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To allow our connection to God, Mother Earth, and each other to be severed is suicide 


“The only true way out lies within”  — John Dilligent


The Gods Enslaved

If we ever want to experience better we must first bite the bullet and accept the fact that we’ve been misguided and the only way home again is to change. We  must change. Fundamentally, essentially, and from the inside-out.

Because we’re not who and what we’re supposed to be.

We’re something else instead.

We’ve been infected, corrupted, manipulated, deceived.

We are gods, enslaved.

We are children of God. Immortal celestial beings undergoing a human experience. When you think of it like that it makes it a whole lot easier not to sweat the small stuff, now doesn’t it?

We exist within this 3-dimensional construct, this world in which we dwell “physically”, but we exist outside of that plane as well. As pandimensional creatures. Most of us travel from the cradle to the grave without once realizing this, or the rather immense power and capability we actually wield.

We’ve been dumbed down to the dirt.




Sometimes I come face-to-face with how little I know about anything and everything including myself and when I do it just blows me away. I mean I just literally know nothing, in the scheme of things “large”. So, what I’m really saddled to is a “belief system”. And I think we all are.

So, that’s the best we can do: to try and cling consistently to a rational “bundle of beliefs”, our peculiar and personal rendition of reality.

Years ago I had the occasion to look up “Ego”. And I was surprised at what I found. According to Freud, ego is two  distinctly different things going on inside of the heads of every living human being: one is “infantile mannerisms carried over into adulthood”.  And the the other, totally separate definition, is: “the filter through which one perceives reality”.

So, since we’ve concluded that each of us perceives reality uniquely — in our own special way and through our own unique filter — are we looking at the actual existence of at least three separate realities — or dimensions — that you and I are inhabiting at any given point in time: your reality, my reality, and a common, shared reality which provides the common ground for our successful co-existence and interaction? And then, just where would “the absolute, unadulterated truth” — “total reality” come into play? Would that be Reality Number 3, or are we now traveling into the Fourth Dimension?


I think it was Cindy, however, who taught me that two people can perceive the same reality very differently. And we were as close as two people could ever get.


Welcome to my Nightmare

My life has taken on all the hallmark characteristics of a bad dream I can’t wake up from. At this point I feel zero  connection to any other living human being in the physical world. No one. I have managed to make a few blogger, follower and commenter friends here on the site, but in the real world where my life takes place day-by-day, I have never felt so totally disconnected… solitary… isolated. Like I’ve just been completely unplugged. 


Somewhere toward the end of the relationship I had with Cindy I came to understand that I wanted her to have my baby if that was at all possible. I had come up on “use it or lose it” time, and she was young and healthy and beautiful and intelligent. And I loved her deeply…

We did have a little scare that came and went and in time so did she. And that connection was severed and nothing good ever came from any of it.



That’s what these people do. These people have been hard at work around the clock every day of our lives doing their ungodly best to tear our lives apart. And they’ve been doing a damn good job of it so far. While we’ve just been sitting here like so many fish in a barrel getting sniped away at daily, so totally disconnected from reality we can’t even arrive at a sensible conclusion between us. We don’t know what to do, where to start, who to see, where to go, what to think, all we know is that nothing is the way it could be or should be and getting a little worse every day. And we’re demoralized. And we don’t know how to fix any of it.

We’re right where we’re supposed to be.

Disconnected — isolated, detached, disempowered, disenfranchised.

Individualized, according to Fromm, the expert fascist tactician, and ready to be absorbed into the corporatist machine.

Demoralized, and unable to reach “sensible conclusions” — neutralized.


If you can pull this off with 300 million inhabitants of a nation you have effectively knocked the wind right out of its sails. You have demoralized it. And America is demoralized. And sinking further and further down the polls of every standard barometer of success as far as developed nations go. We do still lead the world in violent crime, murder, divorce, the drop-out rate, etc.



I’m not defeated though. Hell no.  Can you tell?

I have slowly but surely come to inexorably believe in the existence of good and evil. Archetypal good and evil. Like in the comic books. I believe that there is such a thing as right and wrong, in the majority of cases anyway. I mean, some things just are, like working on your motorcycle. But you know what I mean. The first evidence I ever recognized as the God in us was the fact that we’re equipped with a conscience. We automatically know the difference between right and wrong before we ever act.

And when we act against that conscience to harm another, we are punished internally by our conscience, by  way of guilt, shame, remorse, regret, etc.

That doesn’t come from nowhere.

That’s the God in us.

It’s the good in us… 










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