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I want to thank those who rallied to me since Christmas and helped get me through a really tough time. Thank you all for your wonderful encouragement and support.

The last thirty days has been one of the worst periods of my life. I have been sick, broke, and in deep despair over a loss almost too great to bear. It has been a turbulent emotional roller-coaster and I’ve come legitimately unglued at least once.  I’ve had my good days and bad days, but this blog and the people who support it are really all I’ve had to get by. And I have really thrown myself into it since Christmas, producing several decent articles and some of my best work ever, in my own view.

This last week though, it’s caught up to me and it’s been pretty tough. I woke up so profoundly and fundamentally discouraged this morning that it was my ambition just to let the blog go. I really was going to do that.

But I couldn’t. And I didn’t. I’ve been sitting here all day at the PC and haven’t even been outside. And it’s been a real pretty day here in Atlanta.

What I have been doing is what I always do here. Mainly because as the day progressed and I kept at it, I thought it all through and came to one rock-solid conclusion: “I ain’t layin’ down.”

That’s really all it comes down to. If I stop doing this I’m just laying down, that’s all. And becoming the object of my own contempt. And I do have contempt for anybody laying down right now and through the days ahead, in light of what we clearly see coming: a complete dismantling of our entire American way of life. In fact, I misstated that. It’s been going on. We’re in the middle of it now. That’s why there’s rioting in the streets as predicted by the finest minds brought to bear on these issues before us today.

Some supporters of the site wrote in today, and gave me some food to go on. It can be really hard to see if you’re having any real impact here. It really can. And often times I doubt I’m having much, that I’m making any difference at all or that my work has any clear-cut value. I guess I need to know that it does, at least in hard times like now.  That I’m reaching people, having a positive effect on them and on their lives, providing a valuable service. Because that’s really the only reward I have coming here: the simple certain knowledge that my work has value. Meaning. That it’s significant. That it’s paying off.

Has anybody ever noticed there’s not one ad on this site — ANYWHERE? There’s not one ad on this site. Period. No requests for donations, nothing. There IS no funding. In over a year I haven’t spent one plug nickel on it nor have I ever made one. Not one. WordPress stuck some ads up my ass after I first got established over here, and I got pretty hot about it because it went against my mission statement as posted and I didn’t see them coming. I just found them on here one day, parked in an out of the way corner of the site.

But then I noticed a lot of WordPress activity over here after that, and shortly thereafter, the ads went away and they’ve never come back. Hooray!

Once they got a good look at what I was up to, I guess they decided it was best to pull their ads back out of the fryin’ pan. Not a good sign, but I’m happy…

The trouble with this and why I was ready to let it go this morning is that writing is a mental thing, I have to be in that mental “zone” to keep it on par with what I want it to be: “good writing”. I take pride in my writing. I put a lot into it, and expect a lot out of it.  And lately that “zone” has been increasingly more difficult to achieve, as my head’s been everywhere but where it’s supposed to be. I don’t want to sit here pumping out bad articles that go nowhere, achieve nothing. And at worst, turn any existing viewers off the site. 

But, you know, I’ve spent all day thinking this through and working this out. I really have sacrificed this day to this: working out this process of whether or not I’m going to continue with the blog. Or just what I’m going to do with myself in general.

And I’ve come to the conclusion I’m going to do this whether I always feel like it or not, whether I have the time and energy for it or not. I will make time and I will find energy. And that’s what I’ve really been preaching on here right along.  It’s what we have to do. Me too. Practice what you preach… Keep on keepin’ on… we really don’t have any choice. We’ve all got a runaway juggernaut bearing down on us which has careened completely out of control and is only picking up speed. If it has any sentient thought it’s to steamroll us, that’s it. That is my steadfast belief, based upon everything I have seen, read, heard, learned, and experienced first-hand…

So I guess the point I’m trying to get across here, if there is one, is that we just have to address this thing right now, whether we like it or not, whether it’s convenient or not (like there could be a convenient time), whether we feel up to it or not, and no matter what is going on — or not going on — in our lives.

This thing is bigger than all of us. It’s bigger than the biggest thing going on in our individual lives, no matter what that may be; I don’t care what it is. We call that sacrifice, and let me tell you, people, we cannot get there from here without it.

We’re in the middle of a fascist coup — a hostile takeover of our central government.

This can’t wait. It can’t be put off until tommorrow, or simply let go, or be thrust into the hands of someone else to deal with. Because there’s no one you can call. It’s up to us. And our freedom, our collective destiny as a people and as a nation, our global identity, and the future heritage of our children and their children is resting squarely on our shoulders.

We are the chosen ones. Like it or not. And by simple luck of the draw and nothing else. We just happened to be the ones caught hanging around when it happened: innocent bystanders.

But we’re not innocent any more… and we can no longer afford to fulfill the role of simple bystanders.



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