Posted: February 12, 2011 in by John Dilligent
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Some scientists believe that glyphs like these contain formulas for ET technology  


Okay, I hesitated to post up the following the following video series — a lecture / presen-tation by Maurice Osborn on the more technical aspects of crop circle analysis and the interpretation of scientific data that at least some of them are apparently transmitting — simply because the quality isn’t up to my usual standards for inclusion on this site. I have several problems with this “copy” of the presentation, chief among them the fact that the audio track lags behind the video in a most inconvenient way, particularly given the visual content.

But I had to do it anyway, because the content itself is the best I’ve ever seen so far in terms of the technical analysis of genuine crop circle formations and their scientific interpretation, although the series doesn’t start really heating up until you get into the second or third video. So stick with it, you’ll be glad you did.

Meanwhile, I’ll be searching for a better quality copy, and if and when I find one I’ll swap this one out for it. But don’t hold your breath, as this is a very obscure video and a better copy may not even exist. Until then, this one does get the job done, substandard quality aside…   









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