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The Illuminati has been busy ripping apart the fabric of society for a very long time


 What Is

“We are in conflict with each other and our world is being destroyed. There is crisis after crisis, war after war; there is starvation, misery; there are the enormously rich clothed in their respectability, and there are the poor…

To solve these problems, what is necessary is not a new system of thought, not a new economic revolution, but to understand what is — the discontent, the constant probing of what is — which will bring about a revolution which is more far-reaching than the revolution of ideas. And it is this revolution that is so necessary to bring about a different culture, a different religion, a different relationship between man and man…”  — J. Krishnamurti, from the The Book of Life


 In The Beginning…

May 1, 1776 – Adam Weishaupt (code named Spartacus) establishes a secret society called the Order of the Illuminati. Weishaupt is the Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, part of Germany. The Illuminati seek to establish a New World Order. Their objectives are as follows:

1)  Abolition of all ordered governments
2)  Abolition of private property
3)  Abolition of inheritance
4)  Abolition of patriotism
5)  Abolition of the family
6)  Abolition of religion
7)  Creation of a world government


The Principle of Controlled Exposure

One of the key principles I hit upon along the way in my research is what I like to call “the principle of controlled exposure”. Not claiming any credit for this, I’m sure it’s just a “no-brainer” to anyone following the same path…

But since discovering this principle I have come to attach a lot of heavy weight to it. And I’m not nearly alone. It seems our puppetmasters have been doing so all along — since long before any of us were ever born…

I think cluing into it and developing a basic understanding of how it works goes a long way toward the attainment of anything like “enlightenment” for the common man or woman just looking to wake up to what’s really going on around them and break out of the Matrix.


So what is it?

It’s the key principle that “makes” such individuals as Paris Hilton (the original “famous for nothing” girl), and “breaks” those such as Mel Gibson (who actually have real talent).

It’s the key principle that made the Third Reich possible.

It’s the key principle involved in taking complete unknowns with the most pitiful track records of public service and close ties to organized crime and ramming them straight into the Oval Office on a rocket sled.

And it’s the key principle through which the entire globe might be deceived — indefinitely — by means of hoaxes such as the false-flag 9/11 terror attacks and the faked Apollo Moon landings.


Watch the video for a taste of what I’m talking about:



It looks like we’re watching outtakes of some cheesy sportscaster from Lower Podunk, New Jersey getting ready for his turn on camera so he can announce the local Little League highlights.

A political spokesmodel.

The Mexicans made light of this but it’s no joke. In fact, if you watch it two or three times (Tip: turn the sound off.) and pay careful attention to Bush’s mannerisms and facial expressions throughout the clip, you’ll come away from the experience with a vaguely unsettling feeling. There’s a time or two he suddenly takes on this lost, vacant, and at least slightly anxious or frightened appearance that tends to get my attention and make me a little nervous… after all, this was the acknowledged “most powerful man in the free world”, with his finger on the red button labeled “Global Nuclear Holocaust”.

But we were never meant to see that and we never did. By the time I found this clip the next puppet had been in office two years already. All the general public was ever exposed to was Bush’s best attempt at a grave and solemn visage and his most deliberate, somber tone.

Know these people for what they are: actors on the national and international stage, albeit wealthy and connected ones. Actors, carefully groomed and scripted, just like anyone you’d find in Hollywood working for the Screen Actors Guild. Scripts and teleprompters and make-up and wardrobe artists and PR campaigns and consultants rule.

They spend an exorbitant amount of money daily on putting forth to the general public just the right — and the right amount — of carefully coreographed, scripted, packaged and polished “exposure” in order to acheive their agenda. A dog and pony show, like professional wrestling. There’s an old saying, “Politics is show business for ugly folks.”  Because it’s true.   


A Concept Begins to Take Shape

I think popping over to The Mad Jewess the other day planted this seed in my mind, they were over there talking about how phony the stars were — with all their plastic surgery and high-dollar wardrobe, make-up and hairstyles, not to mention all the rampant Photoshopping going on today — and how decidedly unimpressive they actually tended to look in real life.

But the truth is, I was dwelling on that decades ago when I started noticing how bad the “stars” generally looked in the Enquirer when one of those ubiquitous starving photogs caught them walking the dog or taking out the trash first thing Sunday morning. And I’d be going, “Oh my God, that’s Suzanne Summers (or whoever)? Tell me it ain’t so…”

So that’s when I first started cluing into controlled exposure  and how it all really works.

There was actually nothing objectionable to that woman’s appearance in the Enquirer’s candid photograph. She looked like the average middle-aged soccer mom next door taking out the trash Sunday morning after a night of maybe a little too much sex, marijuana, cocaine and white wine.

But you can’t build a cult following and generate millions in income around that: let’s face it, each one of these A-list celebrities today is a cottage industry unto him or herself, given the kind of figures involved, and all of that is predicated on carefully controlled exposure — controlling what the public sees of this person, and how it sees them.

Let’s pick one at random:

The Mischa Barton We See



The Mischa Barton We Don’t See



More Random Dots Connected

More recently, I plowed I don’t know how many hours into researching the Apollo moon landings in order to determine whether or not they’d been faked as I’d heard they might have been all my life.

I eventually came to the conclusion they had been. My personal belief based upon the sum total of my own independent research is they shot those three men into orbit, where they remained circling the Earth until it was time to drop out of orbit and splash down. My theory is they did everything but go to the moon. And this was the source of my article: The Greatest Show on Earth – Apollo and the Astro-Nots, buried back in the back somewhere.

If you’re looking for an exercise in controlled exposure, the Apollo space program provides a complete obstacle course.


Let me ask you this:  How many lunar astronots do you know? None? Well how many have you talked to? None? Well how many have you heard speak? None? Maybe one? “Houston, the Eagle has landed…”  Everyone’s heard that. But what else have you heard from the lunar astronots themselves over the last forty-plus years since they supposedly walked on the moon? Little to nothing? That is correct. This is what I call controlled exposure.  You get the official version and nothing else. You are spoonfed what they want you to see and hear. So you’ll think the way the want you to think, believe what they want you to believe, and most importantly, behave the way they want you to behave, since the third hinges directly on the first two.

In over four decades Neil Armstrong is known to have delivered two carefully-prepared speeches: one shortly after he ostensibly became the first man to walk on the moon, and the other in 1996, at a college graduation ceremony, nearly thirty years later. Since then, nothing. Why wouldn’t arguably the greatest American hero of the century — the first man to set foot on another world — not  be giving out speeches, lectures and talks all over the world for decades to come? A guy like that could be his own cottage industry. And should be.

Controlled exposure.


The Astronots We See




And the Astronots We Don’t See



Okay, let’s penetrate the veil of controlled exposure  and see what lies behind the Matrix: Start the time counter at 9:20 and watch this video to ’til 12:15.  It’s an eye-opening three minutes truly well-spent…

If you want to catch the educational segment which fully explains the Van Allen radiation belts too, start the time counter at 6:00.


I would love to go fishing with this guy. He’s one of the most superbly-talented — and immensely entertaining — liars I’ve ever witnessed at work. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever he’s making every single bit of that up, straight off the top of his head. In fact, if I had a thriving used car lot, I would offer this man a million dollars a year to come to work for me. Because I know the return on investment would have to be ten-fold. This guy could sell ice to an Eskimo.

Controlled exposure.


The Dawn Breaks

Now go to 51:00 on the time counter, and watch up until 52:10. What you witness will simply blow you away…

It was after I saw these clips and thought it through that I saw what the deal was: as long as they hold that controlled exposure  up in front of our faces — that Matrix –a sound bite here, a vid snippet there, a few assorted photographs over yonder, and we’re not able to see around it, or penetrate the veil,  they can freely manipulate us just about any way they choose. Drag us to war, turn us on each other, make us sit up and beg to be allowed into Fema Concentration & Cremation Camps, whatever. To the puppetmasters we’re nothing more than lab rats– organisms to analyze and control. And they’ve been funneling extensive resources into both for a very long time indeed…

Neil Armstrong is a good man. He never liked what they did. It never sat well with him to have been a part of it, and to be a phony hero. To be a part of hoodwinking the whole world — a scam. A $40 billion-dollar scam, to be precise (in 1960s dollars, to boot), engineered by the NAZIs we brought over here in Operation Paperclip after the fall of the Third Reich, to continue whatever it was they’d been working on before the end of the war, whether it be space travel, mind control, or just whatever… the same evil NAZIs that formed NASA.

And only that he never really walked on the moon at all fits all the pieces of the puzzle with Neil Armstrong, from the look on his face after they’d just allegedly “returned”, which you see at 51:00 on the time counter, to his reaction over the confrontation which ensues up until 52:10 — 40 years later.



Third Reich, Fourth Reich… Who’s Counting?

So it is my opinion we’re on more or less the same path the Germans were on during the rise of the Third Reich, right before all hell broke loose, untold millions were brutally exterminated, and their country was decimated: bombed-out, burned-down, and carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Basically all the signs are there, all the same stepping stones, from 9/11 (the replication of the NAZI Reichstag false-flag attack) on.  

It’s not going to be exactly the same — totally different history being written here — it’s just that they’ve been apparently using more or less the same playbook… so far.  That’s why I’ve turned my attention more toward the Third Reich lately and all things NAZI, kind of looking into the past to predict the future. After all, every good fashion designer knows all things are cyclic, and remember also that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Now if we’ve learned anything at all from history, we know that the bad guys who hijacked Germany’s “system” made all the same moves our bad guys have been making over the last decade. Yeah. More or less… So, what does history teach us happens next? Okay… I rest my case. That’s why I’ve been holding this stuff up in front of ya’lls faces since the Paul Rand/TSA article. So you can see for yourselves the eerie similarities, so you can connect the dots for yourselves, and so you may more easily perceive the current fascist coup unfolding before you, when most people don’t have a clue!


 “It gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.”  — Adolph Hitler


After the NAZI defeat at the end of World War II, the battered stragglers that were still left alive and had given their all for Uncle Adolph, were shown photographs of the concentration camps and cremation facilities, the body pits and the mass executions, and shook their heads: “No,”  they said, “my Fuhrer wouldn’t do such a thing… No, I don’t believe it…”

Controlled Exposure.

Remember that the camps, crematoriums, killing grounds and mass graves were located in outlying areas, out of sight, out of mind, and the cover story was that the victims being loaded onto the death trains every day were simply being whisked away to “a better place”. (Heaven, but only after they went through pure hell first…)


So Can “The Common Man” Acheive Enlightenment?

I think so. As far as I am concerned, if you can simply manage to wrap your head around the basic fact that virtually everything you’ve ever been taught from the cradle is a lie — at least anything of any real significance outside of pure mathmatics —  you’re done. Now go make some popcorn and sit down to a good movie and enjoy… pop open a bottle of champagne, whatever… You have arrived… you are free.

And now that you’re not wholly dependent on the self-defeating state-sponsored crapola you’ve been spoon-fed as reality from the womb, you’re ready for some real truth to come your way. In that regard, never accept anything as “truth” you can’t verify with your own independent research and to your own complete satisfaction — from me or from anyone else.



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