Posted: November 26, 2011 in by John Dilligent
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The one honest soul in Washington. Telling it like it is every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Warning anyone who will listen of the trouble we’re in, how we got here, and what it’s going to take to set things straight.

The scariest thing I see out on the social/political landscape today is that this man — and men and women like him — receive little to no viable support for their presidential candidacies from the media, and even more frightening, from the general public at large.

How the American public ended up in the uninformed, indifferent, demoralized malaise it’s in is a complex issue and the subject of debate. But the problem with the media is clear: it is owned outright by the same elite group of international robber barons who serve up the popular front-runner puppets we’re allowed to cast our votes for every four years.



These charismatic dog-and-pony-show pitchmen and women — political spokesmodels — charm us and tell us everything we want to hear in order to win the majority vote and the hearts and minds of the populace. Once the public has been suckered and any one of the hand-groomed puppets elected, he or she begins immediately to advance the continuing fascist/globalist agenda already in place and in motion. That is their primary function, not to serve the constitution, the country, or its people.



If you will go back over the last few administrations and really do your homework on each, studying the events which transpired, the bills that were introduced, and the legislation that was passed, you will find an unbroken path of fascist/globalist progress, marked by ever-greater power and control of the centralized government and the mega-corporations over the citizenry, and a gradual and uninterrupted morphing of our great republic into a dictatorial fascist state.

Obama just got up and delivered an eloquent speech on how the previous (Bush) administration’s behavior was reckless, even lawless at times. No one who came along after Bush could have seemed so different, so inclined to “undo” the undesirable results of all that admitted recklessness and lawlessness. But did he? No. And they never do. The next one will be no exception.  The left hand will never seek to undo what the right hand of the puppetmaster has done.

In reality Obama  has taken a strictly “hands-off” approach to all of the legislation passed by the previous (rogue) administration, and simply added to it, heaping on top of it more draconian and unconstitutional policies of his own, in furtherance of the invisible government’s globalist/fascist agenda. The agenda of his puppetmasters.

We have to start looking past the president (the puppet) as the ultimate authority over what is happening with, in, and to this country, to the puppetmaster (the elite global financial cartel) for the answer to solving our collective dilemma. As long as the bull remains fascinated by the cape, he will never see the next stab in the back coming from the matador…



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