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America’s now so demoralized we can’t even trust our teachers not to molest our kids


James Hooker, a 41-year-old Enochs High School teacher in Modesto, California  has resigned and moved in with an 18-year-old student, Jordan Powers.

The reaction has been largely shock, disapproval and betrayal.

The teen’s mother has waged a very public campaign on Facebook since last week, when her daughter moved out of the family’s home and into a Modesto apartment with the man. He has left his wife and children, one of whom is a junior at Enochs.

Police say the case is under investigation, with pending criminal charges a possibility.

I love to harp on this at every available opportunity, in case you can’t tell. And I’ll tell you why: this is not only where we’re at, but why.

This is what the face of the multigenerational demoralization campaign aimed at America and Americans looks like. This is its symptomology.

This is the problem.

It’s really the key… to all of this, where we’re at now, and why.

This gentleman is sitting up there looking like what he just did was okay. What he just did is unacceptable 100% of the time. It is not okay. It’s an immoral breech of parental trust and professional etiquette — in each and every case, bar none. You don’t do it.

And we haven’t even gotten into the whole concept of suddenly packing up and walking out on your own wife and kids, one of whom goes to the same school as your new live-in love doll.

This is how we get bad government. This is actually not only how things are, but why. The kind of hostile takeover we’re witnessing now would have had zero chance of legitimate success without decades of strategic preparation ahead of time by way of thorough intentional demoralization.



1)  To undermine the confidence or morale of; dishearten.

2)  To put into disorder; confuse.

3)  To debase the morals of; corrupt.

Pay particular attention to number 3. This element of demoralization is typically not considered, but is actually the critical, key destructive element. It is due to this programming component we have 41 year-old schoolteachers abandoning their wives and children for other children attending their classes and molesting them as minors…

And it is due to this critical factor we have public servants in DC, selling out the country for a dollar, traitors all. These people have been busy taking money and signing off on bills they don’t even know what’s inside.   

Now that this thing’s gone multigenerational we now have an accumulative, or compound  effect, and we have mature adults who were literally spawned and reared on this programming now, and we have them now carrying titles like Professor  or Senator or Congressman, but they’ve been brought up from the cradle on this programming, their heads are stuffed full of it, their thinking fundamentally transformed.

So now we have soulless vermin in Washington who sell their own country, all its sovereign citizens, everything that it stands for, its cultural heritage and the very freedom of all future generations, down the river, because virtually all of them are either corrupted or compromised. And they’ve been brought up on this subversive and corrosive programming which leads the naturally healthy mind toward a psychopathic state, characterized chiefly by:

Lack of Empathy * Lack of Remorse * Self-Centeredness * A Sense of Superiority * Deceptiveness * Glib, Superficial Charm * Over-Dependence on Instant Gratification – Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Etc. * Absence of Any Strong Religious or Spiritual Connection * Minimizing One’s Own Transgressions * Rationalizing Bad Behavior and Poor Judgment * Shifting Blame Onto Others * Engaging in Shallow, Superficial, Materialistic Relationships

The Global Elite now own Washington. DC’s been bought and sold. They’re all up there selling us out for perks, power and privilege, and they’ve been doing it right along… and they’re shoving it right in our faces, they’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

These people have been getting rich while we’ve been getting robbed, going bankrupt, losing all of our civil rights, losing our lives and limbs in their illegal wars propagated on lies, watching our homes and our businesses go up in smoke, and watching our families and our intimate relationships disintegrate and get torn apart in the process, and I’ve got to tell you that every bit of it falls back on this subversive demoralization campaign.

Because only in a thoughly demoralized society would you spawn this type of bureaucrat in the first place, and only in a thoroughly demoralized society could this type of parasite get away with what they’ve been getting away with, and with almost total impunity.

Only in a thoroughly demoralized society would the same Senators and Congressman who signed off on bills such as ObamaCare and the NDAA still be in office after the next election. Only in a thoroughly demoralized nation would Obama’s approval rating now actually be rising, given all that’s transpired since his fraudulent election.

Only in a thoroughly demoralized society do all these things happen.


Special thanks to The Modesto Bee, located at:


Must See Video: Ex-KGB Agent Breaks Down The Intentional Demoralization of America, The Campaign’s Goals and Projected Outcome




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