Posted: November 20, 2011 in by John Dilligent
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“Like it or not, everything is changing. The result will be the most wonderful experience in the history of man or the most horrible enslavement that you can imagine. Be active or abdicate. The future is in your hands…” — William “Bill” Cooper


What’s actually being left out here (or is simply failing to be properly emphasized) is that with the passing of the unconstitutional Patriot Act came a newfound status for ALL American citizens — that of “enemy combatants” on their own home soil. The Patriot Act not only draws no distinctions beween Americans and foreigners as potential “terrorists” and “enemy combatants”, it actually outlined the gravest future threat as coming from “disgruntled American veterans” and “gun owners”. That just happens to include at least half the population. and the entire population if you only include the “disgruntled”…

So, what he’s not telling you while he’s beating you over the head with the Gitmo detainees and the Al Qaeda terrorist cells ( “… in distant, crowded cities” ) — projecting a mental image that the effects of this clearly draconian policy will only be perceived “way out there somewhere”, in a “distant” location, teeming with multitudes of anonymous foreigners we don’t know and will never live to meet or greet, but who, strangely enough, are apparently all out to kill us —  is that the same principles, practices, and policies will apply to you… you and your family, friends and neighbors — to all American citizens.

The result will be the utter desolation and complete destruction of the most important and profound protections written into the Constitution and given to you by the Founding Fathers: the right to be safe and secure within your persons, your vehicles and your homes, without having to live in perpetual fear of unreasonable, unfettered search and seizure — of your homes, your property, and even you or your loved ones, by the rogue agents of a tyrannical centralized government spun out of all semblance of rational and ethical control. 

According to this plan, any American citizen, regardless of age, creed, color, religious or professional affiliation, can simply be snatched off the streetcorner or kidnapped out of their homes, without warning and without legal warrant in the dead of night, restrained, detained and incarcerated indefinitely, without formal charges and without the right to an attorney and without the right to a trial by a jury of their peers — the “rule of law” this country was founded on and the Constitution was written around. It really simply flies in the face of everything this nation has ever stood for.

This will be done under the guise of “preventing future threats”, and will thus have a devastating impact on the First Amendment’s protections of our freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly as well. It will serve to effectively curb all open protest against the fascist regime which has usurped the federal government and is now in the midst of consolidating its absolute authoritarian control over everyone and everything currently located within our borders.

That it was never meant to be this way should be a no-brainer. How it got this way is clear. Just what to do about it is a little more complex. But people, if you don’t start waking up real fast and taking some form of appropriate action, the next time you look up you’ll have nothing left of any real value. And you may have nothing left at all.

Your choice.   


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