Posted: February 17, 2012 in by John Dilligent
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 Are we entering into a new era of “street justice”, ala the futuristic movie Judge Dredd?


This is a growing problem we’re starting to hear about every day now it seems like …

…The Rockford Register Star reports police and two witnesses gave conflicting accounts of the events leading up to the shooting at the House of Grace Daycare and Preschool. Police said Mark Anthony Barmore was killed after he fought with an officer for his service weapon inside a classroom.

Two day-care operators said there was no struggle over a gun. They said Barmore was shot multiple times after he emerged from a dark boiler room with his hands up.

Marissa Brown, 17, the daughter of day-care operator Sheila Brown, said she witnessed the shooting.

“The officer shined his flashlight into the boiler room and told him to come out. He came out real slow with his hands up and his head down, and they shot him.

“He fell over into the sink. He tried to get back up, and they shot him again. A heavy-set officer was the one who was shooting him while he was on the ground.”

Sheila Brown said she witnessed the shootings after Barmore was on the ground. She said the officers fired as many as eight rounds into Barmore including at least one shot into his head.

The names of the officers were not released.

School was in session at House of Grace Daycare and Preschool, 518 N. Court St., but none of the children or staff members were injured…


These guys are all too often just exterminating suspects now, in broad daylight right out in the middle of main street in front of God and everybody –in a trending “shoot to kill now, ask questions later” movement that I think reflects an unhealthy shift in attitude toward the general public by the police. 

But then again, America is now a lawful “battleground”  and the police now militarized, as American citizens (the ones who cut their paychecks, ironically enough, as taxpayers) have been stripped of some of their most basic civil liberties and protections by recent unjust and unconstitutional legislation, and designated unprecedentedly as “enemy combatants”, and the most patriotic among them labeled “right-wing extremists” and “homegrown terrorists”.

Maybe we’re starting to see some of the effects of all that in the real world, with this latest round of flagrant exterminations.

What happened to: “to protect and serve”? To: “I went 30 years and drew my gun twice, fired it once, and missed”? To: all these non-lethal weapons these guys were issued that were all over the news here not too long ago? 

Why aren’t they shooting people with rubber bullets or bean bags or the Spider Man Net Gun or just a taser or something?  Instead of going out into the streets looking like a firing squad, and unloading full magazines into suspects until they’re left DOA over the slightest provocation and without any hesitation whatsoever, in what’s starting to look suspiciously like a preconditioned response?

What happened to pumping a round into a suspect’s leg or shoulder in order to incapacitate him so that he (or she) may be “properly subdued”?

In the examples fully illustrated here, clearly the intent was not to incapacitate, but to exterminate. So we’re no longer looking at a subduer here stuck to the butt end of of that service pistol, but an executioner. Look out Judge Dredd, here we come…  














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