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Is a demoralization campaign destroying all of our most precious institutions?


If we consider… the vast number of similar people (psychopaths) in every community who show the same behavior pattern in milder form… the prevalence of this disorder (psychopathy) is seen to be appalling.”  — Hervey M. Cleckley, author of Mask of Sanity


“It is not simply against future conspiracies of evil men which we have to guard ourselves, but the weaknesses and faults of our own social order, in our own ways of living… against which we have to be on continual guard.”  — Dr. Ewen Cameron



When Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov (AKA: Tomas David Schuman) — an RIA Novosti journalist and KGB asset — defected to Canada and went public, he dropped a rather stunning bombshell: the United States and its citizenry had been subjected for years to an aggressive and relentless campaign of subversion and demoralization.

It’s purpose:

“To change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that, despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions… in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.”


“To pave the way for a hostile fascist takeover of the United States, and hopefully without firing a shot.”

In this shocking video Yuri Bezmenov exposes the KGB’s subversive tactics against western society. He explains how Marxist ideology is, and has been, deconstructing Western values, destabilizing the economy, and provoking “crises” in order to sovietize the free world.

This sovietization of the West was helped greatly by the Tax Exempt Foundations. Rowan Gaither Jr., President of the Ford Foundation, told the Congressional Reese Commission in 1954:  “…all of us here at the policy-making level have had experience with directives… from the White House… The substance of them is that we shall use our grant-making power so as to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”

Now if that  doesn’t wake you up, I’m afraid nothing will. But Bezmenov agrees with my mentor Bill Cooper on at least one thing: due to the subtly insidious, long-term nature of the programming involved, the average American has been lulled into such a detached, apathetic, self-absorbed waking dream state, that he or she simply cannot perceive or accept the “truth” even if it’s held in front of their very faces in the most basic, unequivocal terms, and supported by more than sufficient corraborative proof.

Both experts in the fascist agenda — one from the Russian KGB, the other from the US Naval Intelligence Command — agree that for the average victim of this intentional demoralization campaign, the “wake-up call” will be a stormtrooper’s jackboot planted squarely up their asses, as the front doors to their homes are kicked-in at four in the morning and they and their loved ones are marched off to “re-education centers”, or even worse: to death trains and mass graves… to utter annhilation.

After all, that is  the essential goal of the progamming: to take over America without ever having to fire a single shot — every conqueror’s ultimate wet dream — but instead to inflict defeat through purely psychological means (Psy-Ops). How can one guard against a threat one cannot perceive?

Like so many “boiling frogs” we are being lulled into a state of total slavery by inconspicuous, mounting degrees. The strategy is for the King to make the final gambit and take the board while the pawns remain blissfully unaware they are even caught up in a game at all — clueless “cannon fodder” and “useful idiots” all…




NOTE: The part of the video which addresses the content of this article directly begins at 1:07:30 on the time counter. Just about everything up to that is simply background information. So you may want to start the counter at the time indicated here and get right down to it: the sustained attack we’ve been subjected to for decades now, it’s ultimate end, and a step-by-step outline of how it all works, and what to expect if it fully succeeds.

From 1:07:30 on, the scope and content of this video make up a life-altering event. Don’t miss it. You need to know this stuff without any further delay, and contemplate hard on it. You do. Because this is the reality of your current situation — you’re living it, a victim of it. This programming has affected you, and all those around you. We are all victims of it, all of us. So to know the disease is to effect the cure — now let’s get to work…


America’s Twist Toward the Psychopathic

I’m often heard to say, “The country I was born in ain’t the country I’m living in.”  And it isn’t. Totally different country. There are really only two components to a country: the territory (or real estate), and the population (or people). And taking a good look around, the landscape’s not so different. It’s the people who have changed.

Since learning about the intentional demoralization campaign Americans have been subjected to for decades, I perceive its effects throughout all my travels and dealings with others.

Not only that, but I believe this campaign has only been augmented by the American mainstream media’s own relentless campaign to further deteriorate the essential morality of the population and instill them with greed, coupled with the federal government’s unceasing campaign to keep us continually steeped in a climate of fear, in order to bite off more and more undeserved power and control.

Together, these internally and externally-induced subversion and demoralization campaigns represent a fascist agenda, aimed at the American public at large in the interest of radically altering their very psychological make-up. They are, and have been, in effect, manufacturing a nation of psychopaths.


Imagery such as this abounds in our popular culture today, and directs the healthy subconscious mind toward a psychopathic condition


The Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect

A bold statement, to be sure. But if Americans have in fact been subjected to aggressive and relentless subversive “programming” for decades now, originating from both external and internal sources, and all of it aimed at the advancement of a fascist agenda here in the United States, what has been the result? If this campaign has been at all effective, we should certainly see some measurable progress by now. Agreed?

And where do we go to measure this “progress” (toward complete annhilation)? Straight to the hearts and minds of the people — where wars are ultimately won or lost, as every great military strategist knows…

While I assume personal experiences may vary, all too often today I find myself dealing with people who believe in nothing… they have no absolutes, no clear direction. No purpose. This is a self-absorbed breed whose love for themselves, God and each other has morphed along the way into the worship of materialism: the continual pursuit of pleasure and entertainment and instant gratification and status and money and things.

For these individuals everything is material: even other people and relationships. Others — often times friends, and even mates — are perceived as material objects: to acquire, use, wear-out, discard and replace with new ones when the old ones no longer function as intended or break down along the way.


Research says the more materialistic a marriage, the more unhappy it’s likely to be


Today even the most profoundly intimate interpersonal relationships are increasingly approached along a purely material “cost vs. return-on-investment” avenue, with a continuing shift in this society away from traditional marriage arrangements and now, even from cohabitation at all; away from substantial, meaningful and productive relationships in general, and into ever more shallow, superficial, minimal-investment,
pleasure-seeking relationships as the accepted norm. Not a good sign… it really isn’t.

If that’s the clear direction in which we are headed, what does that say about us? Individually and as a society?


I call these people “crabs in a bucket”, because that’s the way they behave, their mindset, their modus operandi. They are spiritually bankrupt, their chief behavioral motivators greed and fear.  They are the center of their own universe, and everything revolves around them.  Everything. They perceive everything in strict terms of how it affects them, what the benefit or cost to them will be. How that will effect others, even those closest to them, is always a minor consideration, if it enters into their minds at all.

In its purest form this is called a psychopathic condition. When we think of psychopaths we think of that rare individual like Jeffery Dahmer or Ted Bundy. But while that’s true — they were psychopaths in the classical sense — psychopaths actually abound all around us.

According to my studies the full-blown variety actually flourishes in certain environments, such as corporate and political hierarchies, generally rising to the upper echelons of such structures. This is typically due to their capacity for greater treachery, and far less inhibition exerted from such inconvenient factors as conscience and remorse.


Since this is the personality type most likely to be found at or near the top of both political and  corporate hierarchies, and we are, in fact, in the midst of a fascist coup — fascism  being the merger of big business with big government, or corporatism — then to know thy enemy is to undertake a careful analysis of this personality type:  in order to understand them, know what to expect from them, and most importantly, resist them and even defeat them.


So What Does a Psychopath Look Like?

They look like you and me. You’re looking at them every day, everywhere you go. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, etc. And at least as likely to be female as male. As far as their personality and behavioral traits go, we have this from Wikipedia:


is a personality disorder characterized by a pervasive pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights, feelings, and well-being of others. It is defined in different ways, but can involve a lack of empathy or remorse, false emotions, selfishness, grandiosity or deceptiveness; it can also involve impulsiveness, irritability, aggression, or inability to perceive danger and protect oneself.

Behavioral Characteristics

This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive analysis, and any particular subject may exhibit some of these traits and not others, as well as traits not found on this list. The degree to which they exhibit these traits at all my vary considerably with the individual. What we must also realize is that at the end of the day psychopaths are people too, and each has their own unique personality.

Lack of Empathy

According to Psychologist Robert Hare, psychopaths possess a general lack of empathy. At an extreme they are simply unable to understand the emotional states of other people, except in a purely detached, intellectual sense. Other people are thus little more than objects for their personal gratification.

He notes that ‘normal’ individuals sometimes develop a lack of empathy in regard to specific groups, for example doctors towards patients or gang members towards enemies, so as not to be emotionally overwhelmed and be less effective.

But he defines psychopathy as involving a lack of empathy for everybody, family or strangers alike.

Hare cites some incidents of stunning cruelty and callousness, and for instance writes of a convicted murderer who described his murders in a totally dispassionate, bland manner until he noticed the horrified expression of the interviewer, at which point he started expressing remorse and distress over his crimes.

Hare also acknowledges that, except in movies and books, the lack of empathy he identifies is generally demonstrated by such things as taking possessions from people, being aggressively selfish, shamefully neglecting family, and engaging in trivial sexual relationships.

Lying and Manipulation

Psychopaths are said to readily lie, and to sometimes do so with such confidence that even experienced interrogators can be fooled. At the same time, when challenged or found out, they may show no signs of shame or embarrasment but simply try to rework the story, leading to contradictions and a confused listener.

According to Hare, many psychopaths are superficially charming and have a great ability to show displays of emotion and manipulate others. A term often applied is ‘glib’, meaning an offhand fluency of speech that is often insincere or superficial. They have fewer social inhibitions, are extroverted, dominant, and confident. They are not afraid of causing offense, being rejected, or being put down. When these things do happen, they tend to dismiss them and are not discouraged from trying again.

It should be noted that not all psychopaths are smooth charmers. Often due to poor upbringing, some lack the necessary social grace and education to impress people. Such psychopaths tend to rely more on intimidation, coercion, and violence to get their way.

Impulsivity, Irresponsibility

Hare describes psychopaths as unlikely to spend much time weighing up actions or their consequences. He sees this as often due to seeking immediate satisfaction of desires, resulting in such things as quitting jobs, leaving relationships, changing plans and committing crimes, all apparently on a whim. Hare also attributes impulsivity in psychopaths to being very reactive to perceived insults, and responding aggressively. He sees this as happening in regard to general frustrations, failures or criticism from others, often leading to violence or threats which may then be quickly forgotten. An excessive need for excitement is also observed, including through breaking rules, or doing dangerous things just for fun. The flipside, according to Hare, is that such individuals have a low tolerance for boredom and are unlikely to sustain activities that are dull or require intense concentration over long periods. Other aspects of irresponsibility noted by Hare include having a very bad credit history, shrugging off loans, not contributing to child support. In addition, having inconsistent job performance, misusing company resources or violating company policies, and generally not honoring formal or implied commitments to people or organizations.

Lack of Remorse

Psychopaths who have committed abuses are depicted as showing a lack of remorse. In some cases they may simply state they have no sense of guilt about it and are not sorry. In other cases they may rationaize what happened, for example by minimizing the relative seriousness of the incident, or by blaming the victim in some way. They may also deny that an incident took place.

Egocentricity and Grandiosity

Hare characterizes psychopaths as seeing themselves as superior beings, with an exaggerated sense of entitlement. They often appear arrogant, opinionated, domineering, and cocky. It is not uncommon for psychopaths who have conned people to describe them as weak, inferior beings who deserved to be taken advantage of.

Psychopaths often have grandiose, self-centered goals, and they believe that they can become anything they want to be. However, they often fail to appreciate the work, skill and discipline it would take to achieve such goals. Sometimes their goals can be downright unrealistic.


Who Would Want To Create a Nation of Psychopaths?



Indoctrinating children in National Socialist Ideology was a key goal of the NAZI Government once Hitler assumed control over the German state. Hitler and other NAZI leaders saw the indoctrination of young Germans as of critical importance.

He understood that a majority of Germans had not supported his seizure of power. He believed that he could win over some of those that were not with him, but others he could never convince. Thus it was essential to win over the German youth. He believed that he could win over the vast majority of the new generation.



In the same year that Hitler seized power, the NAZIs organized German youth organizations into two branches of the Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugen), one branch for boys and one for girls. Membership was eventually made compulsory and all boys had to report to a neigborhood office to have his racial background checked and be registered for membership. There was then a typically elaborate introduction ceremony on the Fehuerer’s birthday.



The Hitler Youth was not just a German version of the Boy & Girl Scouts. There were key differences. The most important was that in the HJ, unlike Scouting, the parents were not involved. HJ adult leaders were committed NAZIs and their goal was to mold the new generation in the principles of National Socialism regardless of the parents’ attitudes. Involving parents in the organization would have impeded this process.






Hitler from the beginning saw the Hitler Youth movement as a tool not only to win over the new generation, but to harden boys for their future role of soldiers. He wanted a generation of “victorious active, daring youth, immune to pain.” There was to be no “intellectual” training for the boys of the New Order, he saw intellectual pursuits as damaging to German youth.

To survive, any regime must gain the support of future generations. Hitler and his chronies were well aware of this and immediately upon seizure of the Government executed plans to ensure it. The Hitler Youth (Hitler-Jugend) was Hitler’s primary means tool to ensure that the younger generation would be committed and totally loyal to the National Socialist regime.

Hitler had to be sure that German boys would be willing and prepared to fight in the upcoming war that he envisioned from the very beginning of his political “awakening” after World War I. War was not what German parents had in mind for themselves and their boys. Thus a thorough indoctrination of the youth was needed and this was the role assigned to the Hitler Youth.



Hitler saw German youth properly organized and indoctrinated as the “guarantee of the future.” Older Germans were too set in their ways and “corrupted” by Weimar. It was only through the youth of Germany that he could achieve his goals. He saw the Hitler Youth as being untainted by what he considered the “decadent” Weimar Republic and believed that they were the only organization that he could trust without reservation. Seeing this trust, it is not surprising that he gave amazingly important responsibilities to the Hitler Youth–even during the war years.



Even more amazing was the sacrifices made by Hitler Youth units to the dying NAZI regime. The performance of the Hitler Youth Division before Caen in June 1944 is lengendary. Perhaps more amazing still was the use of boys in the defense of Berlin during the last hours of the Reich.

The Hitler Youth Movement continues to fascinate historians and social psychologists. Why would millions of children become as loyal to Hitler as to a father?


The Next Generation


Many of the staff from the Nazi concentration camps were arrested and tried for murder and acts of brutality against their prisoners after World War II. Some 3,600 women worked in the concentration camps and around 60 stood trial for before War Crimes Tribunals between 1945 and 1949. Of these 21 were executed. In total, 5,025 men and women were convicted of war crimes in the American, British and French zones and over 500 of these were sentenced to death, with the majority executed.










Their Ultimate Reward







 We DON’T Have to Go Down This Road Again

We don’t. But we are on that road and you need to know that. It wasn’t so long ago this happened for real and if you could go back in time and try to warn those people what they had coming before it ever kicked off, how far would you get? Not very far?  That’s my belief.  They’d laugh, shrug it off, do nothing. You would accomplish nothing. You might wake a few up but after all, you’re only one person. You’d have to go national to reach enough people to make any difference, and in that climate you probably would have disappeared pretty quick. They had all the major media sources on lockdown anyway, just like today.

Stop and think about the movies your children are watching. The music they are listening to. The video games they are playing. This is how the NWO programs us most effectively. Through our emotions, our subconscious, on a more profound, more primal level. When we’re relaxed, with our guard down, and slipping into the beta zone where our subconscious minds are more readily accessed. We’re not exercising “critical thinking”, or “rational judgment” at this point. The doors to our minds are wide open. And when you literally “zone out” at times during these periods, as we all do, you’ve entered a legitimately hypnotic trance state and are ready to be downloaded into at will. Did you know that?

If you didn’t you need to get out more often, or just subscribe to my blog.


How a Fascist Totalitarian Regime Takes Hold

One explanation comes from Erich Fromm, a German psychologist who left Germany after the Nazi takeover. In his book “Escape from Freedom,” published in 1941, he postulated five basic needs:

Relatedness – having relationships with others, care, respect, knowledge

Transcendence – creativity, develop a loving and interesting life

Rootedness – a feeling of belonging

Sense of Identity – seeing oneself both as a unique person and part of a social group

A frame of orientation – understanding the world and our place in it

Fromm said that each of the above needs may be satisfied not only in the positive ways listed above, but, in other (bad) circumstances, in negative ways. For example, the need to transcend, if not satisfied by active creation, may be alternatively satisfied by destruction.

Here, Fromm speaks of an “escape from freedom.” The “individualized man” he mentions is bereft of “primary ties” (for example, to nature or family):

“There is only one possible, productive solution for the relationship of individualized man with the world: his active solidarity with all men and his spontaneous activity, love and work, which unite him again with the world, not by primary ties but as a free and independent individual…

However, if the economic, social and political conditions… do not offer a basis for the realization of individuality in the sense just mentioned, while at the same time people have lost those ties which gave them security, this lag makes freedom an unbearable burden. It then becomes identical with doubt, with a kind of life which lacks meaning and direction. Powerful tendencies arise to escape from this kind of freedom into submission or some kind of relationship to man and the world which promises relief from uncertainty, even if it deprives the individual of his freedom.”

Fromm, who grew up, studied, and worked in Germany during the rise of Nazism, was quite familiar with it. He explained that a totalitarian state like Nazi Germany can satisfy all the “basic needs.”

Besides Fromm’s psychological explanation, there are of course other explanations, including social, economic, and political.


 Cleckley Checklist

In his book Mask of Sanity, Hervey M. Cleckley described 16 “common qualities” that he thought were characteristic of the group he termed psychopaths.

Superficial charm and good “intelligence”

Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking

Absence of “nervousness” or psychneurotic manifestations


Untruthfulness and insincerity

Lack of remorse, guilt and shame

Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior

Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience

Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love

General poverty in major affective reactions

Specific loss of insight

Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations

Fantastic and uninviting behavior with alcohol and sometimes without

Suicide threats rarely carried out

Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated

Failure to follow any life plan.

Cleckley also suggested there were milder forms. He ended his survey by saying “If we consider, in addition to these patients (nearly all of whom have records of the utmost folly and misery and idleness over many years and who have had to enter a psychiatric hospital), the vast number of similar people in every community who show the same behavior pattern in milder form but who are sufficiently protected and supported by relatives to remain at large, the prevalence of this disorder is seen to be appalling.”


Living With a Psychopath

I’ve been through twopsychopaths now. Apparently I attract that type — or did. Both of them left me empty-handed at the end of a real emotional rollercoaster ride, but at least I’m becoming an expert at something.

I was married to the first one and the worst one years ago. This is when I first clued into it. It ended badly. She was a money magnet — very successful. I just needed someone to love…

Things got so bad I started reading all kinds of materials, everything I could get my hands on and cram into my head, searching for the answer. Hoping to fix the problem. Searching for the key to her. The magic pill.

But when I finally found her waiting for me in the back of some dusty old psychology textbook, I found the last thing I wanted to hear in the truth I had pursued for so long: she was psychopathic, and there was no cure.

Once a psychopath, always a psychopath. It seems they’re born and will die that way… there’s simply nothing you can do. Sometimes your best just isn’t good enough… A bitter truth, but the truth nonetheless…

And there never was a “cure” to be found. Nothing I tried ever worked, nothing I ever said, thought, or did. Nothing was ever good enough, nothing could ever “fill the hole”. Eventually I had to leave her, something I’d always considered unthinkable, as she continued to grow ever more toxic to my condition.



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