Posted: March 9, 2011 in by John Dilligent
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Running internal-combustion engines on fossil fuels is the biggest scam going today


A lot of bloggers are featuring articles on the rapidly-rising gas prices right now, specula-ting on the causes and the eventualities and the possible solutions.

To them I say, many of you are right on the money with your various arguments and outlooks, such as they are. However, in a sense you are all fighting the cape and ignoring the matador completely. This is how an aging man who weighs 135 pounds soaking wet is able to take on a raging 2,000-pound bull in its prime and effectively suck the very life out of it in the process. The few at the top of the energy-supply food chain represent the matador, and we, the masses, are the bull.

It is a fact that the few who hold dominion over our collective “energy supply” are the biggest and most ruthless crooks in the history of mankind.

It is a fact that they have successfully managed to suppress the research, development, and implementation of alternative energy technology that would have rendered all the uproar I’m seeing on these other blogs a moot point a long, long time ago. You are getting robbed, to be sure. But what you really need to wake up to, if anything, is that all of this didn’t just kick off yesterday, you’re getting robbed now and you’ve been getting robbed all the days of your life, I don’t care how old you are.

It is a FACT, that passenger cars could have been getting 200 miles to the gallon of gas 60 years ago, through the (suppressed) production of the Pogue carburetor — look it up.

And it is a FACT, that we could have been running them off tap water 30 years ago, and filling our “fuel” tanks with our garden hoses. Bob Lazar built a hydrogen-powered Corvette in the mid-eighties that ran off tap water as a school science fair project at home in his garage unaided. And he drove it around for years.

A kid… alone… in his garage… a science fair project… 30 years ago…

Let that sink in for a moment while you consider the logical ramifications of this concept.
Then you might want to look it up. It was in the papers then, you can find the articles on the net. And yes, this is the Area 51 guy…

Cracking water to produce hydrogen and oxygen is the simplest, easiest process in the world. You can do it yourself at home on your kitchen table with $50 worth of readily-available supplies. The exhaust component is oxygen and water vapor — good for the planet. No lethal carbon-monoxide, no greenhouse gas emissions. There is NO viable reason why we couldn’t have been driving these cars since the mid-eighties at the very latest, other than we have been getting collectively robbed blind by those who profit from and hold dominion over these types of processes.

So if you have any righteous indignation to vent off, you can aim it in the right direction
by educating yourselves a little futher in terms of what’s really been going on with all this energy stuff over the last 100 years, since robber barons such as the Rockefellers and the Vanderbilts have managed to seize control of everything in this country that is or isn’t nailed down. Its authentic history has been one of brutal and ongoing suppression. There’s plenty-enough documented and authoritative evidentiary information to go around for everyone. Do your own research. During the course of a single evening spent with the TV turned off and through a little focused investigation you too will begin to see the light – and it isn’t powered by fossil fuels…

I have an excellent piece about this that covers everything from A–Z in an entertaining fashion and in strictly layman’s terms, called “Is ongoing free-energy suppression the ultimate crime against humanity?” It just sits there totally ignored every day and has since the day I first put it up.

This is exactly why we are where we are. Ya’ll have been successfully brainwashed to believe that this technology doesn’t exist and anyone who says it does is a tin-foil hatter. Or simply that it is somehow nonessential and unimportant. Nothing could be further from the truth on all fronts. In actuality the requisite proof has been in front of your very faces from the day you born, and nothing could be more important — for us, for the environment, and especially for our bank accounts — than to effectively distance ourselves from fossil fuel sources in general. It’s 19th-century technology, eclipsed decades ago.

Time to let it go and move on…


The Robber Baron’s Creed

“Hocus-pocus. Now allow me to keep your attention solidly riveted on what my left hand is doing while my right hand picks your pocket and robs you blind all the days of your life…”

It’s a complete and total disgrace…






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