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At the We Count! The Black Agenda is the American Agenda  conference in Chicago, Saturday, March 20, 2010, Minister Louis Farrakan publicly exposes Illuminatti prime presidential puppet and political spokesmodel Barack Obama for what he is in reality, and breaks down the age-old process of “kingmaking” by the elite power brokers who rule from the shadows…


I keep telling anyone who’ll listen the same thing over and over again, hoping that eventually it will all somehow sink in…

Let me break it down to you here and now:

There are a few wealthy “dynasties” at the top of the global food chain that are calling all the shots. If your last name don’t match any of theirs, you’re screwed. You automatically and by default fall into one of three definitive categories, and from these three categories there is no escape — no Category 4 exists… okay, yes it does… so you’re doomed to four, and these are them:

1)  Useful Idiot

2)  Freerange Cattle

3)  Both

4)  Threat


Now if you can successfully wrap your head around that, you have achieved enlightenment. The masses are free-range cattle to the powers that be. Herds to exploit and control. You are one head in one of those herds. Chances are you’re a standard head of free-range cattle. But if you prove exceptional enough, you may be rewarded with an honorary promotion to useful idiot.

Now any time I get bored with myself I mess with Obama, mainly because standing up there on that platinum pedestal and considering his background, all past associations and previous affilliations (radical, muslim, terrorist, communist, NWO, organized crime, etc,), and every move he’s ever made since running for president and getting elected, make him such an easy target I don’t have to put any real effort into it at all.

If I did I probably wouldn’t even give him a second glance. Because good  men in high-level positions of power, such as Theodore Roosevelt, have been telling me and whoever else that will listen since long before I was ever born, that figurehead puppets like Barack Obama are not  running the show: that there is a “shadow government” behind the “ostensible government”, a “power behind the throne”, so to speak.

A puppetmaster behind the puppet.

So, bearing that in mind, your guiding light should be goring the matador and not charging the cape. As long as you remain steadfastly focused on tussling with that cape with blinders on — the matador clean out of sight, out of mind — you are going to get stabbed in the back repeatedly until either one of two things is going to happen:

1)  You wake up to the painful realization that something standing behind that cape you’re so fixated on keeps stabbing you in the back repeatedly, and if you don’t regroup and take appropriate measures quickly, the result is inevitable…


2)  You remain in a state of confusion as to the actual origins of the wounds inflicted upon you until their very number overwhelms you and you lay yourself down to die…

Your choice.  



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