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With the onset of the industrial revolution. the quest for mind control came of age


“The most basic of all facts about brainwashing: In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he had been brainwashed.”Dick Sutphen, Author: The Battle For Your Mind


“It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction…Thus, it may be possible to ‘talk’ to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them.” — Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Defense Viewpoint, December, 1998


“I do not advise you… what you should believe or not believe. But I do advise you, that we all need to learn as much as we can, about everything that we can, because one thing I have learned in my life: is that most of what we’ve ever been taught…has been a lie. Listen to everyone, read everything you can get your hands on, but don’t believe anything you can’t prove with your own research…”  — William “Bill” Cooper








What does an alien look like? Short, spindly, and grey-skinned, with a big lightbulb-shaped head and large black teardrop-shaped eyes? Would you agree with that general assess-ment? I think virtually everyone would. Virtually every last man, woman and child in the country.

When’s the last time you saw one though? I mean… really  saw one, like, peeking in your back window at night or floating down out of a cloud? Never? Not even once?

Who do you know that’s ever seen one then? Nobody? Not even a single individual?

Well then how do you know what one looks like? Because you’ve been brainwashed along with the rest of us into a clear-cut conception of something you’ve never seen, never known anyone who’s ever seen, have never been provided with one credible shred of evidence it even exists, and it probably doesn’t and never did at all?

I think so.

Nobody’s ever seen an alien,  but everyone knows what one looks like. Welcome to Brainwashing 101…


I understand the need for… something… some kind of culturing, whatever. One day I was working for a young single mom and in the middle of a conversation with her out in the front yard when her little two year-old daughter came crawling out of the front door on all fours, down the front steps, and over to a convenient mud puddle at which she began to lap as enthusiastically and appreciatively as a parched mongrel.

Now I’ve been ducking and dodging dependents since the day I was born, and doing a pretty fair job of it in the meantime. I’ve picked up a few germs along the way and that’s about it. So needless to say I was blissfully unaware of the ways of toddlers. I was stunned, more or less. I quickly realized that without some “parenting”, sheparding, whatever, we’d probably be no better than wild animals, crawling around on the ground naked as jaybirds, grunting at each other while foraging for roots and berries and fornicating publicly and shamelessly whenever the mood struck us. That some of these considerations might actually have their merits notwithstanding, I did conclude a little culturing isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

On the other hand, just where does parenting, advertising, entertainment and education leave off, and “mind control” begin?  How would we even define “mind control”? Are we collective victims of it, as many influential voices have suggested, and surreptitiously “programmed” with information delivered to us through mechanisms designed to effectively bypass our rational and critical-thinking circuits, and modifying our perspective and behavior covertly in the process? And if so, to what end? And much more importantly, how do we “turn it off”, immunize ourselves and our loved ones from its effects, and take charge of our own internal thought processes and worldview?


Do yourself a favor and turn off just one sitcom rerun today or tonight and spend 30 minutes watching these handpicked video clips instead. I guarantee you you’ll be glad you did and that you’ll come away with something of solid value you can really use. I really put a lot of painstaking effort into my video cherrypicking process, setting a high bar for inclusion on this site. Typically a lot of culls hit the cutting room floor for every one that makes the grade, as I sit up all hours of the night screening everything available on a given topic, then selecting only those I perceive to be the very best, grading them on a number of criteria and organizing them into a cohesive package for inclusion here. Once you’ve seen them we’ll be on more of a level playing field for the purposes of continuing our discussion…






The Gods Enslaved

Assuming the content in the instructional videos is true, then the Hollywood block-buster The Matrix  handed us down the truth of our existence like Prometheus handing down fire to man, which is simply this: we are children of God, immortal celestial beings undergoing a human experience. As such, we inherit the capacity for godlike expression, as an acorn inherits the capacity for majestic expression from its own propagator.

Think of an acorn. Now think of a mighty, majestic oak tree. The two are nothing alike on the surface. But in that tiny, marble-sized kernal, all that being  is contained — the complete essence of the propagator, the propagator having passed on to the progeny everything it needs in order to achieve maximum growth and expression… in order to replicate itself. So the progeny in the grandest sense is simply the propagator itself — replicated. That’s us. As the progeny of God the creator we are  God — replicated. We are gods: immensely powerful beings — each and every one of us — and fully capable of the most extravagant wonders, as the character of Neo suggests.

But — if that acorn, which was spawned from the propagator and designed to replicate itself when provided the proper conditions and adecuate nourishment for maximum growth and exression, is quickly plucked-up and containerized — kept in isolation, away from those ideal conditions, that proper nourishment — then it shall always remain an acorn and will never grow to replicate the tree. If it was maintained in perfect isolation indefinitely it would remain an acorn forever: something you can keep in the palm of your hand, or nestled snugly in your pocket, or even eat if you ever get hungry enough. This is symbolized in The Matrix by the human battery farms the evil and soulless machines run and which Neo was removed from his unconscious, containerized isolation from, that he might be provided the proper environment and nourishment necessary for maximum growth and expression — in order to replicate the creator… the source

The Matrix  goes on to teach us that we actually exist in two distinct dimensions coinci-dentally: the truth of our existence, and a construct of deception and illusion — and that the artificial construct is a prison for our minds. It informs us that seeing through the deception and achieving enlightenment is within the realm of possibility, though few will end up ever going there, more contented to remain complacent, more concerned with the status quo. It goes on to instruct us that although these worlds each have their distinct laws of physics to which we’re generally bound, once we break free of the construct — the prison for our minds — we can achieve maximum growth and expression, thus replicating the creator or source. And that if we can achieve that, we can not only bend some of those governing laws of physics, but break some of the others entirely.

Jesus preached pretty much the same thing: “I’m the son of God but so are you. All these things you see me do you can do and more — what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. The Godhead is inside of you, though few shall ever reach it…”  More or less…


You’ve Been Beaten Into Submission And You Don’t Even Know It

From Day One, however, we are cultured in the opposite direction. We are pumped full of potent cocktails of lethal chemicals both at birth and throughout our lifetimes. Poisons such as mercury and sodium flouride, which is only slightly less toxic than arsenic and is intentionally dumped into our municipal water supplies under the guise of “fighting tooth decay in children” when in fact it has been scientifically proven over and over again that it causes brain damage in children, is useless in the fight adainst tooth decay, it is an accumulative poison that builds up in our systems and leads us to every variant of abnormality and ailment, from bone deformity and loss to particularly insidious varieties of cancer. It generally lowers IQs, invokes complacency, and produces ADHD-like symptoms in children and “couch-potato syndrome” in mature adults.

The flouridation of municipal drinking water supplies was first developed and implemented by the Nazis for the purpose of mass population control. After we brought the Nazi mind control scientists over here through Operation Paperclip at the end of World War II, lo and behold, within a decade, our water supplies were being intentionally contaminated with these lethal toxins as well; even though virtually every community voted it down wherever it was first introduced, the practice was forced upon them anyway, proving that in the end you count for nothing to your evil overlords, they will do with you — and to you — as they please. See my previous article “Is Your Tap Water Killing You And Your Family?”  for a much more detailed look at this.

As far as our spiritual nourishment goes, assuming you’re a western christian, you’re indoctrinated from the cradle to embrace the philosophy that you are indeed a child of God, spawned by God and fashioned in his image, but don’t get too excited, not only doesn’t that mean a whole hell of a lot since it didn’t come with any super powers or anything like that, but it gets worse — God’s pissed.

Yeah, he’s pissed off at all the kids after one of ’em snatched a piece of fruit off of one of his trees after he told ’em to stay out of it. 6,ooo years ago. Apparently he subscribes to the philosophy that one bad apple spoils the whole barrel. So he heaped a curse on your head from way back when. When you’re God that’s an easy one. So now it’s your responsibility to get down on your knees every night for the rest of your life and beg God to get over the fruit thing and move on so you can stop being a lowly little worm and maybe drive a Mercedes. Not to mention go to heaven, where you can sit on a cloud and play gospel music on a harp for all of eternity, which has got to be everybody’s idea of a happy ending if there is one.

Of course, if the idea of sitting on a cloud strumming When the saints come marching in  on a harp for the next trillion centuries straight doesn’t quite leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling deep down inside, there’s always the alternative: eternal mind-bending torment in the most hideous environment imaginable, which is where you’re probably headed anyway if you’re not “good” and dress-up and go to church on Sunday and stay awake too while the preacher tells you how sorry you are and feed money into the collection basket every week. Nothing soothes God’s wrath like ready cash. I guess every deity has their shortcomings, for all his omnipotence God simply cannot handle finances, he’s always broke with his hand continually in your pocket. But since he’s carrying a “get out of hell free” card around in his, we tend to look the other way when he sticks his hand out.

Mind control.

You were born into a prison for your mind. The Matrix  told us this. You do not realize you are a victim of total mind control because the mind control is total. It is so complete at this stage that when anyone attempts to open your eyes to the truth of your existence you
instinctively perceive them as insane and attack them. This is a conditioned response which has been programmed into your subconscious mind without your even being aware of it.

Mind control.

Like The Matrix, it is all around you: in the books you read, the shows you watch, the schools you attend, the clubs you join. It’s like you’re starring in a movie where everything is fake but you. Everything is turned inside-out, upside-down and backwards. In a world of deception and illusion, the only reality you can bank on is you — your own intellect and your God-given intuition.

That we are able to intuit things as we do is a godlike trait and one which can be developed and utilized more successfully, as far as I am concerned. In this society where your complete and continued subjugation is paramount to your overlords, the development of godlike traits within you in order to grow to maximum expression is necessarily counterproductive to the program. It’s like when they went in and took all of the weight training equipment out of the prisons not too long ago. They finally figured out: Hey, we’re providing the ways and means for these guys to sit in here and blow up big enough to crush us if push comes to shove, what the hell are we doing that for? Let’s take all the weight sets out, because when it comes to captives, smaller and weaker is definitely better!

Your puppetmasters are happiest when you’re dumbed-down, doped-up, distracted, and demoralized. And they’ve worked overtime to get you there from the cradle and to keep you there to the grave. Because if they can maintain you in this state, which is a state of cognitive disassociation from objective reality, a state of mass hypnosis, they’ve got you in the palm of their hand. They are free to do whatever they wish to do generally, and with you specifically.



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