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An Android app called HoboHunt, in which users take photographs of homeless people and ‘hunt’ them has come under fierce criticism.

Made by U.S developer Synventus, the game was rejected three times by Apple, but is available on Google’s Android Market.

The idea for the app apparently came from a friend of Synventus’s CEO, Joel Usher, who used to joke about hunting hobos.

Usher told “The “Hobo” part of the title came about as a friend of mine, who commutes through Washington DC, was constantly sending me camera phone pictures of hobos along his route, and making jokes about ‘hunting’ them as he drove.”

“He also told me that a group of attorneys – at a prestigious firm I won’t name – all do the same, and that really triggered the idea behind the app.”

The game’s website explains that users join in by taking photographs of people they want to hunt, then arming themselves with a weapon of their choice.

It says: ‘Point your camera at a goofy hobo. Click Shoot. That’s it. Hunt real hobos, your friends, family, teachers, bosses, anyone! Sweet crosshairs and real weapons sound effects bring the hunt to life. Badges sweeten the pot and reward you for your awesome hunting abilities! Sharing lets you post your hunts on Facebook and Twitter!’

A press release for the game warned that it’s ‘not for the faint-hearted’, but many Android users just think it’s immoral and have been taking to Twitter to voice their concerns.

The makers of HoboHunt have re-submitted the app to Apple with a new name – PhotoSlap.

A Google spokesman told MailOnline that the app is being investigated.


My Take

This lesbian/feminist/homosexual pandemic explosion thing aside, the basic mindset I see being spun-off either as a direct product or a byproduct of the NWO subversive programming is a “tendencency toward psychopathy”. That’s what it’s called: psychopathic tendencies.

You guys know I’ve been real big on this lately and yes I have been drilling you. For a reason:

If,  we are headed where I think we are, then the NWO needs to turn roughly half of us on the other half, or at least a “sizeable portion” of us on another “meaningful percentage”.  So they need a nation of predators and prey, keepers and kept, guillotine fodder and guillotine chain-pullers, Fema camp detainees and Fema Camp detention staff, get it? This will basically be Americans screwing Americans. This is for all intents and purposes what amounts to a hostile internal takeover and has always  been about Americans screwing Americans, for greater privilege, perks and power.

But a fascist state is a militarized state, populated by a brutal, vacuous, individualized sort, precisely the likes of which this programming spins-off — a psychopath. Or at the very least a mind displaying marked tendencies toward psychopathy. 

This is the type most readily absorbed into the fascist state, and this is the type that goes furthest toward the advancement of the fascist agenda, and the more the merrier. They actually need all they can get their hands on, men, women and children. Since psychopathy is a mindset, nothing more, nothing less, distinctions we normally rely on make judgments or reach sensible conclusions such as age, race and gender do not apply.  

In other words, anyone can be a psychopath, even a cute, bubbly little girl. It all takes place in the mind. But to manufacture a nation of psychopaths to feed into the conflagration, you have to take a whole lot of normally healthy minds and make them sick. You first must act to create that mindset, then you have to feed it continual reinforcement.

So that’s what we’re seeing here and nothing more…

The simple construction and remedial reinforcement of the fascist drone mentality — a psychopathic mindset.   


This Particular Mindset is Characterized By:

Lack of Empathy

Lack of Remorse


A Sense of Superiority


Glib, Superficial Charm

Over-Dependence on Instant Gratification — Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Etc.

Absence of Any Strong Religious or Spiritual Connection

Minimizing One’s Own Transgressions

Rationalizing Bad Behavior and Poor Judgment 

Shifting Blame Onto Others

Engaging in Shallow, Superficial, Materialistic Relationships

As always, this is just a rough guide. A psychopath may exhibit some of these traits and not others, or traits that are not found on this list. They may exhibit different traits to varying degrees, such as one may be much more honest than another, yet another one might be a whole lot more selfish. Regardless they will all have their own unique personality just like anyone else and there will never be two exactly alike.  


In Order to Create This:



You Must First Create This:



And This is Where You Start:




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