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I probably spend more time commenting on other people’s blogs than I do working on my own. I like commenting, and probably approach it differently than just about anyone else. While my comments are sincere and voice my authentic convictions regarding any particu-lar subject, I typically approach each one as yet another exercise in creative writing, just like I would a post right here on my own blog.

Not too long ago, someone actually told me they could  be posts. And with some alteration I suppose at least a goodly percentage of them could be. But they won’t be.

However, that did plant a seed in my mind to do what I’m about to do here: post them up on my own blog in collective form, in volumes, every so often, and we’ll see how that goes over. 

So without any further adieu… 


On Talks of Reparations

John Dilligent says:

03, 06, 11 at 2:42 pm

Everybody’s ancestors were slaves at some given point in time. So everybody ought to just get over it and move on with a life characterized by personal responsibilities and obliga-tions, commitment, growth and integrity. I’m not sure if that came out exactly as I would have had it, but I’m sure you get the drift.

Nobody has a monopoly on hand-me-down slavery, and if anybody should get reparations everyone should get them, or no one should get them at all.

I’m white as the driven snow, full-blooded Irish, and if anyone deserves to jump to the head of the reparations line, it could just as easily be my bunch, instead of the AAs or any other group you could name.

This, from WikiAnswers, on “Were the Irish Ever Slaves?”

“The Irish slave trade began when James II sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World. His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English settlers in the West Indies. By the mid 1600s, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves.

Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white.

From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves. Ireland’s population fell from about 1,500,000 to 600,000 in one single decade. Families were ripped apart as the British did not allow Irish dads to take their wives and children with them across the Atlantic. This led to a helpless population of homeless women and children. Britain’s solution was to auction them off as well.

During the 1650s, over 100,000 Irish children between the ages of 10 and 14 were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the West Indies, Virginia and New England. In this decade, 52,000 Irish (mostly women and children) were sold to Barbados and Virginia. Another 30,000 Irish men and women were also transported and sold to the highest bidder. In 1656, Cromwell ordered that 2000 Irish children be taken to Jamaica and sold as slaves to English settlers.

Many people today will avoid calling the Irish slaves what they truly were: Slaves. They’ll come up with terms like “Indentured Servants” to describe what occurred to the Irish. However, in most cases from the 17th and 18th centuries, Irish slaves were nothing more than human cattle…”

Where’s my reparations, man? I want my reparations!

Not really… ;o … because the truth is, we got over it. There are slaves dangling from the branches of everyone’s family tree. So what. None of that — or anything else, for that matter — is holding anyone back from anything today, except what’s going on in the space between their own ears…

I may add that as far as I’m concerned, we’ve all been on the road to serfdom since before we were ever born — or at least the sheer bulk of us (including me). Unless your last name’s Rothschild or Rockefeller or Bush or Hunt or Gould, what is it ya’ll think you’re free to do, besides pay bills and pay taxes, fill the coffers of corporate moguls every day of your lives through production and consumption, and breed more taxpayers, debtors, producers and consumers?

The truth is, the powers that be still look upon the masses of Irish as just so many heads of cattle… right along with the masses of everyone else. Free-range cattle. Except for the ones who are locked-up. We’re all serfs and slaves: always have been, always will be.

I’m actually tempted to close with “Have a nice day”, but hey, it is what it is, don’t shoot the messenger. Watch the movie Zeitgeist if you’re in need of further reinforcement. It’s a free download, or was… (;>)


On Internet Freedom and Net Neutrality

John Dilligent says:

02, 20, 11 at 7:24 am

When you start hearing this evil brood start throwing buzz words around like “internet freedom” you know the hammer’s coming down.

In fact, it already has. After passing the first illegal legislation on Christmas Eve — when observation, interest, participation, and opposition was guaranteed to be at its lowest ebb becuse real human beings with hearts and souls were spending time with their families — and which had no constitutional or statutory basis on which to stand, as per the one honest and courageous FCC commissioner’s own public statements, the federal government has already used its ill-gotten power to shut down 84,000 internet websites. They did this under the righteous banner of fighting internet kiddie porn. But only 10 of the targeted sites were found to have any viable connection with illegal child pornography.

And they’re just getting warmed up…

They said the Titannic couldn’t be sunk. But it didn’t even make it though its maiden voyage. On its face, the world wide web appears to be a technological titannic which could not be sunk. But what we know now that we didn’t know then is that such thinking is pure folly.

We’ve had our maiden voyage and I hope everyone enjoyed the journey because there’s now an iceberg looming dead ahead. And it’s a monster, in more ways than one. It couches its draconian policies and suppression of civil liberties under euphemistic terms such as “internet freedom” and “homeland security”. And it’s aimed right at you. An iceberg is a good analogy for it because it’s monolithic and immovable and exhibits the character-istics of both the rock and the proverbial hard place. It’s cold, and heartless, and soulless, and uncaring. What sentient capacity it has is brought to bear on its own survival: “It’s me or the ship.”

The days of internet dissent are numbered. Very soon you will start to find “401 Error — Access Denied” pages where pages like this one used to exist. (Sorry, Bob). Study countries like Australia to find out how all of this works. Who could be more freedom-loving than Crocodile Dundee? But today his internet is only useful when he needs a recipe for blueberry muffins to send home to mom. If you think “The Ministry of Truth” exists only in Orwellian fiction, think again. It’s alive and well in the Outback, and everything that reaches the eyes and the ears of the Australian public is first filtered through it. And it has a happy name too, like “internet freedom” or “net neutrality” — something like “The Ministry of Public Enlightenment” or the like. If you consider having the world’s best recipe for blueberry muffins “enlightentment”, then this is for you. But if you want to find out what’s really going on around you, guess what? You’re just shit out of luck…

I advise ya’ll to start archiving stuff you want to save off the web to hard drive and hard copy while it’s still available to you. Stuff like that “Banned in America” video they’ve been busy remotely erasing off home DVR recorders. Get an external hard drive and download a “YouTube Downloader” freeware application. Burn ‘em to CD…


“The reality is, no where is safe anymore. Not really.”

John Dilligent on February 18, 2011 at 5:36 PM said:

Nowhere ever was safe… or ever will be.

No one is ever “safe”, outside of a baseball game.

Life on Earth is an inherently risky proposition.

These guys are getting over on us by keeping us continually steeped in a climate of fear for our individual and collective safety, and then offering us the solution — at a price. It’s the oldest manipulative scheme in the extortionist’s kit bag — the protection racket.

Freedom for safety — that’s the bargain. It’s simple and clear-cut.

Benjamin Franklin said: “Those who would trade freedom for temporary safety deserve neither freedom nor safety.”

I tend to agree, but he overlooked my principal philosophy that there is no such thing as “safety”. You’ll never be safe, no matter what you try. Therefore, it’s only logical that no one, no matter who they are, can keep you that way — since “that way” only exists conceptionally…as a pipe dream.

Weren’t they already supposed to be keeping us “safe” when 9/11 happened? I think so. Wasn’t that what we had the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the Strategic Air Command, the National Guard, etc., etc., etc. for then?

Weren’t they already supposed to be keeping us “Safe” when the Tucson massacre occurred? The OKC bombing, etc., etc., etc?

The only thing these people have ever really proven to anyone with a brain in their head is they have never been able to keep us safe –- in fact they have failed us miserably time and time again, every step of the way — and judging from all historical tradition, they never will.

All they will do is take more and more of our individual rights away while they rob us for more and more of our income–the fruits of our labor–at the same time, under the guise of delivering-up a mere concept: “Safety”…

A pipe dream…


On Survival and Disaster Planning and Preparation

John Dilligent on February 11, 2011 at 8:41 AM said:

This is a great post and some good general advice for anyone – no matter who they are, where they live, and how they live – to follow without any further hesitation.

People who have grown up in more rural areas , on farms, and in areas which are prone to natural disasters are more used to thinking this way, but “city people” in general really just aren’t. And this deficiency — and it is a deficiency — in their mindsets places their continu-ing health and general well-being in a state of constant jeopardy.

The typical urban dweller in this country today lives a life of material comfort and conven-ience, and has come to assume and expect that the pipeline from which that “convenience” stems is always going to be open and flowing. They have forsaken the acquisition and development of basic survival and disaster-preparedness skills and planning for absolute and total dependence on the corporations for all their sundry needs, large and small.

But what are you going to do when you drive to the gas station only to find there’s no fuel at the pumps? Or to the grocery store only to find the shelves are bare? Or to the bank to withdrawal some funds to purchase these things, only to find the doors locked and all your assets frozen? Your bank card doesn’t work, your check’s no good, and you’re fresh out of ready cash?

All of these scenarios (and more, considering the recent rash of rolling blackouts) have actually transpired in at least certain areas of the country within the last few years. Actually within the last 2-3 years. I’ve lived them, I’ve witnessed them. So I know they can happen.

Considering that at least some of these recent events represented an historic first for me — and I’m sure for many others — they really served as a wake-up call: that the “tap” to that convenient corporate pipeline of all the goods and sevices we depend upon for our daily existence, and even our money we keep in the bank, can be “turned off” at any given time and without any forewarning whatsoever.

And judging from all recent precedence, when it comes it will be without warning. So all those who haven’t made common-sense preparations for such eventualities (and possibly worse) ahead of time are just going to be left standing in the lurch, scratching their heads and wondering when the electricity is going to come back on, or the water, or when they can get some more gas or some groceries, or their money out of the bank. Not a good place to be in. You can’t eat an assumption, and the grandest of expectations won’t keep you warm and dry through a fridgid rainy night…

I think it’s about time the people woke up to the fact that their dependence on the mega-corporations, and thus the corporations’ authoritative control over their general health and welfare, is rapidly nearing absolute. And they are expending every effort to consolidate that control and tie-up all loose ends currently in existence. The result will be a unique form of modern-day tyranny and despotism.

This is the real driving force behind recent unconstitutional legislation such as the net neutrality bill, the food safety bill, and the healthcare reform bill. Anything you can do to free yourself from the corporations’ pervasive and insidious grip is good for you and good for humanity.


On Obamacare

John Dilligent on February 10, 2011 at 9:28 AM said:

I’ll go halfway out on that limb with you: it wasn’t long ago at all that outspoken health care officials were calling this right — that the monumental influx of illegal aliens was bankrupting the American healthcare system. That actually makes it a law enforcement issue and not a healthcare issue.

Then all that just went away–don’t quote me but I believe it was around the time Obama got elected–and now uninsured Americans have replaced illegal aliens as the root of all evil as far as our healthcare concerns go.

The premise here is that uninsured Americans have been routinely sucking up free medical care and draining the system dry. I don’t believe that, for two reasons:

1) Uninsured Americans haven’t been doing anything they haven’t been doing all along, and I never heard anyone complaining until lately — and since the massive influx of illegal aliens.

2) I have NEVER had health insurance. So if you want to know what uninsured Americans have really been up to, you can start by talking to me:

The premise that all Americans who don’t buy insurance are in effect stealing their healthcare from the taxpayers and/or those who do is a faulty if not fraudulant one. I for one, either pay cash on the spot for any medical treatment I receive, or simply do without. And I’m sure I’m not the only one on this program. So nobody’s getting cheated out of anything, with the possible exception of myself, as I have both foregone treatment when I really could have used it due to insufficient funds, and been subjected to at least one high-priced, time-consuming, morally-unethical bum’s rush right out the back door of the hospital without receiving anything within the realm of proper treatment, even though I did have the money to pay and would have been more than happy to, when it came to light that I was in fact uninsured.

I don’t see why a spade is not simply being called a spade in this case: that these bigwigs have cooked up a legislative method through which we no longer have the choice, and through which they can bill every American citizen for healthcare insurance whether thay want it or not need it or not or like it or not, and in effect, “rein in” those… what is it, 120 million, 180 million?… that have been slipping through their greedy fingers, by simply making it mandatory and criminalizing the refusal to pay.

How are the poor going to suddenly be able to afford mandatory insurance when they couldn’t afford it when the choice was theirs to make? You can’t get blood from a turnip. But once again, through this clearly unconstitutional legislation, with a penstroke you can produce more legions of criminals from honest men and women.

It’s too late to put the genie back in the bottle now, but this landmark bill sets a very dangerous precedent: never in the history of our country have they ever passed a law forcing us to buy anything. I know some people would debate me on this but as far as I am concerned it’s true. And I’m speaking strictly of constitutional federal law. Now that we’ve allowed them this “beach head”, where will it go from here? What’s the next thing they’ll force us to buy — or else? And the next thing? And the next? It’s called corporatism: look it up. And in Benito Mussolini the fascist Italian dictator’s own words: corporatism = fascism. And you know what? He was right!



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