Posted: February 27, 2012 in by John Dilligent
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This is an absolute must see. Do not  miss it. Alex goes the furthest out on a limb yet in this breakdown of how the global elite are jacking-in to an interdimensional realm through the use of the mind-altering drug DMT and advanced black-box science. 

There’s a lot here: from advanced mind-control programming and the CIA, to merging man’s consciousness with machines and hyperdimensional travel, to Philip K. Dick and little green-hatted elves. Yeah. 

As entertaining as it is eye-opening and thought-provoking, this mind-blowing segment provides an overview of the most stunning expose of the global elite’s inner sanctum yet revealed, as we discover that, if this information is accurate, they are but mere pawns themselves in a deadly, interdimensional dynamic where the future of mankind hinges on the portal between two very distinct planes of existence. ; )




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