Posted: November 28, 2011 in by John Dilligent
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All the little girls in the neighborhood are outraged: let’s read and find out why!


None of the little girls in the neighborhood are happy and cheerful and carefree like they used to be.  Now they’re all angry and bitter and outraged, cursing and shouting and making obscene gestures rarely attributed to little girls at all. Whatever could be the source of all this anger and frustration? Let’s get out and tour the neighborhood and find out. We’ll stop and chat with all of them we can find and try to get a handle on their dilemma… 


“Hey, you don’t look too happy. Shouldn’t you be laughing and playing and maybe singing a song? What seems to be the problem here?”

 “Are you crazy? I just got through getting groped, fondled and drug tested by some
fat old stinky woman after getting off a train from Milwaukee to Minneapolis. What kinda drugs would I be on besides Chocks Chewables? I’m only six years old! Can you tell me what any of this has to do with fighting Islamic terrorism? Do I look Arabic to you? Do I look like I’m on crack? Do I look like I want my nene touched by a total stranger? Or anyone?”

“I’m wait-ing…”


“How about you, pumpkin? Why so sad and gloomy? I expected to find you in much better spirits. After all, you’re only a kid. Why aren’t you swinging or riding your tricycle and having a good old time?”

“We had to sell my swingset and tricycle on Craigslist to buy groceries after my daddy got his arms and legs blown off in an illegal war based on a lie that’s claimed over a million innocent lives so far, and lots of them mamas and little kids just like me, just so a few really rich bad men could get even richer.” 


“And what’s going on with you? You don’t exactly look overjoyed.”

“Why would I be? We just lost our house and have to move in with grandma, I won’t even have my own room anymore. Mommy and daddy lost their jobs and no one will hire them because it’s cheaper to hire the illegal aliens flooding over the border in droves unchecked.”


“Well now, you look like you’re ready to put a whoopin’ on somebody. What could get you in a tizzy as bad as all that?”

“I wanted to grow up to be a doctor. But mama told me I’m not going to be able to go to college now since the central bankers ran the economy into the ground and outsourced all the good jobs overseas. She said if I’m lucky I can still get a job at Burger King or Walmart though, flipping burgers or helping stock the shelves. You’re darn right I’m ready to kick butt! Wouldn’t you be? Daddy says there’s no difference between that traitor Obama and  that bad man Castro who betrayed his people’s revolution. He’s says pretty soon we’ll all be just as poor as them, and we’ll have to get permission just to go to the bathroom. When that phony crusader Obama promised us “change we need” we just figured he meant “we” the people. He didn’t. Now let’s kick some tail — you with me Joe?”


“Okay, I’ve already got the picture. I’m not even going to ask you what’s wrong. I guess a better, more honest question would be what’s right  anymore. You kids are not half as clueless as you look, I’ll grant you that. So just tell me this: if you could go to Washington and tell our illustrious “leaders” who got us into this mess and are doing everything in their power to make it worse by the day what you think of them, what would it be?”



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