, 2012 in by Bobby Ray Stacy


I have a particular fascination for the Valkyrie  type — a little… I always have such a hard time defining this… a little bigger, a little stronger… or maybe even just a little stronger… an Alpha female.

I’ve been locking horns and butting heads with them from the cradle it seems like today. And I do have the scars and at least one legitimate dent in my head to prove it.

I guess the average man wouldn’t normally associate strength with a woman.  But I do, all the time. I adore my Valkyrie… my strong woman. Occasionally I wonder if that’s how my friend Bob and I found each other, because I really can’t remember how… but I believe it was the Valkyrie…

My Valkyrie’s battles aren’t always my battles. Sometimes all I can do is pack her off to war with a kiss and a fond farewell, and soothe her wounds for her and give her comfort when she finally returns home all beat up and bloodied but victorious (the fun part).

And when it’s very late and the rest of the world is sleeping peacefully, off in a steamy remote corner of the world, two Titans are clashing  fearlessly… tirelessly… clashing… ❤


I’ve come to the conclusion we’re in some real deep shit. These guys are robbing us, killing us, taking over the country and the world, trying to kick off World War III, and have programmed the average American so that all they want to do when they’re not working is go to their room and not come out until it’s time to go to work again or go get groceries, whichever comes first. When subjected to reality they can’t draw a sensible conclusion. No two of them can form a viable consensus and take action and follow through.  Our society is totally fragmented and that’s exactly what they want: a house divided cannot stand… divide and conquer.

So they have worked tirelessy to reduce us to a nation of 300 million “ones”. To “individualize” every last one of us.  Because that’s how the “mob threat level” is most effectively minimized. Your puppetmasters know that as long as they can keep you turned on each other, as long as they can keep you separated, isolated, alienated and disenfranchised, at odds with or indifferent toward or in conflict with one another, you pose no threat to them. We’re not 300 million strong, we are 300 million “ones”. Not good. Because alone, each of us is capable of very little in the scheme of things large.

We are up against a vast empire. Only with vast numbers is resistance even feasible, let alone practical. Women make up slightly over half of the US population. Let’s say 51% — controlling interest.

The other day somebody got on here and said it was “the men’s job” to handle this situation. I like how that works. But I’ll restrain myself from going off on a tangent and just say,

No, it is not.

In a case like this, we need all the warm bodies we can get.  Everybody.

Half (over half) of us just can’t lay down and encourage the other half to “go handle it”. Truth is, nobody’s handling it. And we all know that. That’s mainly because everybody’s still clinging to their own little flimsy reed of hope that someone else is going to step in and save the day, handling it for them, while they hunker down and stay safely out of harm’s way.

But that’s how they’re beating us and there is no one else to step in. There’s only us.

Now you birds were ruff n’ tuff up until now. So, get rougher and tougher because we need you now more than ever. We need you to stand up and be counted and not lay down instead. We need you to come out of your rooms and get active and get involved. We need you to help turn this thing around.

We need you, now, more than ever.

Because we need everybody.

And there’s only us…

I think there’s a Power Girl or a Wonder Woman inside every woman and girl. I do. I think every woman and girl has the strength of a Valkyrie, somewhere deep inside her. There’s no “safe place to go” to get out of the way of this, it’s going to find you wherever you are. So now’s the time to draw upon a little inspiration and stand tall.  You have more power than you think. Flex your muscles, let’s see what you can do…












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